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Kellogg's ST cereal set

Scans of all the Fronts of the Boxes
Scans of all the backs of the Boxes 

Scan of ad with images of boxes

  • Cornflakes 400g original series cast [tv] on cover : cards 1-4 
  • Corn Flakes 525: original series cast [tv] cards 5-9 
  • Cornflakes 675g Kirk [tv] : cards 10-14 
  • Cornflakes 675g ng cast [first contact] : cards 15-19 
  • Cornflakes 675g Janeway on cover : cards 20-24 
  • Raisin Bran 475g Sisko : cards 25-28 
  • Raisin bran 800g Kirk [movie] : cards 29-33 
  • Raisin Bran 800g original series crew [movie] : cards 34-38 
  • [Blue] Mini wheats 475g NG cast : cards 39-42 
  • [Blue ]Mini wheats 725g NG cast : cards 43-47 
  • Brown Sugar Mini-Wheats cards 475g cards 48-51
  • Brown Sugar Mini wheats 725g enterprise 1701-A : cards 52-56 
  • Rice Kripsies 350g enterprise 1701E : cards 57-60 (Thanks, SW!) 


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