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Star Trek Master Series I Set

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This first 90 cards set was released in 1993 and featured artist renderings of scenes from the various Star Trek shows. Though advertized as a limited edition., there seems to be quite a bit of this product floating about.
Spectra cards set of 5 S1-S5


NSU's Worf promo
Uhura promo (mispelled name exists on ALL cards.
Excelsior leaves space dock
8-1/2"x15" sheet of six National Sports Convention (since this was an early show and mainly sports cards, many of these cards were damaged. Originally this sheet came nubmered with other sheets in a white folder.

There is NO album for this series.
Dealer poster

Star Trek Master Series I Set


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The second 100 card series was released in 1994 and followed a similar format.
9 inserts F1-F9 (3 scenes from TOS, 3 from TNG and 3 from DS9 and it forms a bigger scene)


set of four mail-in proscenium holograms (originally came in a cell pack)
Dealer poster

Promos same fronts, different backs.

S1-Argus Array
CCPG Argus Array
Uncut sheet of promos
Also, Sam's Club and Wal-mart carried a combination I and II packs box with a 4-card Voyager promo card...great artwork on the box!!!

A MS II box shrinwrapped with at least one of the 4 holograms from Diamond Previews.


A MS II card...measuring 6" x 8 1/2." It is signed in silver by Joe Jusko the artist. The back is blank except for the wording "Acrylic 10 1/2" x 22 1/2" - Joe Jusko"
Survey card
The Future Arrives in 1994 variant

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