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All Good Things!

Release Date July 16, 2003

From Decipher's Website: 

The longest-anticipated set in Star Trek CCG history is coming to stores on July 9th. All those tantalizing references on earlier cards will finally be realized in All Good Things, a limited-edition set that will mend all the "broken links" of First Edition.

10 Reflections Booster Packs
Starter Deck II
U.S.S. Jupiter Premium Card
Comprehensive Card List
Collector's Box

From their website:

All Good Things will feature 40 new cards (one in dual-affiliation border colors) that provide new gameplay and mend the so-called "broken links" in the first edition – cards that were referenced directly or indirectly on other cards but had not yet been released. From Christopher Pike (mentioned on Holodeck Adventures' Talosian Cage dilemma) to a black-bordered Admiral Riker (previewed in The Dominion) to the ultimate Barbering card (following up on Mot the Barber, Barber Pole, and Mot's Advice), All Good Things will indeed have good things for every STCCG player.

All Good Things will be packaged in a full-color "anthology-style" collector's box (600-card capacity) containing all 41 premium cards, a comprehensive First Edition collector's card list, an exclusive U.S.S. Jupiter card, and more. This long-awaited set is scheduled for release on July 9, 2003. Watch for more details later this month!


The Motion Pictures CCG

Release Date April 17, 2001

Thumbnail-click for larger image

Star Trek CCG heads to the movies, with a brand-new expansion set featuring cards from all nine of The Motion Pictures! Villains from Khan to Chang to Ruafo, perils from V'Ger to Genesis to the Nexus... Starfleet's finest are out saving the galaxy from them all. Whether saving the whales or searching for Sha Ka Ree is your idea of a good time, you'll find it in Star Trek CCG: The Motion Pictures. Even the Voyager-only format is supported, with cards from the Voyager episode "Flashback" tying in to Star Trek VI: the Undiscovered Country. What else does The Motion Pictures expansion have? Everything from So'na to supermen and from Soran to Sha Ka Ree, an ultra-rare 24th-century James T. Kirk, and more Klingons than you've ever seen in a single Star Trek CCG expansion set since premiere!. Time locations, tactics, whales, eels... this set has it all.

131 Cards
40 Commons
40 Uncommons
50 Rares
1 Ultra-Rare James T Kirk

Available in 11-Card Expansion Packs


Holodeck Adventures

Released December 21, 2001

Expansion Facts
131 Cards
40 Commons
40 Uncommons
50 Rares
1 Ultra-Rare

Available in 11-Card Expansion Packs

From their website:

The expansion set that Star Trek CCG fans have been waiting for since 1995 is on its way! Yes, Holodeck Adventures is coming in December 2001, featuring cards from all your favorite holodeck episodes, from Dixon Hill and the town of Deadwood to Secret Agent Julian Bashir and Captain Proton. Holographic personnel and equipment, holodeck "personas" of main characters, and other holodeck-themed cards are complemented by new Delta Quadrant missions, Q-icon cards, and many long-awaited "broken links." Like other recent expansions, this 131-card set consists of 40 common, 40 uncommon, 50 rare, and one ultra-rare card. It will be packaged in display boxes of thirty 11-card packs, each containing one rare card and a mix of 10 common and uncommon cards. Computer, begin program...

Thumbnail-click for larger image
Ultra-rare: Dixon Hill


The Borg

Release Date: September 19, 2001

The Borg is the perfect companion set to the popular Voyager expansion. 131 cards include new Borg personnel and ships, a new Hirogen affiliation, new cards for the Vidiians, Kazon, Federation, and other affiliations, additional Delta Quadrant missions, and new dilemmas, objectives, and other cards to enhance your Voyager, full environment, and Warp Speed format decks.

Expansion Facts

Thumbnail-click for larger image
Ultra-rare: Reginold Barclay



Voyager CCG

Released: May 23, 2001

Expansion Facts:
Available in 40-Card Randomized Starter Decks
11-Card Expansion Packs
201 Cards
60 Commons
60 Uncommons
60 Rares
1 Ultra-Rare
20 Additional Cards Exclusive to Starter Decks

Thumbnail-click for larger image
Ultra-rare: Pendari Champion



More exclusive foil cards from Decipher

Thumbnail-click for larger image

Deciphers is releasing foil versions of their cards as promos, wrapper offers, dealer incentives and contest prizes. 


