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Bandai Star Trek Deck Building Next Phase Checklist

Daro Character Cardassian
Dolak Character Cardassian
EvekCharacter Cardassian
Joret Dal Character Cardassian
Lemec Character Cardassian
MacetCharacter Cardassian
Madred Character Cardassian
Ocett  Character Cardassian
Tajor Character Cardassian
Telle  Character Cardassian
Alyssa Ogawa Character Federation
Benjamin MaxwellCharacter Federation
Beverly Crusher (Captain) Character Federation
Data (professor)Character Federation
Edward Jellico Character Federation
Geordi La Forge (NO visor ) Character Federation
Jean-Luc Picard (LTJG ) Character Federation
Katherine Pulaski Character Federation
Miles O’Brien Character Federation
Rachel GarrettCharacter Federation
Reginald BarclayCharacter Federation
Richard Castillo Character Federation
Ro LarenCharacter Federation
SarekCharacter Federation
SpockCharacter Federation
William Riker  (Admiral)Character Federation
Worf Character Federation
Kell Character Klingon
K’VadaCharacter Klingon
Vagh  Character Klingon
D’Tan Character Romulan
Neral Character Romulan
N’Vek  Character Romulan
Pardek Character Romulan
Rakal Character Romulan
SirolCharacter Romulan
Stefan DeseveCharacter Romulan
Taibak Character Romulan
Toreth Character Romulan
 Arctus BaranCharacter Non-Aligned
TalleraCharacter Non-Aligned
Aggressive Maneuvers Event
Armored Ship Event
Assimilation; Border Incursion Event
Borg BrainwashingEvent
Borg Infection Event
Borg QueenEvent
Borg Sneak AttackEvent
Crystalline EntityEvent
Drone AttackEvent
Exchange of FireEvent
Kataan Alien ProbeEvent
Lore Masks Event
Murder of an Emissary Event
Neural Processor Event
Rescue Mission Event
Return of the Borg Event
Richard Galen Event
Stone of Gol (shows stone) Event
Stone of Gol (shows Romulan) Event
The Mind’s Eye Event
The Next Generation Event
Forward Disruptor ArrayManeuver
Forward Shields Maneuver
New Technology Maneuver
Phaser Array Maneuver
Warp Core Maneuver
Assassination PlotMission
Berlinghoff RasmussenMission
Contagion Mission
Defection Mission
Defector Mission
Disable Interplexing BeaconMission
DNA Fragment 1Mission
DNA  Fragment 2 Mission
DNA Fragment 3 Mission
DNA Fragment 4Mission
Encrypt Main ComputerMission
Infiltration Mission
Ensigns of Command Mission
Exocomp Mission
Iconian GatewayMission
Journey’s EndMission
Kivas FajoMission
Moral Leadership Mission
Officer Exchange Program Mission
Peace MissionMission
Phase Cloaking DeviceMission
Prison Camp Mission
Puncture Plasma Coolant Tank Mission
Reunification Mission
Ship Hijacking Mission
Special Emissary Mission
Subversive Mission
Thought Maker Mission
Torture Mission
World Invasion  Mission
Baryon Sweep Setup
Class 1 Probe Setup
Communicator BadgeSetup
Level 2 Diagnostic Setup
 Borg CubeStarship Borg
Borg SphereStarship Borg
Runabout Danube ClassStarship Federation
Shuttlecraft Type 6 Starship Federation
Starship Akira Class Type 1Starship Federation
Starship Akira Class Type 2Starship Federation
Starship Steamrunner ClassStarship Federation
USS DefiantStarship Federation
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-CStarship Federation
USS Ent NCC-1701-D Future Starship Federation
USS Pasteur Starship Federation
Warship Negh’Var Class Starship Klingon
Colony Starship Starship Non-Aligned
Deep Space Cruiser Tamarian Starship Non-Aligned
Destroyer Yridian Starship Non-Aligned
Pakled StarshipStarship Non-Aligned
Raider Maquis Type 1Starship Non-Aligned
Raider Maquis Type 2 Starship Non-Aligned
Starship Hekaran Starship Non-Aligned
Starship MercenaryStarship Non-Aligned
Unknown Vessel Starship Non-Aligned
Warship Husnock  Starship Non-Aligned

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