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Star Trek Cinema 2000

Release date: 11/29/2000
8cds per pack / 24 packs per box
100 card basic set
16,000 boxes

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Initial Press Release and sell sheet images
9 cards per movie and 1 checklist for a 82 card common set. A foil parallel set was seeded about 1 in every two packs-100 total cards.
a 9 card subset featuring female guest stars
a 9 card subset featuring the dark side (villains) (Star Wars in my Star Trek?)
9 Alien Worlds cards (1:3 packs)
9 Movie Poster cards (1:2 packs)
9 Saluting the captains cards (1:8 packs)
9 Dr. McCoy tribute cards (1:12 packs)

GALACTIC CONFLIX INSERT CARDS- three different colors/rarities.
Sequentially numbered metal flake cards printed on Die cut plastic.

24 Autograph Cards 1:24

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