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Q and A with Steve Charendoff Archived

August 1998

A Canadian collector feels Canadian dealers are not getting good
access to promo sheets and promo cards. Is there a way to get them direct
from Skybox? How can I get on their mailing list to receive them direct.

Anyone can send me a SASE and I will do my best to send back a promo
card. If coming from Canada, make sure the postage is US and enough to
return to Canada.

Sybox has in the past inserted cards as promotional into
products..laserdiscs, credit card, videos, there a way to
find  out where these cards will be showing up so we will know where/when to
look for them!!

There is no good way, but we haven't done anything lately. We may run a
cross promotion with Playmates for the new Star Trek movie. If so, the
cards will likely be motion cards.

I would like to know, based on the extreme popularity of the TOS
Annuals, is  there any chance that the TOS CCG will be resurrected?

No. We do not make any more card games.

Why can we not obtain exact print run numbers of all cards and sets
made by SkyBox. Wouldn't it be great to know exactly how many singles
of each card were printed and how many sets are possible.

You're not using your head. If we announce a print run of 22,000 boxes
(ala Star Trek TOS II), and list the insertion ratios for all the chase
cards on the boxes and packs, then you can calculate the numbers of all
of the cards. It's actually pretty easy to do, especially if you have
Lotus or Excell. The math is very straightforward.

What was the best set you think you ever produced and what do you
consider the worst? (not in terms of sales, but responses and such)

If we limit it to just Star Trek, then TOS I was the best, because it
was my first Trek set personally and represented a major change in our
approach to marketing the cards (i.e. autographs in every box, etc.).
As a fan of TOS, I also made that set as much for myself as a collector
as I did for the company in terms of marketing a product. That's the
beauty of a job like this. I love Star Trek, as I am sure you do too.
The difference is that I can actually make my living by determining what
goes into these products. When I was asked to take over the Trek card
line, the first thought I had was that we have to make a TOS set with
the best images and copy possible. I like to think I lived up to that.
In general, as a fan and collector, I want all of the sets I work on to
have long-term value (not just resale value, but collectable value, if
you get my "drift"). I want collectors to feel like they have to have
these sets in their collections forever because they are so good.

What is the hardest part in creating/producing a card set?

Several things come to mind. First, getting enough quality
images. You would be surprised at how sparce the resources are. You
can't make a good set without good images. Take the new Star Trek movie
as an example. We will not have many special effects shots, except for
what appears in the trailers. The reason is that the studio works on
the effects up to the last minute before the film is released, and we
need these images at least 6 weeks ahead of time, preferably more. The
timing doesn't work out too well. Also, our needs in making a trading
card set are about 20 times greater than all of the other licensees
combined. Remember, the action figures, t-shirts, keychains, etc. use a
lot of the same images and maybe only a half-dozen or so at that. We
need 100-200 images, but we are also not the studio's top priority. As
a result, we must make do with what we get. However, as a result, we
are more inventive and resourceful than most, in that we will scour the
pre-production art (storyboards, concept drawings, sketches, etc.) and
other behind-the-scenes material to give you images which you don't see
ANYWHERE else. This leads to the second hardest part in producing a
set. That is coming up with a checklist, including bonus cards that
will be interesting to collectors. This becomes a chicken-and-egg
sometimes, in that we will develop certain subsets and then look for the
art/images and other times we will take what is available and create a
subset out of that. In the new Star Trek movie set, we will have some
fantastic costume sketches in a subset along with an interview with the
designer (why did he design a costume a certain way, etc.). We are
doing this because the material simply became available. We had no way
of knowing if the art existed until it was shown to us. In this sense,
we have to be very flexible and creative. We have to be able to look at
something that might seem like trash to the studio and think "Hey,
collectors/fans would really like to see this," and then go for it.

***Season VII****

Question: *When* will TNG Season 7 be out??? I'd really like to get
that finished.

Request: Regarding TNG Season 7... Please, please, PLEASE don't
change  the format!!! I understand you (Skybox) has a good thing going with
all  the (high price) autograph cards and inserts. But, we've had six very
good card sets around the first six seasons will only minor changes. Six
inserts and two holograms was the way the first six went. It only
seems right that the seventh should "match" it. Just because over a year
has elapsed and you've come up with some new things is no reason to change
the format. Leave that to TNG Profiles or somesuch.

I understand that the TNG and Voyager episode sets were not all well
received, so they are now doing a Voyager Profiles set instead of
season 3. Why not continue episode sets for Voyager (and DS9) but include autos in the
sets, which seem to be what the collectors want?

TNG VII will be issued in 1999, separate from the new movie cards.
Expect autographs in every box, but do not expect more holograms and
subsets of third-rate characters. The last set (TNG VI) featured Q and
Chief O'Brien. Who's next? The core cards will remain consistent with
the other sets. I haven't finalized the chase cards, but there are some
good possibilities using the final episode in particular.

***Misc specific card questions***

I would also like to know for sure how many different two (2) card
promos were issued for Star Trek TNG Season Two. I believe there were
as many as 9 different pairs. Is this correct. I have only seen 5
though and own only four. Also on this subject, I would like to know
how many of each was produced. I believe they are rather scarce. I
believe that only one pair was sent to most dealers in the US. That
would make them about as hard to get as the numbered "Phase" series
ships gold plaque uncut sheet,(approx 200). Is there someone who
keeps  track of all this information?

No. I don't know.

I have 3 cards I got from one TOS2 box that have been mis-cut,
apparently the whole sheet was mis-cut. Do they have any extra value?

Value is in the eyes of the collector or buyer. What do you think?

Of the 32 boxes of Star Trek TOS2 cards I've opened so far, 7 of them
had 2 autographed cards in them. Thanks for the extras, but how about
the boxes with no autographed cards in them?

You need to contact our collector support dept. Ask for Carmen.

I opened one packet of TOS2 cards & there were 2 Mirror Mirror cards
in it, an M3 (McCoy) & an M4 (Scotty). The autographed card was a James
Doohan card. Does this happen often, or was I just lucky?

Consider youself very lucky.

In the basic card set of Star Trek TOS2, there are 2 versions of card
#l24, one that shows Kirk in a green shirt, another version shows him
with  blood on the shirt in 3 different places. Why is there that
difference & is there any extra value on the bloody shirt version?

Seems like an inadvertent printing "blotch". Nothing that I would
concern myself with, but collectors may have a different take.

On the Star Trek TOS2 A38 Arlene/Tasha Martel card with 2 different
signatures, how many of each one did the actress sign?

About 500 of each.

Why isn't there a price listed in the most recent trading card price
catalogs for voided "V" cards or non voided "V" cards?

You have to ask the people who put out the price guides. Beats me.

Why isn't the Scotty M3 Mirror Mirror even listed? Tuff Stuff's
COLLECT doesn't list it.

Same answer.

****Set suggestions****

Of course, this is all just my opinion!
another set I might be interested in is a of star
trek memorobilia set...start with some things you could get
at the first con...maybe profile the biggest collectors that
have actual props...right up the the ST experience...?
a stray thought...

Has skybox looked at the possibility of doing a cards set for
the animated series???

Give us a chance to get through TOS III. The future is wide open.

How many Data Autographs were there for First Contact?

200 is the answer, although I know that a few were damaged during the
pack out so the actual number in circulation is slightly less.


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