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Monty Gum with a variant back. I was shown copies of Monty Gum with a gray back card and a white backing. The possibility could be that the gray backed cards were the original run and the white back were the reprints he was so famous for, but we don't really have any info.

Voyager bookmark (sorta card) shows the Voyager crew holding their favorite books.Vbook.jpg (32608 bytes)

Amazing Heroes Publications Walter Koenig card. Gold-foil trimmed card with painted portrait of Walter Koenig against starry background. Released in Amazing Heroes fanzine; early '90s.Hereos.jpg (12479 bytes)Hereos2.jpg (14700 bytes)

Glossy variant of the "Future Arrives Now" ad card found in boxes of first
DS9 set. "SkyBox Promotions" on back. Later version (I think in Master
Series) has flat finish and lists "SkyBox International Promotions" on back.

Error cards for TOS Annuals-Ec1bak.jpg (6791 bytes)

Ec1frt.jpg (6447 bytes)


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