Scans of binders offered to State Champions and Runner-Ups that include tournament only foils.


Mirror, Mirror

Released December 2000

From Decipher's website:

Star Trek CCG: Mirror, Mirror Limited Edition Expansion Set, coming later this fall, explores the Mirror Universe introduced in Star Trek: The Original Series, and revisited many times by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. In the parallel world, everything is inverted: good is bad, bad is good, and encounters with an alter ego yield surprising truths. The concept was so popular that five Deep Space Nine "mirror universe" episodes were produced. Now, Decipher's Game Designers have created gameplay that takes players through the looking glass. Get set for new personnel, ships and equipment.
On a percentage basis, Mirror, Mirror is the Star Trek CCG's most character-laden set ever. Are you ready to see Mirror Spock with a goatee? Take a first view of the Ultra-Rare First Officer Spock, with a detailed card strategy note by Major Rakal, Kathy McCracken.
This set will also introduce two new deck types to play with - Terran Empire and Klingon/Cardassian Alliance. Look for a "I'm a Doctor, not a..." card for Dr. McCoy to download, more "missing links" (cards referenced by existing cards but not yet made) and much more!
Mirror, Mirror's 131 all-new cards will be sold in booster packs only. As in The Trouble With Tribbles, rarity and card number will be designated on each card Ğ making collecting and identifying individual cards simpler than ever.

Thumbnail-click for larger image


Ultrarare is Mr. Spock

Enhanced Premiere Deck

Released Nov, 2000
Thumbnail-click for larger image
  Initial Decipher press release- Enhanced Premiere will contain 4 packs of Star Trek Premiere boosters and a set of premium cards. Yet, unlike previous enhanced products, Enhanced Premiere has been specifically designed to be playable in a sealed-deck format. It's a new format called Warp Speed, which offers smaller deck sizes, shorter spacelines, a much faster "seed" phase and streamlined gameplay. There are built-in "speed-up" rules such as playing two cards per turn instead of one, "evening up" your hand to seven cards every turn and a handful of rules designed to make it easy to use the random cards you get in your Premiere packs. (The new rules will be downloadable from our website­ not included in the package.)
See EFC box
See EFC deck
Six different Star Trek Enhanced Premiere packages will be available. Each will contain 4 packs of white-bordered Premiere and 5 new premium cards. There are a total of 21 new premium cards: 12 are fixed and 9 are randomized. The premium cards all have the theme of "two cards in one." Each 5-card premium set will include 1 Dual-Personnel, 2 Mission and 2 Combo Dilemma cards. The featured cards are Dual-Personnel cards with 2 "bridge crew" characters from The Next Generation's. 2 characters on a single card ­ that¹s powerful! Each package will have a die-cut window, revealing the featured card.


Released Nov, 2000

Initial Decipher press release- Reflections: The First Five Year Mission is well-named. The 18-card packs contain 17 random cards (from Premiere, Alternative Universe, Q-Continuum, First Contact, Dominion and Deep Space Nine) and a special foil card. 100 of the best rare cards will be reproduced in foil version and presented in the packs.. Reflections introduces "topper" cards. Four of these premium foil cards will randomly appear, one per display, on top of the packs inside the 30-pack display box. They are normal-sized, playable foil cards... four of the best-looking and most desirable cards we have ever made! The collation is random. You could get a pack full of rares or a pack full of commons.

Rarity Scale:

Display Topper 1:120 packs
Case Topper (Seven of Nine)1:180
Ultra-Rare 1:242

And, note how easy it is to get:
any Ultra-Rare period: 1:30
any Star Trek Reflections Display Topper 1:60.5
any Star Trek Reflections Ultra-Rare (And don't forget your chance of getting an Ultra-Rare U.S.S. Defiant or Future Enterprise as one of your seventeen cards in each pack!)

Thumbnail-click for larger image
Exclusive premiums like the WB Defiant UR's, two player and EFC rares are found in this set.

