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Q and A with SkyBox Archived

1. Who is signing for DS9 Profiles

Bashir, Quark, Jake Sisko, Kira, Odo, Jadzia, Ezri, Garak, Nog, Koloth, Gowron Vash, Q, Kai Winn, Lwaxana Troi,Gul Dukat, Rom, Rick Berman, Leeta and Cap. Sisko.

2. What insert/subsets will there be.

Greatest Alien Races (1:4), Greatest Legends (1:6), Greatest Space Battles (1:8) Captains Card (Sisko) (1:720)

3. Who is signing for TNG?

So far the main cast (except Worf) and Sito Jaxa, Nurse Ogawa, Data's mother, The Traveler, Gul Evek, and Lursa.

4. What inserts/hologram images will there be?

Character Murals, Picard and Data (from all 7 seasons)  Klingon Cards TBD, Character Cards, Hugh, Lursa and Tomalak Holograms will be Cast (flips back and forth from Season1 to 7) and Enterprise (flips from different angles)

5. Release dates for both products?

DS9 releases 4/28 and TNG 7 releases 7/21.

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