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Star Trek Deep Space Nine Premiere Box Set

Released in 1993, this factory set consisted of 48 cards, 2 inserts and some misc. cards like the survey card. It featured the first episode, the Emissary. Has some crossover from TNG since Picard and the Enterprise did appear in it.

Also included in the set:


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  • Front: “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Trading Cards. An incredible 100-card series beaming to...(glossy and unglossy version.)

Misc. Items

  • Survey Card
  • Certificate of Authenticity
DS9 S1 silver error card sheet. (Card was printed without color and the company liked it so much, they brought them to conventions as promos. Numbered and un-nubmered versions exisit.)
Framed batch of promos SkyBox gave out at a National Sports Convention. Includes the S2 insert card

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