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Old ATN contest

We were ready to announce the opening of a Japanese version of the 
Amok Time website, but we've hit a problem. Unfortunately, the 
recent translation of Star Trek episodes into haiku was less 
than successful. Please assist us by determining which TOS or 
TNG episode the following poems are attempting to describe.

1. Possession? Decide!
Snap the metal. Off! Off! Wait! 
Reversal, slaves never!

2. Deep diving lost. Fear.
Touch understands little balls.
Agreement. Smile, smile.

3. Against the grain, sale.
Lovely tumbling copies
Spot the intruder.

4. Alone and captured.
Friends discover I not we.
Freed to be just you.

5. Eye candy ruins.
Play but cease the knowledge of.
Nonhuman resolves.

6. The needle chooses.
Time for all things. She speaks, love.
Left to fall, sadness.

7. Love's needed rebel.
Promised timing forces fight.
Death conveyed, but no!

8. Sleeping perfection.
Leather man harbors evil.
Stop the better chest.

9. Clothes unseen, appearing
Past and future powers gone.
Help me, here's a laugh.

10. Time torn, she enters.
Letter? Past blonde, dark touch avoids.
Can't stay, other war.


1. The Measure of a Man
2. Devil in the Dark
3. The Trouble with Tribbles
4. I, Borg
5. The Game
6. City on the Edge of Forever
7. Amok Time
8. Space Seed
9. Deja Q

10. Yesterday's Enterprise


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