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25th Anniv Set

Released  in 1991, this set was the released as a TNG and TOS blended set with alternating cards from both series. It was released as a 25th Anniversary set. It was released in two stages, a few months apart. The full set of Series One and Two is 310 common cards

Also included in this set:


Thumbnail-click for larger image


  Holograms-set of 4- two TOS and two TNG.
  Tin set with all cards plus a B1 and B2 bonus set.
B1 and B2 bonus cards from tin
  uncut sheet of the hologram cards each sheet has 4 cards of each holo on 4 different sheets)
  album-a difficult to acquire binder
  8x11 Paper Checklists-Series One and Series Two

Promo cards

Diamond Back Promo Card
5-card poly-pack Seris I
3-card poly pack Series II

cards have a rougher look in the cut and finish.

  I also ahve in my collection a blank backed version of card #1. Not sure of it's origina.

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