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Q and A with Steve Charendoff Archived

1. What was the print run of DS9 Profiles?
About 800 cases.

2. Is there a TOS III sell sheet with a ll. the auto images similar to TOS I and II?
No. Tried to pull it together, but a couple of signers didn't get their materials to us in time. Would have been nice, though. I wanted to frame all three sheets together.

3. How many (approx.) Spock autos will there be?
About the same quantity as Shatner.

4. How many autograph cards did Brent Spiner sign for Insurrection?
Less than 1,000.

5. Are there plans this year for "premium" Skybox Trek trading cards in Playmates Toys action figures or any other products?
Not yet, but stay tuned. Keep in mind that these kinds of cards are produced at the request of Playmates, etc. We do not make the decision, so if they don't want them, there's nothing I can do about it.

6. Like Robert Walker, Jr., in TOS Season One, are there any missing guest stars in TOS Season Three?
Only France Nuyen. Bad story behind this one. Believe me, I tried...and tried...and tried. No use. Some people don't understand what we're doing and are afraid to commit.

7. I would like to see more TOS cards after Season Three. How about an entire set on Star Trek's pilot, "The Cage?" Or, a "behind-the-scenes" set on TOS, showing rare production photos, costumes, props, spaceship models, etc.
The rare materials are largely unavailable. Fear not, however, as we will continue with more TOS sets. I've never been at a loss for product ideas, and I don't expect to let a good thing slip away. I love TOS, and the fans have really embraced the sets we have made over the past year. No reason to stop at TOS 3. Just need to be
a little more creative with the subject matter.

8. Pick you one most favorite Trek card!
I've got a few. The card of McCoy from TOS I (City on the Edge of Forever) which shows him with his mouth open (deranged) and the card of Spock screaming (Devil in the Dark) are among my favorites. Susan Oliver as the Orion slave girl doing her dance (who doesn't like that one?). In general, though, I am most proud of the
entire collection of 85 autographed cards. People have no idea how difficult (and enjoyable) it was to assemble all of these. When I look back on my work on Star Trek, I think that is the most gratifying aspect of all.

9. Can you give us a sneak peek at plans for Season VII and DS9 due out later this year?
DS9 will commemorate the 99 greatest moments in the show's 7-year history, and will give you (the fans) an opportunity to vote for the top 9 moments of all time. There will also be autographs (one per box). TNG VII will follow the same basic pattern as the previous TNG sets, but the chase cards will be a little different (no specfics
yet). Also an autograph in every box.

10. Comment for Steve: Skybox' collation problems with its "guaranteed" autograph cards is frustrating. I had an autograph card missing from TOS Season Two and Voyager Profiles. I had to spend more money to get the "make-good" from Skybox (i.e., mailing box to Skybox, certified mail fee, return- receipt fee, etc.). This doesn't seem fair. I also have to wonder if I lost a possibility to get a "rare" autograph at random in my purchased box by having to get one through a make-good (i.e., I feel I got gypped with the least interesting autograph cards through your "make-good" program). Also, my Voyager Profiles "make-good" still hadn't arrived two months after I sent the box (sent certified mail, return-receipt). I had to ask a second time to get the make-good! These problems don't happen with other Trek products...I've never had a Trek action figure missing a phaser accessory! At any rate, I must say that these problems are adding to my fading interest in collecting Trek trading cards. In any case, your TOS cards have been your best product to date, by far.
Thanks for the comment, although I am sorry (really, I am) about collation. This has been a major source of frustration for me as well. I only suggest to people to contact me if they are having a particularly difficult time with one of our products. Remember, though, that there are a lot of unscrupulous people who pretend that
they don't get cards and are looking for freebies (you know who you are and, for the most part, so do I). I try to personally help out whenever possible, but I ask that collectors only contact me if their problems are legitimate and solutions are manageable (i.e. don't tell me that you bought 10 cases and are missing 50 autographed cards).Hope this helps. I really like these kinds of exchanges of ideas and questions from collectors. 1999 should be another great year for Trek cards. I am very optimistic. Also, if people have specific product ideas they want to see incorporated into our products, I do listen and encourage the input. What I do is for the
fans, and as long as the fans are happy, we stay in business (not the other way around).

l- Why aren't Post Office boxes allowed as a return address for the   Insurrection redemption cards? The same services are offered at a  post   office  with P.O. boxes as with a street address. Besides, my wife & I are
usually working when the mailman comes around to our street, so we miss seeing him on a daily basis. Besides, Fleer/Skybox has sent replacement TOS2 Mirror  Mirror cards to my P.O. box in the past. MY P.O. BOX IS MY STAR TREK ADDRESS, THERE'S NO REASON NOT TO ACCEPT ANYTHING FROM ANYONE AT THIS ADDRESS.

The package must be signed for, to ensure delivery. Some people would complain that they didn't receive their cards, even if they had. It's the world we live in.

2- Why won't the Insurrection redemption cards be returned to the person  who sends them in? The word "void" could be stamped on them just as the TOS1 "I" card, the TOS2 "V" card & the Voyager "Y" card or a hole could be punched in them (preferably in the shape of the Star Trek symbol) & returned. These
cards will likely be of no apparent value after April 30, l999 when  Fleer/Skybox ends the promotion. These cards are an integral part  of the Insurrection collection of Star Trek trading cards, there's no reason to
exclude the from the set. The set would be incomplete without them.

Sorry. One of these silly company policies. I didn't make it up, and I can't even tell you the logic behind it. The difference, though, between the VOIDed game cards and the autograph redemption cards is simply that the real autograph card is the exact same card except to the redemption language (same photo, same design, etc.). So when you redeem it, you get back basically the same card with an autograph on it. Not true for the VOIDed game cards. Once you sent in the real game card, you were only supposed to get back the autograph card set,
which is totally different from the game cards. To make people happy, I created the VOIDed cards so that this totally different card could be a part of people's collections. Make sense? Another answer is that I could have created VOIDed redemption cards as well, but just didn't think of it in time, and it's too expensive to go back to press for such a small number of cards.


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