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Cyber Action was a company offering Star Trek digital trading cards.  They give you a free program which is a viewer that downloads, stores and allows you to view the cards on your computer. The card sets are purchased online and when you next run the program, you will be able to download whatever new cards you need. Several card sets have been released so far.  If you buy two sets together of the same category, there is a third bonus card. The cards include a short video clips, images, facts, trivia and quotes.


NOTE: Cyberaction is no longer around and since the reader requires verification from the Cyberaction website, it makes these cards unusable.

Thumbnail-click for larger image Information 
  Checklist of the Cyberaction Trek digital cards
  There are two different sets of Cyberaction promotional cards
The first set is s series of 4 oversized (5x7) cardboard cards produced as contest entries. These cards feature images found on the Captain's Bonus se, one ofr each Captain.  There are two different versions, one from the ST Experience and one direct from Cyberaction. The differences lie is the logo on the back of the card.
The second was a series of 9 trading cards that parallel the CD's in their boxed CDROM set, one card for each CDROM. The cards are standard trading card sized and stock. from Cyberaction (Thanks, Ed!) Initially, they were released at a Grand Slam convention.
Cyberation has issued 9 CD-Roms, with all the cards now on the net, and a few new ones. Each CD is the shape and size of a trading card  and each has a different card-like picture on one side. 6,000 of each CD was made, with 5000 having silver backs and 1,000 of each having gold backs. They can be bought individually or as a box of all nine. A box of 9 is guaranteed to have at least one gold-backed CD. These can fit into a 9-pocket page card sheet. The above 9-card promos are for these CDROMS.
For more information, click the link to the left!
Also, employees of Cyberaction got their own Trek themed business cards. These are trading card sized and feature images from many of the 4 oversized promo cards and 9 CD-promos.

Tips and Tricks

Click on the front image to start the video clip.
Click on the blue button on the Lower Right to 'flip the card over'.
See the little yellow scroll bars? You can click those to see the up and down text. The yellow bar in the lower right flips it back over to the front.
The White text in the left corner changes the back scenes. SENSORY READINGS on some cards is a text clip. Click on the quotes will start the speech.


Take three of the same cards..turn them over to the back and line them up in a row across. The image will change to a different image that covers all three cards.



Cyberaction offered two exclusive downloads when you apply online for an MBNA credit card..Quark and Admiral Kirk!


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