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Old ATN Contest

The Design your own Trek set. Prize was a Grace Lee Witney autograph card from TOS Series one released in December. Prize was donated by Skybox!!!

wpe1.jpg (3738 bytes)Starfleet Academy Series

(All of these cards would come in 8 card packs, 36 packs per box. The main
idea is to have a "teaching" tone with all of the cards.)

Phase I: How To Run A Starship

Common Cards: 72 total
9 card mural, front ship diagram (Enterprise E perhaps?) with title card in
center, back PADD textbook with "course description"
60 cards / 15 following sections = 4 cards per technological area, each
describing specifics about technology in a "teaching" mode (for example,
"Always mix your matter and antimatter in a 1:1 ratio") with pictures from
different series/movies and computerized diagrams:
- spacecraft structure
- command systems
- computer systems
- warp propulsion systems
- impulse propulsion systems
- utilities and auxiliary systems (replicators, tractor beams, etc.)
- communications
- transporters
- sensor systems
- tactical systems
- environmental systems
- crew support (turbolifts, medical systems)
- auxiliary spacecraft
- flight operations (flight modes, alerts)
- emergency operations
2 card checklist
1 "Enlist in Starfleet" survey card
Special: 1 preview card of Phase II of Academy series

Insert Cards:
18 (gold foil cards, picture front, description back, odds 1:6) Famous
Scientist Profiles: Dr. Leah Brahms (designer of Enterprise D warp
systems), Dr. Paul Manheim (Manheim effect), Hannah Bates (chief scientist
of Moab IV), Dr. Farallon (developer of Exocomps), Dr. Reyga (developer of
metaphasic shielding), Dr. Soong (Data's dad), Dr. Serova (discovered
damaging effects of warp drive), Dr. Daystrom (creator of M-5
supercomputer), etc...
18 (skymotion cards, moving-image front, description back, odds 1:9)
Advanced Studies Cards: holodeck imaging systems, Voyager bio warp drive,
nanites, holographic doctor program, quantum torpedoes, transwarp theory,
3 (autograph cards, autograph/picture front, description back, odds 1:180)
Chief Engineer Profiles: Scotty, LaForge, O'Brein. (I didn't include
Torres, since nobody back on Earth knows she's the chief engineer on
Voyager. That might change, however.)

Phase II: Starfleet History & Politics

Common Cards: 72 total
9 card mural, front text of Starfleet treaties with title card in center,
back PADD textbook with "course description"
54 cards: 6 9 card murals, with approximately 2 a piece covering early
history (invention of warp drive, founding of Starfleet), middle history
(TOS, movies 1 - 6, Enterprises B & C), and late history (TNG, DS9, VOY).
Murals include people, places, treaties, policies, ships, etc. in timeline
6 treaty cards detailing important points of different federation treaties
2 card checklist
1 "Enlist in Starfleet" survey card
Special: 1 preview card of Phase III of Academy series

Insert Cards:
18 (gold foil, picture front, description back, odds 1:6) Diplomats &
Leaders Cards: Sarek, Gul Dukat, different Presidents of the Federation
we've seen, Chancellor Gorkon, Gowron, Picard & Kirk were diplomats in
certain situations, etc...
18 (silver hologram, picture front, description back, odds 1:9) Q continuum
cards: Q appearances, events, and members of the Q we've seen (since the Q
make frequent appearances, I would assume that Starfleet knows about the
events involving the Q on Voyager).
6 (lucite cards, planet front, description back, odds 1:90) Founding Member
Planets Cards: Earth, Vulcan, etc. (I read somewhere a list of the founding
planets of the Federation, and now I can't find it. I think it was five,
maybe six planets.)

