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Old ATN contest

Congrats to our winners, Amalia and Julie! Thanks for your participation! Honorable mention to Brooks and Bobbi!

Send me your thoughts and I will take the results and send them to Skybox and see how crazy we can get them to think we reallllly are!

Rule: Though I would love to hear any thoughts you may have, to be enterered into the contest, the idea has to be possible, it's ok to make it diffucult, but must be at least a possiblity of actually being made. I will post the ideas on the web page and chose a winner who will be awarded the prize sometime in the future.

Results:(in no particular order)

How about... they take a couple of the original tribbles. They use the hair and make tiny little tribblets. Then they make a card with the scene where the tribbles are falling out of the quadrotricale storage bin onto Captain Kirk. He's holding one and inside the little bubble is placed one of these miniature "original hair" tribblets. (Heidi) about that uniform Troi wore in the first episode... trimmings from picard... or....bits of kirk's orig yellow uniform...(Chris)

a Tribble card with a tiny blop of fur (or, perhaps, a few grains of quadrotriticale) or, better yet: a Horta card with a ball-bearing "egg" (Sam)

The card is a new Star Trek First Contact card with Cochrane's warp rocket "Phoenix" being pursued by the Enterprise-E. The back of the card is a blueprint with technical description on how Cochrane adapted a Titan ICBM rocket to create the "Phoenix". In the bubble is a real pice from the skin of a Titan missile. "Own a piece of the "Phoenix"!!!!(Marty)

A card of Odo with a bubble containing Aunt Jemima's pancake syrup (to resemble changeling goo).(ChrisH)

Lock of hair from William Shatner's Toupee. Metal filings from the USS Enterprise (navy ship) Ground up heat shield tile from Shuttle Enterprise. Space Vacuum picked up by the Shuttle Enterprise. (wouldn't be much to see though!)San Francisco dirt (NCC-1701 was built at the San Francisco Fleet Yards) Planet Mars dust (NCC-1701D was built at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yard, Mars) Drop of wine from the Picard Family orchard (or whatever they call it). Small piece from a changling (could use mercury to fake it) (J!m)

1) a few of the aluminum particles used to create the transporter effect (used in TOS, and perhaps TNG, although I would think the same effect in DS9 and VOY is completely graphic) 2) a lock of Mugato hair<G>3) a small portion of the stuff used on TNG to represent Nanites (the stuff in the dish)4) a Ferengi tooth, a Klingon ridge or a Trill hosts' spot 5) a lock of Kazon hair - if they can unmat enough of it

6) a chunk of Vaian skin <eeewwwww!>

1) ST bubble card containing a small cloth swatch from the original tunics worn by Kirk and crew. There would be an 8-card set of these (1 for each crew member, or 9 total if you include Yeoman Rand). With a small swatch you could easily make at least 100 of each so they would be extremely limited and collectable.

2) ST bubble card containing a small lock of William Shatner's hair. (OK, OK, I'm a Kirk fan) 3) Finally, while there is no chance that this one would ever be made (and some might think it may even be a little morbid and in bad taste - but we're talking wish list here), I think the truly ULTIMATE(!!!!) ST bubble card would have to be one containing a sprinkling of Gene Roddenberry's ashes. (Amalia)

Pieces of the Enterprise-D model used to film the series. It could be a limited card for Season VII that will be coming out. They probably trashed it by crashing it for Generations.(Cliff)

I would have to say that in the spirit of Star Trek that the bubble should either contain a small piece of moon rock (probably too difficult) or at the least a small piece of heat shielding from on of the shuttles, preferably from the Enterprise.(Bruce)

Paris and Janeway with Sea Monkey Pack (their mutated salamander children)Chakotay with temporary tatoo Dax with temporary tatoos Kirk with bit of hairpiece Kirk with a handful of small tribbles (Same thing?? ;-) TOS Scotty with a small bottle of Blue colored alcohol (Romulan Ale) 'Relics' Scotty with a small bottle of Green colored alcohol (The infamous 'Green') Uhura with ear plug Gorn with Salt Peter, Sulfur, Charcoal and Diamond Chip Tuvok with game of pick-up-sticks Nurse Chapel with 'Plomek' soup packet Spock with Flower seed packet (Pretty flowers that smell bad or Happiness spores, your call 8-) Cyrano Jones with Tribble (Other Entertainment Ideas) Easy-bake Neelix - He comes with his own oven Tuvix Trans-Morph (computer program) - Take any two ST characters and see what they would look/sound/act like after an interesting transporter accident. Then pull them back apart again. They're good as new with no lasting effects. Kirk's Kloning Kit (computer program) - Explore the Dark and Light sides of your favourite ST character. Then put them back together again. They're good as new with no lasting effects. (Julie)

I can think of several cards: 1. A Klingon card with a small worm in it (Gagh). 2. A Ferengi card with some "gold-plated latinum" (simulated). 3. A card with an empty bubble ("space"--but it should really be a vacuum). 4. Cards with small pieces of circuits (transdermal transponders, isolinear microchips, nanites, small silicon-based intelligent crystalling life-forms that live in a narrow region of water underground, etc). 5. Similar to the above, but Data's "Emotion chip" on a Data card. 6. Salt (the salt monster).(Robert)

This is really gross, no, really really gross, but the first thing that popped into my head is: Ashes of Gene Roddenberry in the bubble. Truly sick. Okay, here's one that's a wee bit less gross: clippings of Shatner's hair. Still gross. Better: Chunks of the make-up like the stuff used to turn Brent Spiner into Data. I give up. I can't think of a non-gross one. :-( (Bobbi)

The ultimate Star Trek bubble card would have to have Gene Roddenberry's ashes.(Lewis)

How about a heat ceramic tile from the Enterprise (shuttle)- duplicate tiles were made and NASA would probably like a tie-in to help promote the space program again. (Own a piece of Space (The final frontier) History)(Tim)

Original Trek: Card with fabric from the suits worn in "A piece of the Action" (or Sand from the planet of the Gardian of Forever or soup from the soup kitchen from "City on the Edge of Forever") Next Generation: Card with diodes used in Data's head or straw from the hat worn by Picard in "The Inner Light" Deep Space Nine - A card with any of Dax's spots, Sisko's hair, or Ducat's ego. Voyager - A card with the original sense of character (this may be difficult to find, but it's got to be out there somewhere... )(W.L.)

The Card I would Like To See Is Guinan With Her Hat, Although that Would be more like a baloon card :-)(RM)

1. Silicon sand from Velara III form the episode Home Soil. 2. A small sample of Gold Pressed Latnum. 3. Dilithium Crystal 4. A nanite 5. Data's or Lore's emotion chip.(Gary)

A piece of the NCC-1701D that they blew up for Generations would be cool... wonder if they have that around still(James)

My personal idea for a Star Trek 'Bubble' card would be one with Data on one side, Lore on the other (kind of like one of those doppelganger cards in the ST:30 Years Phase II series). The "bubble" would contain some of the gold paint used to dude up Lore and Data into android material. The card itself should also have gold foil leaf design on the writing . . .(J)

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