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Old ATN contest

**DESIGN YOUR FINAL VOYAGER EPISODE CONTEST** Email me YOUR finale idea and list 5 items into the auctionne to be entered into a random drawing for an auto card of my choosing from Women in Voyager OR a rare card (a good one, not a lame one) from the Decipher CCG Voyager set. (your preference as to which prize) I will post all ideas on May 23rd. Final date for submissions May 22nd!


Here ya go! Blaine wins by random draw!!!!



Mickey-Not one to give up just because a plan has blown up in his (or other)
people's faces once or twice; ok maybe even a half dozen times; Mr. Barclay
persists in his efforts to bring Voyager home on his own. Yes everyone is
still patting him on the back for his efforts in establishing
communications with Voyager, but this was never his intention - it was
always to develop a way of bringing Voyager itself home using the temporary
rift. Now that he has seen 7 of 9 Reg is hopelessly in love (something
which happens to him at least every other day) and more determined than
ever to succeed. Nothing stands in Reg's way once he has made up his mind,
especially where love is concerned.

Reg locks himself away once more and redoubles his efforts. Before long
he has what he believes is a workable plan, with just a few minor problems
- easily solved along the way. Reg sneaks into the lab late one night and
deletes this weeks message - putting himself as a transporter signature
into the stream. He won't make the mistake of sending a hologram again, no
this time it will be the real thing!

The next day communications are established as per normal, the data is
sent, and 7 of 9 is a bit more than surprised as she processes the data -
to find none other than Reg standing before her, apologizing and otherwise
stammering away incoherently.

Twenty minutes later Reg, still babbling somewhat incoherently, is face to
face with Janeway and the rest of the bridge crew. A few hours later, with
all but Janeway, 7 of 9, the Doctor and Torres having run from the ravings
of this obvious lunatic, Reg completes his plan. There is just one small
glitch, well perhaps two or three might be more accurate. Voyager can't
generate the necessary energy by itself to open the temporary rift, and
even if it could - then it couldn't enter into it. They need another
source of energy, plus someone else to do it for them. Reg's best
suggestion - ask Q!, since he doesn't think the Borg would very likely

Torres goes off quite miffed, muttering (quite loudly) about strangling
certain people if they even go within 50 meters of engineering. 7 of 9
still in shock, a bit baffled and more than a little horrified (though
vaguely intrigued) leaves to go and analyze the data and problems for
herself, leaving Janeway, the Doctor and Reg to discuss the issues for
themselves. Meanwhile on the bridge Chakotay is getting ribbed without
mercy from Harry and Tom about his sudden competition for 7 of 9. Both
conclude that the only thing for Chakotay to do is to bow out gracefully,
as he is clearly out of his league trying to win 7 of 9"s affection now
that Master Barclay (Don Juan himself) is on the scene. After Chakotay
has taken enough of this he changes the topic to the prospects for the next
week's duty roster - while promptly shuts Tom and Harry up.

Unknown to any of the now expanded Voyager crew, Reg was never quite alone
those last few weeks in the lab. Having heard about the unfortunate
episode of his fellow Ferengi a few months earlier and their attempt to
capture 7 0f 9 Quark manages to infiltrate Starfleet headquarters and bug
Reg's lab. Quark, with the aid of the Romulans, manages to follow in Reg's
footsteps and is now in the Delta quadrant with a slightly modified Romulan
warbird and a contingent of Romulans. It was all so easy! All he had to
offer the Romulans was the entire Delta quadrant, he wanted nothing for
himself but to set up the small resort here and there where the troops
could go for entertainment. The Romulans were so easily duped!! While
Quark felt a touch of sympathy for Reg's problem, it wasn't his fault that
the warbird's quantum singularity was exactly what Voyager needed to solve
its problem.

A week passes, the crew continues to puzzle away at the problem, unaware
that a cloaked Romulan ship is just a few light years behind, following
them every step of the way. Reg continues to fall all over 7 of 9, in his
usual bumbling way; Chakotay and 7 of 9 have a few laughs about Reg's
obsession, with Chakotay laughing just a bit harder than 7 of 9 (who hasn't
really got much of a sense of humor).

Quark is managing just fine, playing the idiot, staying out of everyone's
way; when the Captain of the Romulan ship confronts him. If they need
someone else to open the temporary rift for them, and only ONE ship came
through - just HOW are they supposed to return home and report their
glorious conquest of the Delta quadrant? Quark, not at all taken by
surprise, does his little dance - a bit of squirming, some wiggling, lots
of groveling - points out that there is another ship with them - Voyager!