Phase III: Battles

Common Cards: 72 total
9 card mural, front star map of Federation with title card in center, back
PADD textbook with "course description"
54 cards: 6 9 card murals, each detailing a particular famous battle (like
Wolf 359, the Kirk & Romulan battle in "Balance of Terror", Sisko's recent
fight to win back DS9, Picard's fleet which exposes Romulan influence in
Klingon civil war, etc...) with a star map and diagrams (like those you
would see detailing a Civil War battle) on the front and details on the
back. Each discusses ship positions, tactics, weaponry of the time, numbers
of ships, etc.
6 cards detailing recent advances in Starfleet weapons & shields, like
quantum torpedoes, phasic shields, shield/phaser modulation, Federation
cloaking device, etc...
2 card checklist
1 "Enlist in Starfleet" survey card

Insert Cards:
18 (gold foil, triptych of ship or fleet front, description back, odds 1:3)
Battle History Cards: 3 card set for each of 6 battles in common cards:
pre-battle conditions & situation, "changes in balance of power" card (in
other words, immediate effects of battle), and post-battle effects
18 (silver hologram, picture front, description back, odds 1:6) Memorial
Cards: people who died or were captured as a result of armed conflict, from
the Federation and enemies, like Kahn, Romulan Commander in "Balance of
Terror", General Chang, Captain Rachel Garrett (Enterprise C), Riker's
double Thomas, etc...
18 (skymotion, ship or moving diagram on front, description on back, odds
1:12) Battle Tactics: Picard maneuver, Kirk's mirroring of Romulan warbird
in "Balance of Terror", code number in ST: Wrath of Kahn, nebula hiding,
Riker's maneuvers in "Best of Both Worlds 2", etc... (you would actually
see the maneuver!)
Special 1:180 send-in card for uncut sheets of 6 9-card panels of common
card battles

I also have been thinking of a Phase IV: Basic Temporal Mechanics, which
would go through every time we've changed or "reset" history and "how" it
worked, with insert cards about the people we've met and the places we've
been. Special inserts for "All Good Things..." and "Trials and
Tribble-ations" Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to fully think it out.

wpe2.jpg (3356 bytes)Star Trek: Captains and their Starship Collection

Set Description: The Basic set will consist of 161 basic cards printed
on Premium heavy stock with UV coating front and back. Printed in full
bleed color.

BASIC SET Collation: 161 cards

These show Captain/Admiral on front and "Starfleet" biography on the back) Three cards for  each Captain with a brief history of their Commands, Service records and "Star Trek" history on the three

Card #
1 Capt. Robert T. April STOS
2 Capt. Christopher Pike STOS
3 Capt. James Tiberius Kirk STOS
4 Admiral James Tiberius Kirk STIV
5 Capt. Spock STII
6 Capt. Willard Decker STTMP
7 Capt. Hikaru Sulu STVI
8 Capt. Jean-Luc Picard STNG
9 Capt. Rachel Garrett STNG
10 Capt. William Thomas Riker STNG AGT
11 Capt. Beverly Crusher STNG AGT
12 Admiral Worf STNG AGT
13 Capt. Benjamin Sisko DS9
14 Capt. Jadzia Dax DS9
15 Capt. Catherine Janeway

16-18 3 panel panorama view of Starfleet Headquarters on Earth

(All of the following Ship 9 card murals have a Color pic of the ship on
the fronts and a blueprint of that ship on the backs.)

19-27 9 card Mural USS Enterprise NCC 1701
28-36 9 card Mural USS Enterprise NCC 1701A
37-45 9 card Mural USS Enterprise NCC 1701B
46-54 9 card Mural USS Enterprise NCC 1701C
55-63 9 card Mural USS Enterprise NCC 1701D
64-72 9 card Mural USS Enterprise NCC 1701E (First Contact)
73-81 9 card Mural USS Enterprise Future Enterprise (All Good Things)
82-90 9 card Mural Space Station DS9
91-98 9 card Mural USS Defiant
99-107 9 card Mural USS Voyager

(all of the 9 card Bridge Murals below have a color pic of the empty
Bridge on the fronts and a "legend" on the backs describing each work

108-116 9 card Mural Bridge USS Enterprise NCC 1701 STOS
117-125 9 card Mural Bridge USS Enterprise NCC 1701D STNG
126-134 9 card Mural Bridge USS Enterprise NCC 1701E First Contact
135-143 9 card Mural Bridge USS Defiant DS9
144-152 9 card Mural Bridge USS Voyager