The Tribbles Customizable Card Game

Released Oct, 2000

Decipher Press release-

***SURPRISE ADDITION TO TWT*** Weeks ago in an interview on Radio Free Decipher, Tim Ellington of Trek Product Development alluded to a special "suprise" in the Trouble With Tribbles starter decks, one he said would be of particular interest to collectors. Now that pre-release tournaments have been run, the word has gotten out: the big surprise is... Altered card images! Several of the cards in the two starter decks that are reprints from earlier sets have had tribbles added into the images by the Decipher art team. Some you'll spot very quickly. Others are hidden quite cleverly. All help add a bit more flavor to this great expansion set. - Evan Lorentz "Mot the Barber"

Star Trek[TM] CCG Tribbles Focus Of A New Groundbreaking Game! Battle stations! Furry little critters are invading Decipher's Star Trek Customizable Card Game[TM], bringing along with them a plethora of new gaming elements that will take the game's environment by storm! An incredibly action-packed product, The Trouble With Tribbles will be the first Star Trek CCG expansion set to feature material from the original Star Trek television series. Some players have been longing to build a deck containing only classic characters - an endeavor made possible by this new set. Travel back in time and re-create classic adventures, including the events of the Deep Space NineTM "Trials and Tribble-ations" episode! Players will use omnipresent Tribbles to disrupt their opponent's activities in a myriad of different ways, but that's not all... Tribbles cards can also be used in the fun bonus Tribbles Game unrelated to Star Trek CCG and played only with Tribble cards! Each Tribble card sports a special icon that has no influence on the regular game and only comes into play in the Tribbles Game. Many things are possible within the Tribbles Game: accumulate points by "scoring" Tribbles from your special Tribbles deck, rob your opponents of their high-value cards, set up combos that let you play four times in a row, all in the hopes of achieving the highest score possible. So get your Tribbles deck together! Will you go for sheer power, or for cunning and subtlety? The decision is up to you. In fact, the Tribbles bonus game turned out to be so much fun that Decipher decided to also introduce a four-player boxed game, totally independent of the Star Trek CCG! The box contains everything required to start playing the Tribbles game immediately: four Tribbles decks, a scorecard and the rules. This quick, fun and easy game will appeal to Star Trek fans across the board. A 141-card set, The Trouble With Tribbles will feature two preconstructed Starter Decks in addition to the standard 11-card Expansion Packs. Each of these decks - one Klingon, one Federation - will be bursting with features, including an exclusive premium card only found in Starter Decks: Captain Koloth for the Klingon side, and Lt. Sisko for the Federation crew. For new players who want to jump into the game with a punch, this is it! The Trouble With Tribbles will also contain selected Deep Space Nine and The Next Generation personnel, several cards hinted at in previous sets, and one ultra-rare card: the cantankerous Dr. McCoy! This choice was made as a tribute to the late DeForest Kelley, who portrayed the beloved doctor for more than three decades. A treasure-trove both for players and collectors, The Trouble With Tribbles is currently set for a July 2000 release date. Can you say "Great Tribble Hunt?" Jonathan Quesenberry Public Relations Manager to contact: (757) 623-3600 May 30, 2000


Thumbnail-click for larger image
UR is Dr. McCoy
  Old Press Release regarding Decipher offering TOS cards (soemthing SkyBox had the liscense for)
Changed Tribble Cards (feel free to correct me!)
Dr. McCoy card


Tribbles Stand Alone Game

Thumbnail-click for larger image
August 31st-the Tribbles Stand Alone Game was released. The game contains 112 Tribble cards, 8 reference cards, a Tribble pad of paper and a Decipher pencil.
The cards are similar to cards found in the CCG set except for a small icon in the text box. (The card to the left is from the CCG set.)


2nd Anthology For Star Trek CCG: 

Released March, 2000. Tthe Second Anthology contains a sample of the expansions we have enjoyed in the period since the release of the First Anthology. Fans will also find a new version of Dax as one of 6 new Premium black-border cards found only in 2nd Anthology.

Inside the Second Anthology you will find:
2 Starter Deck IIs
2 First Contact booster packs
2 Deep Space Nine booster packs
2 Dominion booster packs
and 6 unique premium cards. (links are to Decipher's site) The 6 premium black bordered cards will not be available in any other product. They are NOT preview cards. 
Thumbnail-click for larger image
Scan of the premiun cards


USS Jupiter Card

Thumbnail-click for larger image
This card was inserted into the PC game, Armada. Came sealed in a cello pack. Press Release

Rules Of Acquisition

Released December, 1999. Introduces the Ferengi and their rules.  Set of 130 cards, 50 Rare, 40 Uncommon and 40 Common cards. 9 card booster packs.  30 packs per box.

