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Episode Collection 1-7

This series of cards is based the 7 episodes of TNG. Each set featured 3 cards from each episode, 3 Klingon cards and 3 Character cards. Two crew members were selected for a 18 card character mural and two holograms.


1994    Episode Collection Season One Set

108 common cards
foil embossed set of 6 insertsof 6 SP1-SP6
Hologram set of 2-Picard and Data HG1, HG2
Album (harder to find)


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Promo Cards

All Good Things 1987-1994 (box topper)

3 card panel from TOFC (magazine)

S1 and S2

A hanging mobile

The Future Arrives in 1994 (found in packs)

1995    Episode Collection Season Two Set

96 common cards
foil embossed set of 6 insertsof 6 S7-S12
Hologram set of 2-Riker and Deanna HG3, HG4
survey card

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Promo Cards


Riker and Troi 2-card promo cards The two card promo were cut from production sheets. Instead of cutting 1 card they cut every other card. These dual cards were then shipped to Direct dealers of SkyBox.  So far 8, possibly 9 different versions are know for sure to exist. Copy from the letter sent to dealers along with their 2-card promo panel. **Enclosed are two foil-stamped cards (side by side) from Counselor Troi and Cmdr Riker 9-card mural subsets. These are pre-production samples that have been foil stamped, but have not been UV coated yet, so they do appear a bit more dull then the finished product. We hope this will give you a better idea of what the finished product will look like.**
  1995    Episode Collection Season Three Set
  108 common cards
foil embossed set of 6 insertsof 6 S13-S18
Hologram set of 2-Beverly and Worf HG5, HG6
survey card
cinema card

9-card sheet with samples of the cards and inserts


Oversized set of three ship cards from K-Mart. Cards 'blown' up from common cards in the set. Was a premium to encouage retailers to purchase boxes to sell. Cards are numbered 1 2 or 3 of 3.

  1995    Episode Collection Season Four Set
  108 common cards
foil embossed set of 6 insertsof 6 S19-S24
Hologram set of 2-Geordi and Wesley HG7, HG8
survey card
cinema card
9-card sheet with samples of the cards and inserts
  1996    Episode Collection Season Five Set
108 common cards 48 pack box size
foil embossed set of 6 insertsof 6 S25-S30
Hologram set of 2-Guinan and Ro H8, H10
survey card
cinema card
Image of a promo card from the sell sheet
  1997    Episode Collection Season Six Set
108 common cards 424 pack box size
foil embossed set of 6 insertsof 6 S31-S36
Hologram set of 2-O'Brien and Q H11, H12
album (not released until 1999)
Skymotions SM1 (case topper) and SM2 (box topper)


Fleer/SkyBox Releases Star TrekŪ: The Next Generation™

The Episode Collection Season Six Trading Card Set


MT. LAUREL, NJ, MAR. 24, 1997-- Fleer/SkyBox announces the release of the much anticipated sixth edition of trading cards in the seven-part Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Episode Collection.

Serving as visual and editorial depictions of every Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, the trading cards, which are licensed through Viacom Consumer Products, are collected as mementos of favorite scenes and characters from the widely embraced television series. The immensely popular Paramount Television show debuted in January of 1987 and ran for seven consecutive seasons as the top-rated hour-long drama series. The property continues to live on in syndication and two successful feature films. While running, the show garnered sixteen Emmy Awards. In addition, the show received the prestigious Peabody Award for Excellence in Programming.

The Episode Collection's Season Six Trading Cards pick up right where the highly successful Season Five's collection left off for maximum ease of collectibility. The series is comprised of 108 regular cards containing three-card episode summaries for each of the 26 episodes from the sixth season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, a nine-card episode timeline mural, one production credit card, two nine-card foil-stamped subsets featuring O'Brien and Q, and two checklist cards.

In addition, the set contains two levels of special bonus cards, including six foil-embossed cards featuring Scotty, Alexander, Lore, and three Klingon characters (1:12). Also included are two bonus hologram cards: one dual-image flip hologram of O'Brien and one full-motion hologram featuring Q (1:180). All cards are fully UV-coated and images are taken from the original master footage using digital transfer technology.

Season Six cards come in 11-card packs and have a suggested retail price of only $1.99. The cards are now available worldwide, wherever trading cards are sold.

Viacom Consumer Products merchandises properties on behalf of Paramount Pictures, Paramount Television and Simon & Schuster as well as third-party properties. Viacom Consumer Products, a unit of Viacom Entertainment Group, is a subsidiary of Viacom Inc.

  1999    Episode Collection Season Seven Set
  103 common cards
foil embossed set of 6 insertsof 6 S37-S42. unlike previous releases, the insert were inserted in about every 6 packs, but the 3 Klingon cards and the three character cards were inserted at a 6 pack ratio seperately, making it about 1 in 3 packs overall, devauling these cards quite a bit in compaision to others)
Hologram set of 2- TNG crew and Enterprise-D H13, H14
album (not released until 1999)


Captain's Card Picard (set of 4, other three show up in other SkyBox products) numbered to 1200

TNG Season 7 promo card


Variation in Andreas' signatures.
Here's a funny's signed Please Sign Here

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