153-161 9 Card Mural of Federation Logo, (Map of Federation Space on
back of cards)

INSERTS: 4 levels of inserts, 16 cards

[level ONE]
S1) Skymotion, 1 in 180 packs USS Enterprise NCC 1701E, First Contact

[level TWO]
(The following 2 "First Ever" ST sound cards would be similiar to the
Gone with the Wind sound card from several years ago)

M1) Sound card, 1 in 120 packs, Kirk, saying "Energize"
M2) Sound card, 1 in 120 packs, Picard, saying "Engage"

[level THREE]
(The following 4 chase cards are similiar to the scoreboard gold foil
cards with their image on the front and their ship on the back)

G1) Gold Card, 1 in 45 packs, Capt. James T. Kirk
G2) Gold Card, 1 in 45 packs, Capt. Jean-Luc Picard
G3) Gold Card, 1 in 45 packs, Capt. Benjamin Sisko
G4) Gold Card, 1 in 45 packs, Capt. Catherine Janeway

[level FOUR]
(The final 9 "Embossed" card insert set consists of the 9 actors out of
costume and dressed casual with personal biographical info on the

A1) Embossed Card, 1 in 9 packs, William Shatner
A2) Embossed Card, 1 in 9 packs, Leonard Nimoy
A3) Embossed Card, 1 in 9 packs, George Takei
A4) Embossed Card, 1 in 9 packs, Patrick Stewart
A5) Embossed Card, 1 in 9 packs, Jonathan Frakes
A6) Embossed Card, 1 in 9 packs, Michael Dorn
A7) Embossed Card, 1 in 9 packs, Avery Brooks
A8) Embossed Card, 1 in 9 packs, Terry Farrell
A9) Embossed Card, 1 in 9 packs, Kate Mulgrew

wpe3.jpg (4221 bytes)

First of all, I'm pretty much overwhelmed by all the chase cards contained
in the new TOS set coming out. Although this turns me off somewhat,
because this is a TOS set (my favorite - classic Trek is THE ONLY Trek in
my book), I will more than likely get it. But...if I were to create my
own set, it will not have ANY chase cards. There will only be one basic
set consisting of 100 cards. The cards will be distributed like this: 5
cards per pack, 24 packs per box. This would keep the card box price down
to about $25-$30 I should think. Pretty affordable for EVERYONE. And,
with the likely possibility of not getting a complete set, this will create
more of an incentive to do what's supposed to be done with these cards -
TRADE!!!!! That way, no card will have more value than another because
they're all basic cards, and I think people will have more fun with this
set just because they can probably complete the set with a minimal amount
of trading.

Now, what does this set consist of? This 100-card set will consist of ten
10-card subsets. Each 10-card subset will be authored by 10 ST actors and
production people. The actors/production people I would choose are:

William Shatner
Leonard Nimoy
DeForest Kelley
James Doohan
Nichelle Nichols
George Takei
Walter Koenig
Grace Lee Whitney
Majel Barrett
Robert Justman

(maybe have a couple of writers like D.C. Fontana, David Gerrold - OK, so
this would be a 120-card set)

Each person above would be responsible for writing the text on each 10-card
subset that will have the following formats:

1) Short Bio - The picture on this would perhaps be a high-school yearbook
photo and the actor/writer would write some short bio for the card back on
their early days before they got into acting.

2) Acting Start - Picture would be from the actor's first PROFESSIONAL film
or play (or producer's first film or play). Actor would write short
synopsis about how they got "bit by the acting bug" .

3) Getting the ST role - Maybe the picture on this one would be either a
scene in a TV drama episode in which Gene R. took notice of the particular
actor, or one of the B&W photos you see all the time in these
"behind--the-scenes" ST books of the actor shaking Gene R.'s hand, or
something similar. Text would have to do with how the actor heard of the
part, how the audition went, etc.

4) Favorite ST episode - (hey, what can I say - this is required!) Of
course, picture would be from particular episode. Actor would write why
this episode is his/her favorite.

5) Least favorite ST episode - same as above.

