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Old ATN contest

ConTREKtions! See the entries and the winner!!

Make a connection from one person to a Star Trek person by making a chain through other actors. See example below....


1. You must be able to connect the listed person to any person who has appeared in a Star Trek movie or Star Trek television show, either directly or through up to 7 other people.
2. You will receive one point for each connection required.
3. A maximum of 8 points will be awarded for each listed person.
4. If you are unable to make a complete connection, 8 points will be awarded for that listed person.
5. The lowest combined point total wins.
6. In honor of Women in Voyager, if you can make a connection end with a WOmen who appeared in Voyager, one point will be deducted from the total for that chain!

Note: Connections will be verified via Internet cast listings for television shows and theatrical movies. Any connection that cannot be verified, or that relates to some other type of production (radio, plays, operas, etc.), will require proof to be submitted in the form of a third-party web site created prior to this contest. You will be notified if any of your connections require this proof.

Note: Listed persons chosen at random. It is possible that some connections will not be able to be made successfully. In these cases, all players will receive the same 8 points, and the contest will remain fair.

Contrektion #1 - Diana Ross
Contrektion #2 - Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
Contrektion #3 - Jim Backus
Contrektion #4 - Lassie
Contrektion #5 - Pamela Sue Anderson
Contrektion #6 - Gene Simmons
Contrektion #7 - Jimmie (J.J.) Walker
Contrektion #8 - Godzilla
Contrektion #9 - Clark Gable
Contrektion #10 - Captain Kangaroo

SAMPLE (made up):
Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali (Movie: 'I Am The Greatest', 1979) -> Howard Cosell (Television: 'Monday Night Football') -> Frank Gifford (Television: The Love Boat, 'Gopher Gets Drunk' episode) -> <Gavin McCloud> (Body double in 'King Lear', Oxford, 1987) -> Patrick Stewart, Star Trek TNG.

This link required four conTREKtions, for a total of 4 points awarded.

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