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Q and A with Steve Charendoff Archived

1 - Who will be the low numbers in the Insurrection autographs? How low will the low numbers be?

The first 7 cards are in the 800-1000 range apiece. The others are 1,500-2,000 apiece.

2 - Is TOS III still expected in January?

We just moved it back to Feb. 10 to give dealers and collectors some extra time to recover from Insurrection.

3 - Who will be the low numbers in the TOS III autographs? How low will the low numbers be?)

Don't have a final tally yet, but expect at least Nimoy, Doohan, Kelly to be a little harder than the others.

4. How did Voyager Profiles sell on your side? As well as the TOS series?

Fabulous. Very quick sell outs and a lot of positive feedback. Only collation problems were a negative, but we are working hard to fix that. People need to understand that the packaging is done mechanically, and sometimes the people at the facility don't set up the machines properly. If that happens, and we don't find out until the product is out there, well.... Heads have rolled, and I am taking names, too. Look for better collation in the future. I personally oversaw the collection on the autographed cards for Insurrection, so those should be more evenly dispersed.

5. If you had to do one thing differently in respect to ST card sets, what would it be?

Boy, that's a hard one. Well, the only way I can answer that is to go back to early 1997. That's when I did ask myself that question after taking over the Star Trek card line from the previous marketing team. My answer then was to add lots of autographs and guarantee one in every box. I also wanted to improve the photos and really improve the editorial content of the cards. My approach in general, since I have been a collector all my life and will continue to be one, is that I want to be proud enough of every card set I produce so that when I go to a show now or 20 years from now, the cards will hold up. I make card sets that I want to collect (Sounds corny, huh?).

I am always open to suggestions, if people have ideas. The real challenge moving forward is going to be making the future sets as exciting as the recent ones. There are only so many autographs/actors. But I can assure you that I have many ideas.

6. After the TOS season III is done, any future thoughts for what to do with the TOS line?

Yes, but I'm not telling yet. I think I do have some really great concepts, though.

7. Will Skybox be releasing any 23 k gold cards?

Maybe, but no plans yet.

8. Why release the movie card set before the movie releases, won't that spoil the movie a bit?

Nah. Besides, sales are always best prior to the movie because everyone is so excited. Once the film is released, the momentum starts to slow (kinda like ticket sales).


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