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Decipher Star TrekTNG Premiere CCG Set
Albert Einstein (holo re-creation) Personnel R
Alexander Rozhenko Personnel U
Alidar Jarok Personnel R
Alien Abduction Dilemma U
Alien Groupie Interrupt R
Alien Parasites Dilemma U
Alien Probe Event U
Alynna Nechayev Personnel R
Alyssa Ogawa Personnel U
Amanda Rogers Interrupt U
Amarie Personnel U
Anaphasic Organism Dilemma C
Ancient Computer Dilemma R
Anti-Time Anomaly Event R
Archer Dilemma C
Armus - Skin of Evil Dilemma R
Asteroid Sanctuary Interrupt C
Atmospheric Ionization Event C
Auto-Destruct Sequence Interrupt U
Avert Disaster Mission R
B'Etor Personnel R
B'iJik Personnel C
Ba'el Personnel U
Baran Personnel U
Barclay's Protomorphosis Disease Dilemma R
Batrell Personnel C
Benjamin Maxwell Personnel U
Betazoid Gift Box Artifact R
Beverly Crusher Personnel R
Birth of "Junior" Dilemma U
Bochra Personnel U
Bok Personnel U
Borg Ship Dilemma R
Bynars Weapon Enhancement Event R
Calloway Personnel C
Chalnoth Dilemma U
Christopher Hobson Personnel C
Cloaked Mission Mission U
Combat Vessel Ship C
Cosmic String Fragment Dilemma U
Covert Installation Mission C
Covert Rescue Mission U
Crosis Interrupt R
Crystalline Entity Dilemma R
Cultural Observation Mission R
Cytherians Dilemma R
D'deridex Ship C
Darian Wallace Personnel C
Data Personnel R
Deanna Troi Personnel R
Devinoni Ral Personnel U
Devoras Ship R
Diplomacy Mission Mission U
Disruptor Overload Interrupt C
Distortion Field Event U
Distortion of Space/Time Continuum Interrupt U
Divok Personnel C
Dr. Farek Personnel C
Dr. La Forge Personnel R
Dr. Leah Brahms (holo re-creation) Personnel R
Dr. Reyga Personnel U
Dr. Selar Personnel U
Dukath Personnel C
Duras Personnel R
El-Adrel Creature Dilemma U
Emergency Transporter Armbands Interrupt C
Energy Vortex Interrupt U
Engineering Kit Equipment C
Engineering PADD Equipment C
Eric Pressman Personnel U
Escape Pod Interrupt C
Espionage: Federation On Klingon Event C
Espionage: Klingon On Federation Event C
Espionage: Romulan On Federation Event C
Espionage: Romulan On Klingon Event C
Etana Jol Personnel U
Evacuation Mission U
Evaluate Terraforming Mission R
Evek Personnel U
Excavation Mission C
Exocomp Personnel U
Explore Black Cluster Mission R
Explore Dyson Sphere Mission R
Explore Typhone Expanse Mission R
Expose Covert Supply Mission U
Extraction Mission R
Federation Outpost Outpost C
Federation PADD Equipment C
Fek'lhr (holo re-creation) Personnel U
Female's Love Interest Dilemma C
Fever Emergency Mission C
Firestorm Dilemma U
First Contact Mission U
Fleet Admiral Shanthi Personnel U
Full Planet Scan Interrupt U
Galathon Personnel C
Gaps In Normal Space Event U
Genetronic Replicator Event U
Geordi La Forge Personnel R
Giusti Personnel C
Goddess of Empathy Event R
Gorath Personnel C
Gorta Personnel C
Gowron Personnel R
Gravitic Mine Dilemma U
Haakona Ship R
Hannah Bates Personnel U
Holo-Projectors Event U
Hologram Ruse Dilemma U
Honor Challenge Interrupt R
Horga'hn Artifact R
Hugh Interrupt R
Hunt for DNA Program Mission R
Husnock Ship Ship U
Hyper-Aging Dilemma U
