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Holodeck Adventures CCG Checklist

1 The City Of B'hala Artifact R
2 Alice Dilemma C
3 Chula: Echoes Dilemma C
4 Chula: Trickery Dilemma U
5 Cytoplasmic Life-form Dilemma U
6 Dejaren Dilemma C
7 Emergent Life-form Dilemma U
8 Primitive Humanoids Dilemma C
9 Talosian Cage Dilemma U
10 The Clown: Guillotine Dilemma U
11 The Clown: Playing Doctor Dilemma R
12 Your Galaxy is Impure Dilemma R
13 Holodeck Door Doorway U
14 45 Dom Perignon Equipment C
15 Ablative Armor Equipment C
16 Satan's Robot Equipment U
17 Bynars Data Transfer Event U
18 Dom War Efforts Event C
19 Fer Financial Data Net Event R
20 Holo-projectors Event U
21 Oo-mox Event C
22 Transwarp Hub Fac-Borg R
23 Children of Light Incident C
24 Clone Machine Incident R
25 Cybernetics Expertise Incident C
26 Holoprogram: 221B Baker Street Incident C
27 Holoprogram: Deadwood Incident C
28 Holoprogram: Noah's Mountain Retreat Incident C
29 Holoprogram: The Fortress of Doom Incident C
30 Holoprogram: The Office of Dixon Hill Incident C
31 In the Zone Incident C
32 Jem'Hadar Shrouding Incident C
33 Tongo Incident R
34 White Deprivation Incident C
35 All Threes Interrupt U
36 Data, Keep Dealing Interrupt U
37 I'm a Doctor, Not a Bartender Interrupt C
38 I've Been Waiting For You Interrupt U
39 Remember the Alamo Interrupt C
40 Small Oversight Interrupt C
41 Establish Home Planet Mission U
42 Mine Gallicite Mission C
43 Repair Memorial Mission U
44 Seal Rift Mission U
45 Study Protonebula Mission U
46 Transport Colonists Mission C
47 Bajoran Resistance Cell Objective U
48 Hunting Group Objective C
49 Orbital Bombardment Objective R
50 Els Renora Per-Bajoran U
51 Iden Per-Bajoran R+
52 Teero Anaydis Per-Bajoran R
53 Crell Moset Per-Car R+
54 Doran Per-Car C
55 Ekoor Per-Car U
56 Harath Per-Car C
57 Kejal Per-Car R+
58 Mila Per-Car U
59 Rusot Per-Car U
60 Seskal Per-Car U
61 Vornar Per-Car C
62 Dar Per-Dom C
63 Wodek'idan Per-Dom C
64 Admiral J. P. Hanson Per-Fed R+
65 Boothby Per-Fed R+
66 E.M.H. - Mark II Per-Fed U
67 Edward Jellico Per-Fed R+
68 Ezri Dax Per-Fed R+
69 Lewis Zimmerman Per-Fed R+
70 Naomi Wildman Per-Fed U
71 Sam Lavelle Per-Fed C
72 Sumek Per-Fed C
73 The E.C.H. Per-Fed R+
74 Weiss Per-Fed R+
75 Rulat Per-Kazon U
76 B'Elanna Daughter of Miral Per-Klingon R+
77 Chancellor Gowron Per-Klingon R+
78 Kar'meth Per-Klingon C
79 Nirok Per-Klingon U
80 Ah-Kel and Ro-Kel Per-NA R
81 Anastasia Komananov Per-NA R+
82 Arachnia Per-NA R+
83 Barash Per-NA R
84 Buster Kincaid Per-NA R
85 Captain Proton Per-NA R+
86 Carlos Per-NA R
87 Chaotica Per-NA R
88 Cravic Unit 122 Per-NA C
89 Cyrus Redblock Per-NA U
90 Deputy Rozhenko Per-NA U
91 Dixon Hill Per-NA UR
92 Dr. Noah Per-NA R+
93 Duchamps Per-NA R+
94 Durango Per-NA R+
95 Eli Hollander Per-NA U
96 Falcon Per-NA R+
97 Felix Leech Per-NA U
98 Frank Hollander Per-NA R+
99 John Watson Per-NA R+
100 Leonardo da Vinci Per-NA R
101 Lily Per-NA R
102 Lonzak Per-NA U
103 Madam Pulaski Per-NA U
104 Minuet Per-NA R
105 Mona Luvsitt Per-NA R
106 Mr. Garak Per-NA R+
107 Nicki the Nose Per-NA U
108 Pralor Unit 3947 Per-NA U
109 Pralor Unit 6263 Per-NA C
110 Professor Honey Bare Per-NA R+
111 Professor Moriarty Per-NA R+
112 Regina Barthalomew Per-NA U
113 Secret Agent Julian Bashir Per-NA R+
114 Sheriff Worf Per-NA R+
115 Sherlock Holmes Per-NA R+
116 Sigmund Freud Per-NA R
117 The President of Earth Per-NA R
118 The Twin Mistresses of Evil Per-NA U
119 Vic Fontaine Per-NA R+
120 Garren Per-Rom C
121 Praetor Neral Per-Rom R+
122 Maleth Per-Vidian C
123 Ar-Q-ologist Q-Icon Car C
124 Q's Fantasy Women Q-Icon Car C
125 Quandary Q-Icon Car C
126 Trullux Ship-Fer U
127 Baxial Ship-NA U
128 Cravic Warship Ship-NA U
129 Olarra Ship-NA R+
130 Pralor Warship Ship-NA U
131 Holosuite Site C
62* Dar Per-Hir C
54* Doran Per-Hir C
120* Garren Per-Hir C
56* Harath Per-Hir C
51* Iden Per-Hir R+
57* Kejal Per-Hir R+
72* Sumek Per-Hir C
74* Weiss Per-Hir R+
63* Wodek'idan Per-Hir C
129* Olarra Ship-Hir R+
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