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The Borg CCG Checklist

1 Ankari "Spirits" R Dilemma
2 Impressive Trophies U Dilemma
3 Invasive Procedures U Dilemma
4 Photonic Energy Being U Dilemma
5 Replicator Accident R Dilemma
6 Sabotaged Negotiations U Dilemma
7 The Clown: Beneath the Mask U Dilemma
8 The Clown: My Festival R Dilemma
9 The Weak Will Perish R Dilemma
10 Transwarp Network Gateway C Doorway
11 Borg Data Node U Equipment
12 Borg Nanoprobes U Equipment
13 Borg Vinculum C Equipment
14 Hirogen Disruptor Rifle U Equipment
15 Hirogen Talon C Equipment
16 Maturation Chamber U Equipment
17 Activate Subcommands C Event
18 Alas, Poor Drone U Event
19 Cranial Transceiver Implant C Event
20 Meditation U Event
21 Omega Particle U Event
22 Quantum Slipstream Drive C Event
23 Borg Outpost C Fac-Borg
24 Unicomplex R+ Fac-Borg
25 Hirogen Outpost C Facility-Hir
26 Cortical Node Implant C Incident
27 Feedback Surge U Incident
28 Hirogen Hunt C Incident
29 Relics of the Chase U Incident
30 Rituals of the Hunt C Incident
31 Adapt: Modulate Shields U Interrupt
32 Adapt: Negate Obstruction C Interrupt
33 Awaken C Interrupt
34 Multivector Assault Mode U Interrupt
35 Narrow Escape U Interrupt
36 Corner Enemy Ship U Mission
37 Establish Settlement U Mission
38 Hunt Alien U Mission
39 Maintenance Overhaul U Mission
40 Repair Null Space Catapult U Mission
41 Secure Station C Mission
42 Assimilate Planet C Objective
43 Assimilate Species R Objective
44 Assimilate Starship U Objective
45 Eliminate Starship U Objective
46 Establish Gateway C Objective
47 Harness Particle 010 R Objective
48 Omega Directive U Objective
49 Reassimilate Lost Drone U Objective
50 Borg Queen R+ Per-Borg
51 Eight of Eighteen C Per-Borg
52 Eight of Fifteen C Per-Borg
53 Eleven of Eighteen C Per-Borg
54 Eleven of Twelve C Per-Borg
55 Fifth R+ Per-Borg
56 First R+ Per-Borg
57 Four of Nine R+ Per-Borg
58 Nine of Fifteen C Per-Borg
59 Nine of Twelve C Per-Borg
60 Second R+ Per-Borg
61 Seven of Nine R+ Per-Borg
62 Seventeen of Eighteen C Per-Borg
63 Six of Twelve C Per-Borg
64 Third and Fourth R+ Per-Borg
65 Three of Nine R+ Per-Borg
66 Two of Nine R+ Per-Borg
67 Two of Twelve C Per-Borg
68 Angelo Tassoni C Per-Fed
69 Deanna Troi R+ Per-Fed
70 Equinox Doctor R+ Per-Fed
71 Hogan C Per-Fed
72 Reginald Barclay UR Per-Fed
73 Gegis R Per-Ferengi
74 Nunk U Per-Ferengi
75 Yeggie U Per-Ferengi
76 Davar C Per-Hirogen
77 Decaren R Per-Hirogen
78 Donik R+ Per-Hirogen
79 Gann R Per-Hirogen
80 Hajur R+ Per-Hirogen
81 Harkan C Per-Hirogen
82 Idrin R Per-Hirogen
83 Jetarn C Per-Hirogen
84 Jorik R Per-Hirogen
85 Karon R Per-Hirogen
86 Karr R+ Per-Hirogen
87 Konuric C Per-Hirogen
88 Netek R+ Per-Hirogen
89 Ranjen C Per-Hirogen
90 Takirac U Per-Hirogen
91 Turanj U Per-Hirogen
92 Vurond C Per-Hirogen
93 Lagren U Per-Kazon
94 Surat R Per-Kazon
95 Tanar C Per-Kazon
96 Ch'Regha U Per-Klingon
97 Kamok C Per-Klingon
98 Kohlar R Per-Klingon
99 Morak U Per-Klingon
100 T'Greth U Per-Klingon
101 B'Elanna R+ Per-NA
102 Captain Chakotay R+ Per-NA
103 Fennim R Per-NA
104 Icheb R+ Per-NA
105 Kes R+ Per-NA
106 Lansor U Per-NA
107 Mabus U Per-NA
108 Marika R+ Per-NA
109 Mezoti R+ Per-NA
110 One R+ Per-NA
111 Orum R+ Per-NA
112 P'Chan U Per-NA
113 Rebi and Azan R+ Per-NA
114 Riley Frazier R+ Per-NA
115 Sullin R Per-NA
116 The Artificial Intelligence U Per-NA
117 Thenelak C Per-Rom
118 Dilanum C Per-Vidian
119 Sinaren C Per-Vidian
120 Borg Cube U Ship-Borg
121 Borg Probe C Ship-Borg
122 Borg Queen's Ship R Ship-Borg
123 Borg Tactical Cube R Ship-Borg
124 U.S.S. Prometheus R+ Ship-Fed
125 Hunting Vessel C Ship-Hir
126 Venatic Hunter R Ship-Hi
127 Kazon Fighter U Ship-Kazon
128 I.K.C. Voq'leng R+ Ship-Kling
129 Liberty R+ Ship-NA
130 The Think Tank's Ship R Ship-NA
131 U.S.S. Dauntless R+ Ship-NA
  Dual-affiliation cards    
104* Icheb R+ Per-Fed
108* Marika R+ Per-Fed
109* Mezoti R+ Per-Fed
113* Rebi and Azan R+ Per-Fed
114* Riley Frazier R+ Per-Fed
68* Angelo Tassoni C Per-NA
70* Equinox Doctor R+ Per-NA
80* Hajur R+ Per-NA
71* Hogan C Per-NA
111* Orum R+ Per-Rom
131* U.S.S. Dauntless R+ Ship-Fed
124* U.S.S. Prometheus R+ Ship-Ro
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