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Star Trek DS9 Memories of the Future Card Set

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Details: scans of the back and front of the sell sheet for DS9

9 cards per pack
36 packs per box
Release date: 4/28/99 
100 common card set

Greatest Alien Races (1:4) 9 cards
Greatest Space Battles (1:12) 9 cards
Greatest Legends (1:6) 9 cards
Captain's Card C3 (1:720)
Fan Ballot (1:4)
Promo Card
Autographs (1:36) 20 cards. Avery Brooks, Chase Masterson, Rick Berman and Ezri Dax are redemption cards.
Chase signed in Blue, Siver and Gold. Gold and Blue are the most coveted.
The A19 Rick Berman auto was very difficult to obtain. Several dealers are reporting opening multiple cases without getting one. Skybox reports that Rick Berman did not sign as many as he was originally supposed to and therefore the card is 'short-printed'. They won't say how rare, but did say it would end up being one of the rarest ST cards.\

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