The Romulan's attack Voyager, and are about to actually take it over when
Quark springs his trap, with the aid of Janeway and the Doctor (with whom
Quark has been in touch with since his arrival). They manage to turn the
tables on the Romulans and capture the warbird and crew intact. Reg, 7 of
9 and Torres quickly figure out how to open a big enough rift using the
quantum singularity - with just a bit of help from Quark. Voyager goes
home - and, darn, we just had to leave those pesky Romulans stranded -
bummer! 7 of 9 dumps Chakotay and winds up with Reg, and Quark, grumbling
and complaining about the lack of financial reward from this backward
excuse for civilization who want to give him a medal and shake his hand, he
goes home - with the secret of the quantum singularity tucked nicely into
his back pocket.




They come back to the Alfa-Quadrant safely (or almost), no more Borgs (I'm sick and tired of them) and a few more trades. Janeway becomes an Admiral or something like that, Tuvok is happily reunited with his familly and quit Starfleet (a logical thing to do after being in a small ship for all these years, Chakotay returns to his colony, B'lena and Paris get married and have kids (they live happily ever after ;)), Kim have difficulty returning to his family and his girlfriend (did she wait for him all these years?), then go back ASAP to his carrer, Naomi Wildman goes to Starfleet Academy and she is one of the best student that was ever there (thanks to Seven who stayed in contact with her. I don't have any idea what happened to Neelix, the Doctor or Seven, they had an hard time adapting. This is just my ideas, I know that Paris and Torres got married, and think that Neelix is gone, but, for me, that should have happened later,



It takes place a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... wait... that's not it ..

Ok, here goes, it is a long episode, so there are lots of plot twists. Also, since
it is the final episode, lots of existing things are tied into it.

There is a love sub-plot with Janeway and Chakotay getting together woven
through-out the episode.

Also woven throughout is Belanna's and Tom's 1/4 - 3/4 klingon - Human baby,
which turns out isn't - strike that - it is 1/4 - 3/4 - I won't bring bolian in now ....

Ok, onto the meat.

Suddenly, Kes reappears. Her unstable personality has reverted as here senility
sets in. She ends up using her extraordinary powers to put them back 1/2 further
into the delta quadrant. Bummer.

They run into the hirogen again. This time they are using their holographic creations
to destroy other races. Janeway is in real trouble. 7 of 9 opens a hole into fluidic
space and they escape.

A mob of 9472 appear and chase them around with 7 furiously calculating how
to open an exit for them to escape through. She can't, but (I forgot her name...)
the little girl with the horns in her head... goes into a trance and is communicated
with telepathically... she takes the controls in astrometrics and opens a hole.

Another daring escape. But, as it turns out, fluidic space is warped - hitherto
unknown - and voyager ends up another 1/4 or the way back to where they started.

The find a worm hole, which upon examination is very close to earth. AND, it is
in the correct temporal region. The boldly enter it, but the end near earth is
destabalized at the same instant because the creatures living within that worm
hole decide they don't like Janeway's current hair style.

The back end is move right next to the borg home world. Boy, the borg are not
happy with Voyager. The borg queen decides they would adversely affect
the hive mind if they assimilate this wholey independent crew so they open
a transwarp tunnel and push voyager into it. The other end of the conduit
takes them to the home of the second keeper.

The second keeper is feeling very generous. So, she sends voyager back home.
They end up in the alpha quadrant again. Yeah!!! they are home. Amazing. BUT,
there is still 5 minutes left of the episode.

There is a huge party. Just as it is ending, Q appears, heartbroken that he didn't
convince Janeway to tub with him - even more furious at Chakotay. Bans them
all to a fat worse than death. Uses his Q powers to zap them all to a New Quadrant
he has created - the Omega Quadrant. It is going to take them 80 years to get home,
but Janeway is undaunted and convinces the crew to start again.

Ok, we can leave that last part out if it makes everyone happy.