I.K.C. Bortas Ship R
I.K.C. Buruk Ship R
I.K.C. Hegh'ta Ship R
I.K.C. K'Vort Ship C
I.K.C. Pagh Ship R
I.K.C. Qu'Vat Ship R
I.K.C. Vor'Cha Ship C
I.K.C. Vorn Ship U
Iconia Investigation Mission R
Iconian Computer Weapon Dilemma C
Impassable Door Dilemma C
Incoming Message - Federation Interrupt U
Incoming Message - Klingon Interrupt U
Incoming Message - Romulan Interrupt U
Interphase Generator Artifact R
Investigate "Shattered Space" Mission R
Investigate Alien Probe Mission R
Investigate Anomaly Mission C
Investigate Disappearance Mission R
Investigate Disturbance Mission R
Investigate Massacre Mission R
Investigate Raid Mission R
Investigate Rogue Comet Mission R
Investigate Sighting Mission R
Investigate Time Continuum Mission R
Ishara Yar Personnel U
J'Ddan Personnel C
Jaglom Shrek - Information Broker Interrupt R
Jaron Personnel C
Jean-Luc Picard Personnel R
Jenna D'Sora Personnel U
Jera (holo re-creation) Personnel C
Jo'Bril Personnel U
K'Ehleyr Personnel R
K'mpec Personnel U
K'Tal Personnel U
K'Tesh (holo re-creation) Personnel C
K'Vada Personnel U
Kahless Personnel R
Kareel Odan Personnel U
Kargan Personnel R
Kell Personnel U
Kevin Uxbridge Interrupt U
Khazara Ship R
Khitomer Research Mission R
Kivas Fajo - Collector Event U
Klag Personnel C
Kle'eg Personnel C
Klingon Death Yell Interrupt R
Klingon Disruptor Equipment C
Klingon Outpost Outpost C
Klingon PADD Equipment C
Klingon Right of Vengeance Interrupt C
Konmel Personnel U
Koral Personnel U
Koroth Personnel U
Korris Personnel U
Krios Suppression Mission U
Kromm Personnel C
Ktarian Game Dilemma R
Kurak Personnel R
Kurlan Naiskos Artifact R
Kurn Personnel R
L'Kor Personnel U
Leah Brahms Personnel R
Life-Form Scan Interrupt U
Linda Larson Personnel C
Long-Range Scan Interrupt C
Lore Returns Event R
Lore's Fingernail Event R
Loss of Orbital Stability Interrupt C
Lursa Personnel R
Lwaxanna Troi Personnel R
Male's Love Interest Dilemma C
Masaka Transformations Event U
Matriarchal Society Dilemma U
McKnight Personnel C
Medi-Kit Equipment C
Medical Relief Mission R
Medical Tricorder Equipment C
Mendak Personnel R
Mendon Personnel C
Menthar Booby Trap Dilemma C
Mercenary Ship Ship C
Metaphasic Shields Event U
Microbiotic Colony Dilemma C
Microvirus Dilemma C
Mirok Personnel U
Morag Personnel U
Morgan Bateson Personnel R
Mot the Barber Personnel U
Movar Personnel U
N'Vek Personnel U
Nagilum Dilemma R
Nanites Dilemma U
Narik Personnel C
Nausicaans Dilemma U
Near-Warp Transport Interrupt U
Neela Daren Personnel R
Neral Personnel U
Neural Servo Device Event U
New Contact Mission R
Nikolai Rozhenko Personnel U
Nitrium Metal Parasites Dilemma U
Norah Satie Personnel U
Nu'Daq Personnel U
Null Space Dilemma U
Nutational Shields Event U
Ocett Personnel U
Palor Toff - Alien Trader Interrupt C
Palteth Personnel C
Pardek Personnel U
Parem Personnel U
Particle Fountain Interrupt C
Pattern Enhancers Event C
Pegasus Search Mission R
Phased Matter Dilemma C
Pi Ship R
Plasma Fire Event C
Plunder Site Mission U
Portal Guard Dilemma U
Q Dilemma R
Q-Net Event C
Q2 Interrupt U
Radioactive Garbage Scow Dilemma U
