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Q and A with Steve Charendoff Archived

October Q and A

ST Insurrection....

2. Any ideas which autographs will be scarce? How scarce?

The main cast will be scarcer than the others. Print run 25,000 boxes approx.

3. Do you know if any case toppers or other dealer incentives are planned?


4. Will the Insurrection cards have the Picard Captain's Card?

No, although we were going to originally. The oversized format makes this impossible. Look for this card in TNG VII next year.

1. Were the autographs from DS9 Profiles inserted in essentially equal amounts? How many of each were done?

Quark was about 40% of the other 2.

2. In the First Contact set, I noticed that the character card C5 lists Troi's rank as Lieutenant. Do I have an error card or did someone at Skybox goof and make all the C5's like that?

It was a goof. (an uncorrected, all have the Lt on them)

1. Can you give us a preview of who will autograph cards for TOS Season 3?

1. Nimoy, Doohan, Koenig, Kelley, Frank Gorshin, Yvonne Graig, Lee Meriwether, Jack Donner, John Winston, Herb Solow, Matt Jefferies, Michael Ansara....etc. 26-27 in all.

2. Why didn't Robert Walker, Jr. give his rights to appear in Season One cards? Will anyone major guest star be missing from Season 3?

2. Robt. Walker Jr. doesn't want to have anything to do with Star Trek or show biz. Spoil sport. I am not sure yet if we will have any problems with actors. So far, no.

4. Will there be a collector's album for TOS Season 3?


5. Will TOS 3 have the Kirk Captain's card?


***Also, the press/sell sheet says 9 gold cards for the movie set, but the checklist says 7. I asked Steve, he says there will be 7.***

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