6) Most memorable ST experience - The actor/producer would relate on
his/her most memorable experience in being associated with the whole ST
phenomenon . Photo for this card would be chosen by the actor/producer and
must come from the actor/producer's own personal photos (even if we, the
fans, may have seen some of them already).

7) Worst ST experience - same as above.

8) Most memorable ST CONVENTION experience - Photo would be from one of the
numerous ST conventions, with the actor/producer writing about an
especially memorable fan, or group of fans, or just an all around good
experience at one of these things.

9) Favorite acting role / production (not necessarily ST) - Photo would be
from film or play. Actor/producer would write about why the
role/production was their favorite.

10) Future plans - Actor would choose photo.

I've chosen the above topics because, as a fan, these are probably the
things most fans would want to know about these actors. Essentially, I
want a fan who reads this card set to feel that they've gotten pretty much
the same experience as they would have if they attended a ST convention in
which one of these actors was a guest. The fact that each actor would
write his/her own text and choose a couple of his/her own personal photos I
think would be a real special treat for any ST fan.

Finally - what would I call this set? Well, at first I thought a good
title would be "Star Trek Memories", but I think that's already been taken.
The only other title I could think of that would reflect what the set is
about would be "Star Trek: For The Fans".

wpe3.jpg (4221 bytes)The Episodes series is just about to wind down for The Next Generation, and
there are Episodes series in the works for The Original Series and Voyager,
so how about an Episodes series for Star Trek Deep Space 9 and Star Trek The
Animated Series. Keep the format similar to the other existing Episode
series. The sets should contain stardate time-lines that show when the
episode was aired, and have 3 card arcs with information of each episode.
The chase cards should also have a similar format as the other Episodes
series. Six foil-embossed cards available one in twelve packs, and two
hologram cards available one per box. With the Animated series, replace
the hologram cards with cel cards made with actual film cels.
Another cool Star Trek set would be to have one of Star Trek Comic book
covers. Marvel did something simular to this several years ago. There is
alot of great art work on these covers, and it would be fantastic to have
them placed on collector trading cards. The same thing could be done for
covers of paper back Star Trek Pocket Books.

But, I think the ultimate set would be one of Star Trek Playmate figures.
There would be a card for each figure that was made. The card would
picture the figure and describe its accessories and in what episode or movie
the figure is from. It would also list if it came with a space cap, card,
or both, and list the total numbers produced. The set would include foil
chase cards picturing Playmate Star Trek space ships, with simular stats of
numbers made and breif descriptions. These would be inserted at 1 per 4
packs. In addition, random space caps and cards taken from action figures
would be inserted one per 18 packs. A special redemption card would be
inserted at one per 180 packs. The redemption card would be for a special
limited Playmate Figure that is made exclusively for this set.

wpe3.jpg (4221 bytes)

My ideal trek set would start with commons of 3 card profiles on each actors/actresses that
played in the original series. This would probably take about 300 cards to make. Anyway it would
include some shots of the actors/actresses in action and provide a brief history of the actor or
actress, the character, and episode background. (I would like to know more about their individual
involvement with the original series.) Seems they never quite cover them all. Would like to see this
in brilliant color with a gold foil trim around the outside of the card.
The inserts would start with an 18 card set of Capt. Kirk with "The Girl". Seems every other
show he always got "the girl". These would have to be inserted at a ratio of 1:4 (so many <grin>).
Next, I would include a special 9 foil embossed card set of Dr. McCoy. Just because "I'm a
doctor, not a.....". They could include pictures of him as an Engineer, Computer, Magician, Brain
Surgeon, Mind Reader, Tribble......just to name a few. lol Ratio of 1:9.
Two more subsets, the first being a 9 card embossed (bubble?) Vulcan Set of Spock, Sarek,
Amanda, T'Pau, Surek, etc....had some fun playing with this one....attached some images. Ratio of
about 1:9.
Second a 9 card full 24k gold leaf embossed profile card of the main characters from the orginal
series with a brief on the reverse. I fell in love with the QVC cards. Would like to find two of these
in each box. (Wouldn't have to buy 20 boxes to complete!!!)
I would also like to see (AND WIN) a contest for a trip for two to the Star Trek experience in
Las Vegas (I wanna go). And last but not least a redemption card for a framed and autographed
uncut sheet of the 24k gold leaf insert set. (What a display piece that would make!)

