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OK, so since Andrew is bored, we're gonna run a contest. Every day (or so, you know how I can be), I will post the name of a product Rittenhouse has liscense to. You find a card, any card in Star Trek, that in some way represents the card set I pick. As an example, were I to pick Sherlock Holmes (a liscense RA doesn't actually have), you could find a card with Data as Holmes.
Each day you enter is one point, person with the most points gets an auto card from Voy Q. Dunno yet what one, but I'll pick a good one, I promise!
I'm also willing to substitute a VoyQ box as a prize, but you gotta pay postage on that one ;)

One final caveat, you must be 1. on Amok Times mailing list ( or 2. on the Card Shopping mailng list ( ) or 3. like our Facebook page . And no, being on all 3 won't raise your chances :) You have until the release date of CTNG.
Just have fun with it, that's what it's all about anyway!

Contest ends on the release day of Voy Q!


Day 1

So, for today, we will pick Falling Skies. Find me a card that relates in any way, however creative, to Falling Skies (the series or just the words Falling Skies).
Good entries for Contest #1! I thught I'd share my picture for it: (I mean I can't officially enter the contest, but I can sitll have fun, toooooo!

Day 2

Today's choice is Lost in Space!

Day 3

Find a connection between Trek cards and Rittenhuse's James Bond's cards!


Day 4

Warehuse 13!

Day 5

True Blood

Last few entries: (I forgot to update!!!)

Amazing Spiderman
Indy Racing

As with any contest I run, there is a chance for having to make tweaks based on my typing something stupid. Everyone will be allowed to adjust their entry if I make an adjustment.

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