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Cyberaction Checklist

Cyberaction Star Trek Cards Checklist

1) Kang, TOS: Day of the Dove
2) Jean-Luc Picard - TNG: The Chase
3) Morn - DS9: Who Mourns for Morn
4) Q - TNG: Q Who?
5) James T. Kirk - TOS: The Enemy Within
6) Odo - DS9: The Search
7) Seven of Nine - VGR: The Omega Directive
8) Captain James T. Kirk
9) Captain Jean-Luc Picard
10) Captain Benjamin Sisko
11) Captain Kathryn Janeway
12) Spock, TOS: This Side of Paradise
13) Deanna Troi, TNG: The Bonding
14) Benjamin Sisko, DS9: Homefront
15) Horta, TOS: The Devil in the Dark
16) Captain Janeway, VGR: The 37s
17) Miles O'Brien, DS9: Hard Time
18) Gorn Captain, TOS: Arena
19) Tuvok, VGR: Flashback
20) Lt. Commander Data, TNG: The Measure of a Man
21) Andorian Ambassador, TOS: Journey to Babel
22) Chakotay, VGR: Basics, Part1
23) Quark, DS9: Magnificent Ferengi
24) Dr. Leonard McCoy, TOS: Friday's Child
25) Worf, TNG: Reunion
26) Tantalus V, TOS: Dagger of the Mind
27) High Council, TNG: Sins of the Father
28) Starfleet Academy, TNG: The First Duty
29) Kaxon-Nistrim, VGR: Stte of Flux
30) Tal Shiar, TNG: Face of the Enemy
31) Risa, DS9: Let He Who is Without Sin
32) Vlcan, TOS: Amok Time
33) Bajoren Birthing, DS9: The Begotten
34) Murasaki 312, TOS: The Galileo Seven
35) Hirogen, VGR: The Killing Game
36) Talos IV, TOS: The Menagerie, Part 2
37) Cardassian Trials, DS9: Tribunal
38) Bajoran Wormhole, DS9: Emissary, Part2
39) Borg, TNG: The Best of Both Worlds, Part2
40) Orbs, DS9: Prophet Motive
41) Stratos, TOS: The Cloud Minders
42) Dyson Sphere, TNG: Relics
43) FCA, DS9: Family Business
44) Species 8472, BGR: Scorpion, Part 1
45) The Founders, DS9: The Search, Part2
46) Kataan, TNG: Inner Light
47) Rules of Acquisition
48) 20th Century Currency
49) S.S. Botany Bay, TOS: Space Seed
50) U.S.S. Defiant NX-74205, DS9: The Search
51) Replicator, VGR: State of Flux
52) Runabout, DS9: Emissary, Part 1
53) Tricorder, TNG: The Chase
54) Nomad, TOS: The Changeling
55) Transporter, TNG: Realm of Fear
56) VISOR, TNG: The Mind's Eye
57) Deep Space Nine, DS9: The Eissary, Part 2
58) U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, TOS: Tomorrow Is Yesterday
59) The Agony Booth, TOS: Mirror, Mirror
60) U.S.S. Voyager, BGR: The 37's
61) Romulan Warbird, TNG: The Neutral Zone
62) Holosuite, DS9: Its Only a Paper Moon
63) Neural Neutralizer, TOS: Dagger of the Mind
64) U.S.S. Enterprise-D, TNG: Best of Both Worlds
65) Thought Maker, TNG: The Battle
66) Bajoran Vessel, DS9: Explorers
67) Bio Gel Packs, VGR: Learning Curve
68) Phaser, TOS: The Man Trap
69) Jem'Hadar Ship, DS9: The Ship
70) Transporter, TNG: Realm of Fear
71) Tantalus V, TOS: Dagger of the Mind
72) Odo, DS9: The Search
73) Tricorder, TNG: The Chase
74) Kang, TOS: Day of the Dove
75) Replicator, VGR: State of Flux
76) Kaxon-Nistrim, VGR: State of Flux
77) Holoship, ST Insurrection
78) Ahdar Ru'afo, ST Insurrection
79) Commander William T.Riker, ST Insurrection
80) Ba'ku, ST Insurrection
81) The Briar Patch, ST Insurrection
82) U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E, ST Insurrection
83) Admiral Dougherty, ST Insurrection
84) Regula, ST Wrath of Khan
85) Ceti Eels, ST Wrath of Khan
86) U.S.S. Reliant, ST Wrath of Khan
87) Mutara Nebula, ST Wrath of Khan
88) Project Genesis, ST Wrath of Khan
89) Spock, ST Wrath of Khan
90) Khan, ST Wrath of Khan
91) Borg Queen, ST First Contact
92) Temporal Vortex, ST First Contact
93) Zephram Cochrane, ST First Contact
94) Neuroprocessor, ST First Contact
95) The Phoenix, ST First Contact
96) Interplexing Beacon, ST First Contact
97) Data, ST First Contact


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