wpe9.jpg (4420 bytes)wpeB.jpg (4281 bytes)wpeD.jpg (4265 bytes)wpeC.jpg (3210 bytes)wpeA.jpg (2526 bytes)

wpe3.jpg (4221 bytes)S T A R T R E K 3 - D C A R D S

Where No Star Trek Card Set Has Gone Before!

- Become A Crew Member in the Next Star Trek Movie! Play the Star Trek 3-D
- Other Sweepstakes Prizes Include 8X10 Autographed Photos of Star Trek
- 400 3-D Base Cards Created with the State-Of-The-Art Technology
+ Star Trek Personnel
+ Star Trek Aliens
+ Star Trek Starships
+ Star Trek Scenes
- 50 Star Trek Actors/Actress in 3-D(1:2)
+ Biographies of the People Behind the Characters
+ Personal Memories
+ Facsimile Autograph
- 8 3-D Memorable Movie Moments(1:8)
+ The Old Crew Is Assembled on the Enterprise
+ Kirk Watches as Spock Dies
+ Spock Lives
+ The Crew of the Enterprise Travels by Bus
+ Kirk, Spock and Bones Singing at the Campfire
+ Klingons Dining with the Crew
+ Picard Requests Help from Kirk
+ The Starships Are No Match for the BORG Cube
- 4 SkyMotion Transporter Insert Cards(1:36)
+ Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy
+ Picard, Riker, Troi, Worf and Data
+ Sisko, Dak and Odo
+ Chakotay, Paris and Tuvok
- Star Trek's Creator, Gene Roddenberry(1:36)
+ Biography
+ Personal Memories
+ Facsimile Autograph
- 4 Captain's Uniform (Cloth from actual uniform on a card)(1:200)
+ Capt. Kirk
+ Capt. Picard
+ Capt. Sisko
+ Capt. Janeway

* No purchase necessary. Open to legal residents of the United States and
(exc. Quebec province). Void where prohibited. Game ends June 30, 1998.
a free game card, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Star Trek
Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 999, Nowhere, MI 99999. One request per envelope.
of winning are 1:5,000,000.

wpe3.jpg (4221 bytes)

SET NAME: ST:WOD (STAR TREK:WAY OVERDONE) (72-Card Set + 225 inserts)

DESCRIPTION: 72 cards depicting never before seen photos of all your favorite
and hardly ever seen characters taken on the lot of Star Trek during a coffee
break. Backs of cards written by Dr. Zeus, world renowned author famous for
his attention for detail.

INSERTS: Level 1 = 3 holograms depicting Picard's molars, Shatner's crib
sheets and Worf's make-up person. (1:12)

Level 2 = 72 parallel cards same as regular set but gold stamped
certifying these cards were untouched by human hands. (1:1)

Level 3 = 99 autographs signed by such important ST people as
William Shatner's cleaning lady, Brent Spiner's sister-in-law, Majel
Barrett's accountant, Uhura's eye, EAR, nose & throat doctor, Scottie's
speech therapist and 6 of 9's wardrobe person.

Level 4 = 50 Authentic film clips from cutting room floor (1:500)

REDEMPTION CARD: Rubberized, computer enhanced, foilholographichromolazercuts
depicting Kirk & Picard as infants. (1:180)

Cases will contain 6 1/2 Boxes, each containing 22 packs, 5 cards in each for
a suggested retail of $99.95. Available at your local hobby dealer, retail
outlet and dry cleaners.

Due to be released June, 1998 but don't hold your breath!

wpeE.jpg (6595 bytes)

wpe3.jpg (4221 bytes)

Although I couldn't finish, I wanted to let you know what I came up with in
case you put together a list of cool ideas - and you think mine might be one.

