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Deep Space Nine Card Set

This set  of 100 cards was released in  1994 and is the second set to feature the DS9 crew.

Also included in this set:
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5 Spectra Cards SP1-SP4 and SPG

  • SPG is no more rare then any of the other spectra cards.
1 Redemption Card 
10 Card Redemption Set  Embossed set of 10 in a cell pack. Received form SkyBox if you pulled the redemtpion card.
uncut silver sheet of 6 Spectra S1 cards This sheet was an error sheet, it did not get sent through the colored process. It was so interesting that SkyBox numbered them xxx/1000 and gave them out at a show. There are also some unnumbered sheets around as well.


  • S2 Promo Personal Phasers
  • Beaming to Retail Promo-gold square on back of card (an orange one was found in the Boxed DS9 set.


  • DS9 Prototype Dax and Sisko
  • Sisko (Malibu Comics DS9 #2 only.)



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