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In May, 2013, began offering a Star Trek credit card for the Trekkie in you! This is a pre-paid debit card and features about 35 different Trek images. You can select the one you want to have on your card and it can be used to purchase items world-wide.

Visit them at their webiste for more details and to apply online. The sites lists all the fees associated with such a purchase and the card is fully insured.

Now, as a collector of credit cards, this will prove quite the challenge to collect them all, but isn't that what the hobby is all about?! I'm a big credit card collecting fan, so this looks like alot of fun and the company is very enthused about this Trek partnership. If you opt to get one, tell me the image of what you selected and we'll start a poll! (Thanks, Mark!)


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MBNA credit cards released in the 90's. (Bank of America also released similar images but with their own logo)
  Several countries have released Star Trek credit cards as well. 
  Visa Gift cards promoting the series Nemesis.  
A German Star Trek credit card! It also comes on cardboard stock as a waller/info card. (Thanks, Rolf!)
Credit card from the Bank of Scottland. A reverse image of one already known.  
A Japanese Star Trek Credit card! (Thanks, Ben!) As best as I can tell, it's related to the Star Trek fan club in Japan and offered discounts with purchases. Is related to General Electric.

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