The problem I couldn't overcome, and which invalidates me for the contest,
is the *Commons*! I couldn't come up with a viable set theme. Since the
contest says what do you (in this case *me*) think would be the coolest
set, mine has been done. If you combine the ST:TNG (and TOS now) Seasonal
sets to the 30th Anniversary Phase sets - that's what I want. I want an
all-encompassing, every ship, person, episode, character, and - well
everything! The only thing that I would do over the Fleer/Skybox series
would be to have higher quality and better choice of pictures. (I will say
that they may have listened to the public. This is MUCH better in TOS in

I do know a few things that I *don't* like, and I've been a vocal advocate
against - parallel sets. (Ggrrrrrr) NO PARALLEL SETS!

I'd want any insert or subsets to fill in multiples of the page they insert
into - i.e. normal cards would be in multiples of nine, large cards in
multiples of 4, wides in multiples of 6, etc. Also, any images on the back
of cards that form a picture once their in the page should do it in order!
As an example - if you have seen the Sorayama Silver and Satin set, the
back of each page forms a picture. But not if you put the cards in the
pages in the correct order! Manufacturers can certainly plan for this!

I do like the idea of a box insert set - but only a *very* few. In this
case, four. I think a 3.5x5 (fits in a standard four-pocket page) cast
photo would be cool. One for each series: Original Series, Next
Generation, Deep Space 9, and Voyager. On the back would be an
Actor/Character list (as if we don't know) and an Enterprise/Starfleet
insignia "part" that makes the whole thing once you get them in the pocket.
Kinda like the Four Captains TV Guide covers did.

One thing that we Trek Fans have never clearly seen on the shows have been
the Enterprise geneology. I would like a Chromium (Silver) subset of the
nine Enterprises: Sailing vessel, Nuclear (Wessel) Aircraft Carrier, Space
Shuttle, NCC-1701, A-E) The back would obviously describe the vessel.
These would be inserted on the ST:TNG Season Embossed average - about three
per box. (Oh, normal box, 36 packs, nine cards.)

OK, the biggie. I collect a lot of Fantasy Art type cards, so this one is
heavily influenced. I'd like a redemption set. Yeah, yeah send in the
card and we send you..... four 8x10 Omnichrome "cards." (Be nice if you'd
get the card back though) They are "busts" of the Captain and First
Officer for each series. One of Kirk/Spock, Picard/Riker,
Janeway/Chakotay, and Sisco/Kira. They would be done by (remember these
are *my* choices) Boris, Julie Bell, Olivia, and Sorayama (doesn't matter
which artist does which card - I just want their styles). Going by similar
card sets that Olivia has done, I think that the simple, clean "head shots"
would come out beautifully on the OmniChrome background. These artists are
also well-known for their clear, realistic, and clean styles. And 8x10
would be just too cool.

Now, for the impossible to get - and Dream Card, how about the Gene
Roddenbery Autograph. I said dream card <grin>. For rarity - ask the
Babylon 5 people. I think there are 500 in each set (Series II and Special
Edition). I've opened 3-4 boxes each and never seen one - I'm told that
they *do* exist! :-)

wpe3.jpg (4221 bytes)

The set would contain all the episode from every series including:
Star Trek:TOS
Star Trek:TNG
Star Trek:DSN
Star Trek:Voyager

And for the new seasons of DSN and voyager there would be expansion sets.
In between each series there would be a silver cards with the name of the
series on it (1 per every 12 packs).And between each season there would be a
embossed card with the season printed on it (each desinged differently for
each season,same with the silver cards),1 in every 5 packs.The set would also
include all the movies (gold header cards for these,with the name of the
movie on it,1 per 12 packs).For all the new movies there would also be
expansion sets.Specials and redmeptions:
For the ST:TOS part:for each main character there would be embossed cards for
each ( 1 per 8 packs).An aotugraph card from William Shatner (1 per 50).A
hologram card with the show name printed on it like they showed in the shows
(1 per 75).And a skymotion card that u have to send a redemption card (1 per
100),the skymotion will have the orginal Enterprise flying passed.For
TNG,DSN,and Voyager it would be about the same,embossed for each of the main
crew,autographed from (note:I have already listed how 1 per ?? packs for all
these) Patrick Stewart,Capt.Sisko,and Janway.A hologram of each of the shows
name in the original way that they write it.And skymotions u must redem of
the enterprise-d passing by,DSN station with the difiant passing by,and
voyager warping.

