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ST Insurrection

Release date 12/2/98

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Press Release

72 card basic set based on the movie
9 Wardrobe Chase cards (1:4 packs)
9 Schematic Chase Cards (1:4 packs)
9 Okudagrams Chase Cards (1: 4 Packs)
9 Relationships Chase Cards (1: 8 packs)
19 Autograph Cards (1 per 36 packs - 1 in every box)
7 Gold Character Cards (1:360 packs, Closer to 1:40) Limited to 400
Promo card (scene was cut from the movie)



Patrick Stewart and Levar Burton's autographs are redemption cards. Patrick Stewart was unable to sign in time for the release and LeVar's name was spelled incorrectly and had to be redone. 


An Insurrection Greg Henry auto card with a black signature. (thanks, Daniel!)
  Why a Librarian card when there was no Librarian?? SkyBox gets their images from Paramount months before the release of the release date. This is why there aren't any special effects cards. They haven't been done by the time they make their cards! In the case of the Librarian that character ended up on the editing room floor and even the actress didn't know until she went to see the movie with her friends and family.


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