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Old ATN contest

Ok, here is a contest for you!! The prize is a UK exclusive promo card form the recent DS9 set. This card is limited to 500 and hand numbered :) Sent to dealers in the UK as an incentive to buy cases :)

Contest ends Friday night at 12 Midnight. 8/15

Here is an image of mutliple card *parts*. Send me a list of what the card is. The winner is the person with the most points. Ties will have to be decided by another guess the card parts done with more obscure cards or reallllyl odd iamges......

First is the image, second is numbered for ease of use :)

ADDENDUM: Card 6 and card 17-the set title and not the specific set is ok. The rest should be specific, as far as i know enough details is available for determining the actual card.

Size doesn't matter, some are blown up portions of a very small area so take that into account :)

Email me the answers at


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