wpe3.jpg (4221 bytes)(1) Star Trek : The Love Collection

72 card set featuring the many romantic liasions featured on all of the
Star Trek shows and movies. Ok ok, so half the card set is going to
have kirk in it, but hey, there were others. From Kirk and half the
women in the universe to Picard and Vash to Riker and the other half of
the women in the universe to Kes and Neelix. Love abounds even in Star

Inserts include the following :

(a) Unrequited Love : 8 cards featuring those couples who never got
together. Cards are foil-embossed half hearts with the pictures
of the unlucky duos in each heart piece. Couples depicted will be
Spock/Chappel (sp?) (TOS), Picard/Bev Crusher (TNG) (alternate
realities don't count), Bashir/Dax (DS9) (wishes don't count
either), Torres/Chakotay (I think, haven't been able to watch
enough voyager to know) (VOyager) if they did get together, throw
in Paris/Kes as a substitute. 1:8 packs

(b) Kirk's women : 18 card set of all the women that Kirk loved before.
(I'm sure we can find 18 of them). Cards are pictures of the women
in a frame with the scrawl, "Love, Kirk" at the bottom. 1:3 packs

(c) Wedded Bliss : 2 skymotion cards depicting the actual weddings of
Keiko/Miles O'brien (TNG) and Dax/Worf (DS9). 1:72 packs

36 packs per box / 8 cards per pack.

Heh, much better odds at completing the set than what they have now.
:P I'm still looking for those Episode collection Holograms.

(2) Star Trek : The War Collection

Here we go! My dream collection of all the confrontations that occured
in the Star Trek universe. From the Doomsday Machine to Best of Both
Worlds to The Search pt I & 2 to Caretaker. All of the fight scenes
that we know and love. Movies are included here. basic 100 card set
depicting the classic confrontations, behind the scenes, ships of the
galaxy (romulan, klingon, ferengi, kazon, vidiian, jem'haddar, etc).
Inserts will include the following :

(a) Wolf 359 : 9 card mural done by Star Trek artists depicting a Borg
ship destroying 9 Federation ships at Wolf 359. Each part of the
mural will show a part of the borg ship under attack by a ship of
the Federation. (1:6 packs)

(b) Destruct-o-vision : 3 skymotion cards showing footage of ships
under attack. Scenes shown will be : (1) Enterprise firing phasers
at Reliant (end of Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan) (2) Borg ship
firing at various federation ships (beginning of Star Trek : First
Contact) (3) Enterprise and Excelsior firing upon cloaked Bird of
Prey (end of Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country) (1:36 packs)

(c) Duels : 18 card set of artists rendition of ships duelling. This
set will have 9 pairs of ships going at each other drawn by
various Star Trek artists. Enterprise-A vs Reliant, Enterprise-D
vs Bird of Prey, Voyager vs Kazon warship, etc. (1:3 packs)

36 packs per box / 8 cards per pack.

wpe3.jpg (4221 bytes)There would be 80 common cards in this set. This would be the Captain's
Log set focusing on the 4 captains. There would be 20 common cards for
each captain, 1-20 being Kirk, 21-40 being Picard, 41-60 being Sisko, and
61-80 being Janeway. These would be based on the actor's personal favorite
episodes. On the back of the commons, it could say which episode and then
why it was the actor's favorite. There would be autograph cards as the main
prize chase cards, therefore there would be 4 autograph chase cards that
would be 1 in every 150 packs (that way you would get a massive boost when
you found one :-). There would also be a set of 9 foil chase cards that
would be found 1 in every 10 packs that would feature the captains and then
the captains with their ships (so see there would be one of each captain,
then one of each captain with their ship in the background, and then the
last would be all four captains). Thanks for your time...


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