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40th Anniversary II Card Set

111 Exploring Strange New Worlds
112 Captain Kirk
113 Mr. Spock
114 Dr. McCoy
115 Scotty
116 Uhura
117 Checkov
118 Sulu
119 Nurse Chapel
120 U.S.S. Enterprise
121 Angry Adonais
122 Vulcan Trance
123 Lovely Slave
124 Scotty on the Bridge
126 Damaged Starship
127 Beaming Down
128 Into the Unknown
129 Master and Slav e
130 Shuttlecraft Mission
131 Mirror Sulu
132 Textbook Demon
133 Crewman Destroyed!
134 The Mugato Attacks!
135 Beautiful Healer
136 The New Mob Boss
137 Gary Seven
138 Transporter Controls
139 Mob Boss
140 A Vulcan Greeting
141 Vaal
142 The Original NOMAD
143 Hailing The Enterprise
144 Amanda and Nurse Chapel
145 The Enterprise Feels the Heat
146 Dr. McCoy's Tri-Ox Compound
147 Visiting a New Planet
148 The Book
149 Beaming Up the Landing Party
150 Sulu at the Helm
151 Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln
152 Captain and First Officer
153 Sensor Readings
154 An Aging McCoy
155 The Doomsday Machine
156 Kirk and NOMAD
157 Intensity on the Bridge
158 Meeting in Sickbay
159 Spock's Parents
160 In the Captain's Quarters
161 Mirror Spock
162 Navigation Control
163 Pointing to Earth
164 Communication Device
165 Battle Positions
166 Estimating the Odds
167 Ready to Beam
168 Kirk and the Captain's Woman
169 Starships in Orbit
170 Alternative Medicine
171 Space Merchant
172 Sylvia's Charm
173 Amanda Pleads with Spock
174 Vulcan Intensity
175 Enterprise Shuttlecraft
176 In the Jefferies Tube
177 McCoy in Danger
178 Seeking the Cloud Entity
179 Mirror Mind Meld
180 Beautiful Nona
181 The Enterprise Bridge
182 Kirk and Kelinda
183 Vulcan Chess Master
184 Enterprise Computer
185 Spock and McCoy
186 McCoy Under Attack
187 Open Communication
188 Decker's Demise
189 Kirk at the Clutch
190 Nurse Chapel in Charge
191 Kirk Awaits Transport
192 Standing on the Bridge
193 Scanning the Galaxy
194 Kirk Pleads His Case
195 McCoy Saves Sarek
196 Unexpected Arrival
197 Reaching Out to the Companion
198 Tribbles Everywhere
199 Impromptu Routine
200 Andorian Imposter
201 The Doctor Is In
202 Sargon Takes Over
203 Nilz Baris
204 Men of Science
205 Surprise Arrest
206 Space Station K-7
207 Engineer at Work
208 Spock Behind Bars
209 Primitive World
210 Prisoner Kirk
211 Addressing the Crew
212 Bones and Bones
213 A Green Quaff
214 Spock and McCoy Explore
215 Vulcan Touch
216 Kirk to Enterprise
217 Engineering Genius
218 Assessing Vaal
219 Checklist
220 Checklist
PT19 Captain James T. Kirk
PT20 Commander Spock
PT21 Dr. McCoy
PT22 Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott
PT23 Lieutenant Uhura
PT24 Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu
PT25 Ensign Pavel Chekov
PT26 Mirror Spock
PT27 Mirror Sulu
PT28 Sarek
PT29 Amanda
PT30 Captain Tracey
PT31 Marlena Moreau
PT32 Gary Seven
PT33 Sylvia
PT34 Apollo
PT35 Lt. Palamas
PT36 Jojo Krako
PT37 Shahna
PT38 Cyrano Jones
PT39 Kelinda
PT40 Koloth
PT41 Eleen
PT42 Commodore Decker
PT43 Nona
PT44 Dr. Daystrom
PT45 T'Pring
S1 Captain Kirk
S2 Spock
S3 Dr. McCoy
S4 Scotty
S5 Sulu
S6 Uhura
S7 Chekov
S8 Nurse Chapel
S9 Yeoman Rand
S10 Captain Pike
S11 Talosian
S12 Vina
S13 Salt Creature
S14 Khan
S15 Edith Keeler
S16 Gorn
S17 Trelane
S18 Kor
l-91 Captain Kirk
l-92 Spock
l-93 Gary Mitchell
l-94 Dr. Elizabeth Dehner
l-95 Lt. Lee Kelso
l-96 Scotty
l-97 U.S.S. Enterprise
l-98 S.S. Valiant Ship Recorder
l-99 Transporter Control
l-100 Vulcan Chess Master
l-101 Approaching Energy Barrier
l-102 Attack on the Crew
l-103 Powerful Eyes
l-104 Planet Delta Vega
l-105 God-Like Beings
l-106 Friends But Enemies
l-107 Battle to the Death
l-108 Fatal Ending
cx-22 Plot Synopses
cx-23 Plot Synopses
cx-24 Plot Synopses
C15 Character Log
C16 Character Log
P8 Profiles
B15 Behind-the-Scenes
B16 Behind-the-Scenes
G8 Gold Plaque
A132 James X. Mitchell
A138 Phil Morris
A139 Iona Morris
A141 Lou Antonio
A142 Felix Silla
A143 Billy Blackburn as Lt. Hadley
A144 Billy Blackburn as White Rabbit
A145 Julie Cobb
A146 Bob Herron as Kahless
A147 Deborah Downey
A148 Louise Sorel
A149 Barbara Baldavin
A149 Barbara Baldavin
A150 William Shatner
A151 Bruce Mars
A152 Bob Herron as Sam
A153 Sean Morgan
A154 Sean Kenney
A155 Majel Barrett as Enterprise Computer Voice
A155 Majel Barrett as Nurse Chapel
A156 Arnold Lessing
A157 Win De Lugo
A158 Vince Deadrick, Sr.
A159 Michael Dante
A161 Grace Lee Whitney
A162 BarBara Luna
A163 Jan Shutan
A164 Stewart Mos
A165 Celeste Yarnall
A166 Yvonne Craig
A167 Fred Williamson
A169 Dave Somerville
A170 Richard Evans
A171 Pamelyn Ferdin
A172 Michael Pataki
A173 Sid Haig
A174 Andrea Dromm
A175 Biff Elliot
A176 Venita Wolf
A177 Melvin Caesar
A178 Craig Huxley
A179 Craig Huxley
A180 Irene Kelly
A181 Steve Marlo
A182 Erik Holland
A183 Lloyd Kino
A184 Derek Partridge
A185 Jerry Ayres
A186 Louie Elias
A188 James Daris
A189 Marj Dusay
A190 Bonnie Beecher
A136 Joanne Linville Case-Topper Card
r-1 George Takei Autograph Costume Card (3 cases)
r-2 James Doohan Archive Cut Signature Card (6 cases; # to 150)
A187 Ralph Maurer as Bilar                                        
P1 (Mirror Kirk; general distribution)
P2 (Spock-McCoy-Kirk; Non-Sport Update)
P3 (Thrall Kirk; album exclusive)
P4 (Mirror bridge crew; conventions)

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