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Star Trek Card Crossword

Old ATN contest

You'll have to print it out and work on it and then email me the answers. The answers are all Trek card related, though the clues themselves might not SEEM like it.

7   Number of seconds a skymotion scene is
9   Gold, Platnium and ...
10   If you're poor, it's mostly his fault
13   Thrill of the Chase
15   Next time won't you sing with me?
17   Grandpa's new name
19   He was 1 in 3600
20   Something we all hate to have
1   Their cards make me feel like a bull in a china shop
2   If you find a cure to this, I don't want it
3   In Generations, everyne but New Zealnad saw me spelled wrong
4   They like black, white and silver
5   If you don't spell it exactly as I do, it's just not right
6   If this is bad, we get cranky
8   One made a telescope, the other cards
11   They were third, I think, un the US anyway.
12   A machine that reaps and ties grain
14   A basic concept, but isn't done too often anymore,
16   Propel
18   Elevated, usually enclosed private compartment for viewing events at a sports stadium

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