Jeff U

This would've been the series finale on TV, preceding the "Homecoming" movie
idea. It would've probably been called either "Child's play" or "Voyager
RPG" or something. This idea was one of my daydreams in which the people of
Alt.Starfleet.RPG, who plays the crew of the Starship Yamato, would be able
to guest star on Voyager. Of course, since I play the Chief Security
Officer on the Yamato, I'd get to go. Hehehehehe... :) Here goes :

The beginning teaser would have a Federation starship, the Yamato-E,
cruising around the Delta quadrant. Suddenly, it's under attack from a race
of beings called Dalriadans. There are two warships against the Yamato when
suddenly another Federation starship swoops in to help. After driving off
the Dalriadan warships, the captain of the Yamato asks his Chief of Security
who it was that helped them. He answers, It's the federation starship
Voyager. cut to theme...

When we return, the command crew of the Yamato and Voyager meet in Voyager.
Neither side thought that there were any other Federation ships in the area.
Before they can discuss this further, the crew of the Yamato and the ship
disappears from sight. An investigation ensues, but nothing can be found.
A few hours later, the Yamato reappears once again, and again, it is under
attack. The Yamato and Voyager team up again to repel the Dalriadans. In
order to thank Voyager, the Yamato transfers rations, extra dilithium
crystals, and whatever Voyager needs to its cargo hold. 7 of 9, helps
modify the Yamato's shielding and makes the Yamato's energy distribution
more efficient, along with Torres and others from Engineering. Just as
Voyager's crew gets back to Voyager, the Yamato disappears once again. No
trace can be found. Hours later, the Yamato returns and is fighting off
more warships. It takes heavy damage before being able to repel the
warships. Janeway and Seven are confused since the modifications made
should've protected the Yamato better. The captain of the Yamato reports
that there have been no modifications made to the ship in past few months or
so. The two groups get together once again on Voyager and try to figure the
situation out. They come to the conclusion that what's happening to the
Yamato sounds like a story being played out. Like one of those Role-playing
games of old. Come to find out, Naomi Wildman has been accessing an old RPG
that involves the Yamato, and in this part of space, the holodeck program is
being translated to real life. That is why the modifications to the Yamato
didn't stick, although the provision given to Voyager did (since it was
transfered to Voyager's real-time presence). They find out that in the next
chapter of the RPG, the Yamato will face down an armada of Dalriadan.
Knowing that they can't win such a real-time fight, the Yamato's chief of
security and Naomi Wildman work together to alter the final chapter of the
RPG. When they are done, the holodeck is powered down and the crew of the
Yamato disappears once again. When the holodeck program is powered up
again, the Yamato appears along with a wormhole. Suddenly, spatial gates
begin opening up around the two ships. The captain of the Yamato tell
Janeway that the Wormhole was added so they could get closer to home. The
Yamato will hold off the Dalriadans as Voyager gets out of there.
Dalriadans are pouring through the gates and Voyager heads off towards the
Wormhole. A gate opens between Voyager and the Wormhole, but Voyager
dispatches the ship coming through with ease. As they enter the Wormhole,
the Yamato is flying around attacking whatever ships are coming through the
gates. A few moments later, Voyager exits the wormhole and finds itself
only a few hundred light-years away from Federation space. Harry reports
that he's picking up Federation subspace comm and wonders what became of the
Yamato. In true RPG style, the Yamato finds itself surrounded by more than
a dozen Dalriadan ships. It's captain, stares steely at the tactical screen
in front of him. Cut to ending.


Jeff U

My idea of a Voyager Finale was going to actually be a movie for the HUGE
screen. It would be named something like "Star Trek Voyager : Homecoming".
At the end of the season, Voyager would find itself within striking distance
of the Alpha Quadrant. As they speed towards home, they begin to prepare
for their homecoming, getting all festive and such, until they detect an
armada between them and the borders of Federation space. The armada is a
mixture of Kazon ships and the Vaadwaurs (from Dragon's Teeth). Apparently,
the Kazon and Vaadwaurs teamed up to head Voyager off from getting home...
The kazon with weapons and manpower, the Vaadwaurs with their interstellar
conduits. Janeway tries to negotiate with the Kazon, but to no effect.
They want blood. The only way through would be a direct frontal attack.
The Kazon/Vaadwaur armada close ranks and prepare for Voyager's rush home.
Voyager attacks first by firing modified torpedos which will give off EM
bursts in order to try and disable some of the smaller ships. All of a
sudden, Voyager finds herself joined by several Hirogen hunting parties as
they make a run for it. On the other side, the USS Defiant and Enterprise-E
lead a combined Federation/Klingon armada attack. A huge space battle
ensues and Voyager is hit hard and heavy as it makes it's way through the
thick of battle. As parts of Voyager is in flames, the crew begin emergency
evacuations to the waiting Federation ships. The Kazon/Vaadwaur ships are
being torn to bits, but they still fight on. The Federation/Klingon and
Hirogen ships pull back as they see Voyager make it through. Janeway,
totally pissed off with the Kazon's, remain on board and turns Voyager
around for a final run at the decimated fleet. Janeway enables the ships
self-destruct mode and plows into the Kazon fleet. Just seconds before
Voyager blows up, the Enterprise-E swoops in and beams Janeway (and whoever
is left) aboard. They split as Voyager blows up, taking whatever Kazon
ships with it. In the end is a big celebration... roll to credits.