Raise The Stakes Event U
Rebel Encounter Dilemma U
Red Alert! Event C
Reginald Barclay Personnel R
Relief Mission Mission C
REM Fatigue Hallucinations Dilemma U
Repair Mission Mission C
Res-Q Event C
Restore Errant Moon Mission U
Richard Galen Personnel R
Riva Personnel U
Ro Laren Personnel R
Roga Danar Personnel R
Rogue Borg Mercenaries Interrupt C
Romulan Disruptor Equipment C
Romulan Outpost Outpost C
Romulan PADD Equipment C
Runabout Ship C
Sarek Personnel R
Sarjenka Dilemma R
Sarthong Plunder Mission R
Satelk Personnel R
Scan Interrupt C
Science Vessel Ship C
Scout Vessel Ship C
Secret Salvage Mission U
Seek Life-form Mission R
Sela Personnel R
Selok Personnel C
Shaka, When The Walls Fell Dilemma U
Shelby Personnel R
Ship Seizure Interrupt C
Simon Tarses Personnel C
Sir Isaac Newton (holo re-creation) Personnel R
Sirna Kolrami Personnel U
Sito Jaxa Personnel C
Soren Personnel U
Spacedock Event C
Starfleet Type II Phaser Equipment C
Static Warp Bubble Event C
Strategic Diversion Mission U
Study "Hole in Space" Mission R
Study Lonka Pulsar Mission R
Study Nebula Mission R
Study Plasma Streamer Mission C
Study Stellar Collision Mission C
Subspace Interference Interrupt C
Subspace Schism Interrupt U
Subspace Warp Rift Event C
Supernova Event R
Survey Mission Mission R
T'Pan Personnel U
Tachyon Detection Grid Interrupt C
Taibak Personnel U
Taitt Personnel C
Takket Personnel C
Tallus Personnel C
Tam Elbrun Personnel R
Tarellian Plague Ship Dilemma U
Tarus Personnel C
Tasha Yar Personnel R
Taul Personnel C
Taurik Personnel C
Tebok Personnel U
Telepathic Alien Kidnappers Event U
Temporal Causality Loop Dilemma R
Temporal Rift Interrupt U
Test Mission Mission C
Tetryon Field Event C
The Devil Interrupt R
The Juggler Interrupt U
The Traveler: Transcendence Event U
Thei Personnel C
Thomas Riker Personnel R
Thought Maker Artifact R
Time Travel Pod Artifact R
Toby Russell Personnel U
Tokath Personnel U
Tomalak Personnel R
Tomek (holo re-creation) Personnel C
Toq Personnel U
Torak Personnel U
Toral Personnel U
Toreth Personnel R
Torin Personnel C
Tox Uthat Artifact R
Transwarp Conduit Interrupt U
Treaty: Federation/Klingon Event C
Treaty: Federation/Romulan Event C
Treaty: Romulan/Klingon Event C
Tricorder Equipment C
Tsiolkovsky Infection Dilemma R
Two-Dimensional Creatures Dilemma U
Type VI Shuttlecraft Ship C
U.S.S. Brittain Ship R
U.S.S. Enterprise Ship R
U.S.S. Excelsior Ship C
U.S.S. Galaxy Ship C
U.S.S. Hood Ship R
U.S.S. Miranda Ship C
U.S.S. Nebula Ship C
U.S.S. Oberth Ship C
U.S.S. Phoenix Ship R
U.S.S. Sutherland Ship U
U.S.S. Yamato Ship R
Vagh Personnel U
Varel Personnel C
Varon-T Disruptor Artifact R
Vash Personnel R
Vekma Personnel C
Vekor Personnel C
Vulcan Mindmeld Interrupt U
Vulcan Stone of Gol Artifact R
Warp Core Breach Event R
Wesley Crusher Personnel R
Where No One Has Gone Before Event C
William T. Riker Personnel R
Wind Dancer Dilemma R
Worf Personnel R
Wormhole Interrupt C
Wormhole Negotiations Mission R
Yridian Shuttle Ship C
Zibalian Transport Ship C
Key to Rarity:
Rare R
Uncommon U
Common C

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