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Misc. SkyBox Sets or cards

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1993    ST:TNG Behind the Scenes Set-set of 39. Sealed, numbered set in a palstic case.
1993    Videotapes of TOS -80 card set. From a 1993 series, a blue box with a pink sticker on it.
1993    Six Skybox cards from Starfleet Collection gift set of letterboxed videotapes (limited to 5000)
1996   Blockbuster video set of 4 lenticulars 1996. Purchased from Blockbuster stores.
1996    Pioneer Electronics uncut sheet of Phase I and Phase II Captains and ships cards. Limited to 2-3000.
1996    Champions in Action uncut sheet of 9 cards (one is a Kirk card)
1994    Waldenbooks cello pack of 4 TNG cards. Fronts with Trek images, back with a list of all Trek books.
1994    Cinema Collection set of movie cards-6 sets of cards, one for each of the first 6 movies. Each set is 73 cards, no inserts in a sealed box.
Set of 6 albums in a slipcover. (made to order, therefore very limited) The binders have artwork similar to the box artwork.

1994    uncut mini-press sheet of teaser posters

1994    set of behind the scenes cards B1-B6 given to peope who bout the complete Cinema Collection set.
1996 Official Fan Club 9-card sheet produced by SkyBox for the OFC
1996 Galaxy Class and Constitution pass from Huntsville Convention. These two passes from Skybox were given out to attendees of the Huntsville Convention in 1996. The card was worn aroudn the neck and had the person's name, seat assignments and such on the back.

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