Randy G-

I want Voyager to end thus. Janeway orders Voyager into a stable wormhole that seems to lead back to the Alpha Quadrant. Near Vulcan. While entering the wormhole Q appears, and a sudden huge energy bolt sent by the Q's greatest enemy, The Omegans or as they are also know, The O's, hits the edges of the wormhole. Voyager is instantly thrown back 50,000 light years back where they started 7 years ago. Q is incinerated in the blast and the warp core breaches. It is ejected second before it explodes. Janeway finds a nearby M class planet inhabited by the peacful Ocampans. The show finally, finally, ends as the camera shows the crew building shelters and the sun setting over a snow capped mountain range with a final sun burst streaming through a gap in the mountain peaks, gleaming off of Voyagers hull. FINI!!!



"End of Voyager"

!- Q finally feels guilty for teasing Captain Janeway in a previous episode
& he uses his powers to get them far enough into the Alpha Quadrant so they
can make it to Deep Space Nine. When the Q Continuum realize Q has been
naughty, they banish HIM to the Delta Quadrant. End of Q.

2- Big party on Deep Space Nine as everyone celebrates their arrival &
welcomes the Voyager Crew back to civilization as we know it. Captain
Janeway discovers her husband has died during their stint in the Delta
Quadrant. She ends up marrying Captain Picard when he arrives on Deep Space
Nine to welcome them back.

3- Kes is on Deep Space Nine & she & The Doctor get married right away.
Seven of Nine actually falls in love with Worf & asks him to marry her -
perfect marriage. Captain Sisko performs a legal marriage between Tom Paris
& Lt. B'Elenna Torres. Chakotay marries Counselor Troi. Captain Sisko
marries Guinan. Dr. Beverly Crusher marries Engineer Scotty from The
Original Series & they end up having 11 children together. Ensign Kim
marries Nurse Ogawa. Leeta the Dabo Girl gets tired of Rom & dumps him for
Chekov. Spock gets tired of playing patti-cake with the Romulans & moves
back to Vulcan; he finds Lt. Savak (Kirstie Alley) there & marries her, even
though it is "illogical". Commander Riker & Janice Rand get married to each
other. Tom Riker & Ro Laren get married to each other. All the rest of the
Klingons in the galaxy turn out to be gay & move to Reisa IV for R&R for the
rest of their lives - no one cares.

4- The remaining members of the four Star Trek series get together & start a
fifth series called "Star Trek Leftovers" & beat up on the Romulans forever.

The end.



The Ultimate Voyager ending by Mike Voyager is attacked by another group of aliens while passing through their space. Captain Janeway tries and fails to negotiate a way out of fighting. But, the aliens want the ship and know they out number Voyager 20 to 1. Voyager is losing. Shields are failing. The hull is failing. The end is near. Janeway goes on ship wide communications to tell her crew,.... her friends to be prepared to be boarded and the end is near. She will destroy the ship before letting the aliens get it. Janeway said her goodbyes to the bridge crew. A "live long a prosper" from Tuvok and she is ready to destroy the ship. Just then, Kim reports a disturbance off the port and then ..... forming to the right is a wormhole, the size the prophets would be jealous of .... and through it comes the Enterprise and fleet of Federation ships, the Klingons and Romulans to escort Voyager back, but seeing the fight, join in, save the ship and destroy the aliens. Let the quadrant beware, the Federation is here to stay. 5/14/01



- here's my fantasy final Voyager episode....... Seven of Nine makes the startling discovery that she is actually a lesbian, finds a mate, and the closing scene is of the two women walking hand-in-hand into a triple sunset on a foreign planet, where they will begin their new life together. Grown men will cry.......


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