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Modern Graphics produced and released a German version of the Star Trek TOS Card Game. The set was similar to the US, but the text was in German. It had these differences:

No Ben Childres Card
Mudd's Women is missing it's title
The Have some Tranya iamge is different then on the US card

A complete German card list
A scan of a German TOS CG card

Promotional products released in support of the German TOS:CG
  • German TOS CG T-shirt
  • sticker
  • matches
  • the three above promo cards
  • full-color bags
  • jumbo cards
    • Biem Mich hoch, Scotty!
    • Schutzschilde auf Maximum!
    • Gorn Captian  (unconfirmed)


Thumbnail-click for larger image

Three promotional cards (exclusive to the German edition):

  • Persönliche Herausforderung /Ereignis (Personal Challenge /Wild) 
  • Medikit /Effekt (of course Medikit /Effect) 
  • Pokerspiele /Mission (The Corbomite Maneuver /Mission) 

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