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Inaugural Edition Set

Released in 1992, this set was the first TNG set. It featured the series through Season 5 in a 120 card set.

Also included in this set:

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  language cards subset of 5
Holograms-set of 4 01H-04H (forms an image of 4 ships around a planet)
  ERROR HOLOGRAMS (same pics) set of 4 031 033 034 035. An unknown quantity of these were produced before the error was noticed.
05H Gold U.S.S. Enterprise (mail-in)
  uncut sheet of the hologram cards (has 12 cards on the sheet)
Uncut sheets of the gold hologram (thanks, William!)
album-another diffucult to acquire binder

Tin set

Picard bonus card (from tin)
8x11 Paper Checklists-4 variations in text and format. Some of the cards listed on the earlier checklists are ones that didn't make it into the final set.This is an example of one variation.
Ad card of a sort-dealer display

Promo cards

promo pack-set of 3
promo pack-set of 4 (same three promos and one title card)

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