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Star Trek DS9 CCG
Aamin Marritza Personnel R
Access Relay Station Mission R
Acquire Illicit Explosives Mission *
Activate Tractor Beam Interrupt C
Aid Fugitives Mission R
Airlock Doorway R
Aldara Ship R
Alien Gambling Device Artifact R
Alter Records Mission U
Altonian Brain Teaser Dilemma U
Altovar Personnel R
Amaros Personnel C
Anara Personnel C
Angry Mob Dilemma C
Aphasia Device Dilemma C
Ari Personnel C
Arms Deal Dilemma U
Assassin's Blade Dilemma C
Assault Vessel Ship C
Automated Security System Event R
Bajoran Civil War Event R
Bajoran Freighter Ship C
Bajoran Interceptor Ship U
Bajoran Outpost Facility Facility C
Bajoran PADD Equipment C
Bajoran Phaser Equipment C
Bajoran Phaser Rifle Equipment U
Bajoran Scout Vessel Ship U
Bajoran Wormhole Doorway U
Bareil Antos Personnel R
Baseball Interrupt R
Benjamin Sisko Personnel R
Beware of Q Objective C
Bo'rak Personnel R
Boheeka Personnel R
Borad Personnel R
Brief Romance Dilemma C
Camping Trip Mission R
Cardassian Disruptor Equipment C
Cardassian Disruptor Rifle Equipment U
Cardassian Outpost Facility C
Cardassian PADD Equipment C
Cardassian Shuttle Ship C
Central Command Facility R
Cha'Joh Ship R
Chamber of Ministers Facility R
Changeling Research Mission R
Characterize Neutrino Emissions Mission *
Clan People Dilemma C
Colonel Day Personnel R
Colony Preparations Mission U
Commander's Office Site U
Common Thief Dilemma C
Computer Crash Event U
Coutu Personnel C
Cure Blight Mission R
D'Ghor Personnel R
Dakol Personnel C
Dal'Rok Dilemma U
Danar Personnel R
Deep Space 9 Facility R
Defiant Dedication Plaque Event R
Deliver Supplies Mission *
Derell Personnel C
DNA Clues Dilemma R
Docking Pads Site U
Docking Ports Site C
Docking Procedures Interrupt C
Docking Pylons Site U
Dr. Nydom Personnel C
Dropping In Interrupt U
Dukat Personnel R
Duonetic Field Generator Dilemma U
Duranja Event R
E'Tyshra Personnel U
Elim Garak Personnel R
Eliminate Virus Mission *
Enabran Tain Personnel R
Engineering Tricorder Equipment C
Entek Personnel R
Espionage: Bajoran on Cardassian Event U
Espionage: Cardassian on Bajoran Event U
Espionage: Cardassian on Federation Event U
Espionage: Cardassian on Klingon Event U
Espionage: Romulan on Bajoran Event U
Espionage: Romulan on Cardassian Event U
Establish Landing Protocols Event C
Establish Station Mission *
Establish Tractor Lock Objective R
Explore Gamma Quadrant Objective U
Extradition Dilemma U
Extraordinary Methods Interrupt U
Fightin' Words Q Card U
File Mission Report Objective U
Flaxian Assassin Dilemma U
Flaxian Scout Vessel Ship C
Framed for Murder Dilemma U
Galor Ship C
Garak Has Some Issues Dilemma R
Garak's Tailor Shop Site R
Garanian Bolites Dilemma C
General Krim Personnel R
Ghoren Personnel C
Gilora Rejal Personnel R
Going to the Top Interrupt R
Graham Davis Personnel C
Grilka Personnel R
Groumall Ship R
Guest Quarters Site U
Harvester Virus Dilemma R
Hate Crime Dilemma U
Hidden Fighter Interrupt U
Hogue Personnel U
HQ: Defensive Measures Objective U
HQ: Return Orb to Bajor Objective Objective R
HQ: Secure Homeworld Objective U
HQ: War Room Event U
Hypospray Equipment U
I Tried to Warn You Q Card U
I.K.C. Toh'Kaht Ship R
Incoming Message - Bajoran Interrupt U
Incoming Message - Cardassian Interrupt U
Infirmary Site U
Intercept Maquis Mission *
Intercept Renegade Mission *
Investigate Rumors Mission R
Isolinear Puzzle Dilemma C
Jabara Personnel U
Jace Michaels Personnel C
Jadzia Dax Personnel R
Jaheel Personnel C
Jake and Nog Personnel R
Jaro Essa Personnel R
Jasad Personnel U
Julian Bashir Personnel R
Jural Personnel C
Kai Opaka Personnel R
Kalita Personnel C
Kallis Ven Personnel C
Karen Loews Personnel C
Karina Personnel R
Kidnappers Dilemma C
Kira Nerys Personnel R
Klaestron Outpost Facility C
Korinas Personnel R
Kotran Pa'Dar Personnel U
Kovat Personnel R
Kressari Rendezvous Mission *
Lenaris Holem Personnel R
Lethean Telepathic Attack Dilemma U
Li Nalas Personnel R
Lockbox Dilemma C
Lojal Personnel C
Magnetic North Interrupt U
Makbar Personnel R
Martus Mazur Personnel R
Medical PADD Equipment U
Military Freighter Ship U
Minister Rozahn Personnel C
Miradorn Raider Ship U
Misguided Activist Dilemma C
Mora Pol Personnel R
Morka Personnel R
Mysterious Orb Artifact R
Nalan Bal Personnel C
Natima Lang Personnel R
Navigate Plasma Storms Objective U
Neela Personnel R
No Loose Ends Dilemma R
None Shall Pass Dilemma C
Nor Facility C
Odo Personnel R
Odo's "Cousin" Dilemma U
Oof! Interrupt U
Ops Site C
Orb Experience Interrupt U
Orb Fragment Artifact R
Orb Negotiations Mission U
Ore Processing Unit Site U
Orren Ran Personnel C
Pallra Personnel R
Parn Personnel C
Paxton Reese Personnel C
Perak Personnel C
Plain, Simple Garak Personnel R
Plans of the Obsidian Order Objective R
Plans of the Tal Shiar Objective R
Prakesh Ship R
Preparation Interrupt U
Process Ore Objective U
Promenade Shops Site U
Protouniverse Interrupt R
Prylar Mond Personnel C
Punishment Box Dilemma U
Pup Dilemma R
Rano Dake Personnel C
Rase Norvan Personnel C
Rax'Na Personnel C
Razka Karn Personnel R
Reaction Control Thrusters Event C
Reclamation Interrupt C
Recruit Mercenaries Event R
Refuse Immigration Mission *
Reignite Dead Star Mission *
Rekelen Personnel C
Relocate Settlers Mission *
Renewal Scroll Event U
Rescue Personnel Objective R
Rescue Prisoners Mission *
Retaya Personnel R
Rhetorical Question Q Card U
Rigelian Freighter Ship C
Rinnak Pire Personnel C
Rionoj Personnel C
Risky Business Q Card U
Ruwon Personnel R
Sakonna Personnel R
Saltah'na Clock Artifact R
Science Kit Equipment C
Science Lab Site U
Science PADD Equipment U
Search and Rescue Mission *
Search for Survivors Mission *
Secret Compartment Doorway R
Security Office Site U
Seismic Quake Dilemma R
Selveth Personnel R
Shakaar Edon Personnel R
Sharat Personnel U
Skullduggery Dilemma C
Smoke Bomb Interrupt U
Sorus Personnel R
Study Badlands Mission U
Study Plasma Storm Mission *
Subspace Seaweed Dilemma U
Surmak Ren Personnel R
Survey Star System Mission U
Symbiont Diagnosis Mission R
System 5 Disruptors Event R
T'Kar Personnel U
T'Lor Personnel C
Tahna Los Personnel R
Taylor Moore Personnel C
Tekeny Ghemor Personnel R
Terok Nor Facility R
The Three Vipers Dilemma R
The Walls Have Ears Interrupt R
Time to Reconsider Interrupt U
Tora Ziyal Personnel R
Toran Personnel R
Trauma Dilemma R
Trazko Personnel U
Treaty: Bajoran/Klingon Event U
Treaty: Federation/Bajoran Event C
Treaty: Federation/Cardassian Event C
Treaty: Romulan/Cardassian Event U
Turrel Personnel R
Ty Kajada Personnel C
U.S.S. Danube Ship C
U.S.S. Yangtzee Kiang Ship R
Ulani Belor Personnel C
Unnatural Causes Interrupt U
Untrustworthy Associate Dilemma U
Vakis Personnel R
Vantika's Neural Pathways Dilemma C
Varis Sul Personnel U
Vedek Sorad Personnel C
Vedek Winn Personnel R
Vendetta Dilemma C
Verify Evidence Mission *
Vole Infestation Dilemma C
Weapons Locker Event C
Weld Ram Personnel C
Wormhole Navigation Schematic Interrupt U
Xepolite Freighter Ship C
Yeto Personnel R
Zef'No Personnel R
WB USS Defiant Ship PRE
Key to Rarity: R
Rare U
Uncommon C
Common C
Common (found only in Starter Decks). *

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