Blaze Of Glory

Released August, 1999. Features Battles, hand-to-hand combat, battle ready personnel, and the new Battle Bridge side deck.
Set of 130 cards contains 50 Rare, 40 Uncommon and 40 Common cards. 9 card booster packs. 30 packs per box. Plus, 18 foils - the first in any Star Trek CCG expansion

The Dominion

Released January, 1999. Introduces the Dominion affiliation. Set of 130 cards and four special white-border preview cards that preview cards in future Star Trek CCG expansions.  WB Preview Images

Enhanced First Contact

Released January, 1999.  Four different EFC packages will contain 3 different new black border premium cards and one transparent Borg overlay gameplay device, plus four packs of First Contact limited edition cards.

The three premium cards and the Borg overlay in each package are not random, so each group of three will always occur together in the same package. along with the same transparent Borg overlay. 

This is from Ross Campbell, VP of Sales: 

It has come to Deciphers¹ attention that due to cold weather conditions some of the packs of Enhanced First Contact experienced condensation inside individual tuckboxes.  This condensation caused faint moisture marks on special cards in some packs.
After several "spot-checks" we have determined that in most cases the marks wipes off with a soft cloth leaving the cards in good condition.  The faint moisture marks occur on top of the card varnish, which can be gently wiped off.  Our review determined that the spotting does not occur throughout the total production run of product.  We hope it is only on a
minimum amount of product.
Thanks for your email.  We appreciate all questions and concerns related to the Enhanced First Contact cards. Please follow the instructions below for returns and we will gladly replace your damaged cards.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.  Just send us back your damaged cards with note explaining the problem, and we will send your new card(s).  Thanks again
for being a valued player.   Please send all of the requested items above with a letter detailing the problem, and we will replace them as soon as possible! 

Please Send them to:
Attn: EFC
CCG customer service
Decipher Inc.
PO Box 56
Norfolk, VA 23501

Decipher would like to help you with this problem in a timely manner, therefore, we will return the product as soon as we receive the items requested!   We hope that next time you make a card purchase, you will be satisfied with the quality of the products.  Please make sure to include a proper return address when you send the cards.  Good luck and let us know if we can be of further assistance!

Starter Deck II

Released December, 1998. This set includes a rerelease of the Premiere Edition card set and 8 new cards. Each of the new Premiere Starter Deck II packs will contain 60 randomized white bordered unlimited edition cards from the original 363-card Premiere set (2 rare, 13 uncommon and 45 common), 8 fixed black bordered new limited edition cards, and the Premiere (version 1.1) rule booklet.

Deep Space Nine

Released July, 1998. Set of 276 cards will introduce the characters, aliens and more from DS9. The U.S.S. Defiant is a special "twice as rare" white-border preview card.  9-card expansion packs and 60 card starter decks.

Thumbnail-click for larger image
WB Defiant


Released May, 1998. The Official Tournament Sealed Decks contain the same fixed deck of twenty new black border cards. Also included in each set will be four Premiere (white border) expansion packs and one Alternate Universe expansion pack. There will be six different box designs (each representing an affiliation). 

Thumbnail-click for larger image

Away Team Pack

Released May, 1998. Contains The Traveler and The Emissary cards. These have been designed to honor Decipher's Star Trek CCG traveling game evangelists.

The Fajo Collection

Released December, 1997 . Contains 18 super-rare cards Each set contains a presentation binder, a signed Certificate of Authenticity, a Fajo Collection rules document, a collectible art poster showcasing the entire Star Trek CCG universe to date. 

First Contact

Released December, 1997. 130 card set introduce The Borg, 9 card expansion packs

First Anthology Set

Released June 1997. This set contains two white border Premiere 60-card starter sets, two 15-card packs of white border Premiere, two 15-card packs each of black border Alternate Universe and Q-Continuum. It also contains the premium (and preview) white bordered Warp Pack.

Introductory Two-Player Game

Released January, 1997. This set contains two pre-customized 60-card decks, one Federation, one Klingon, both of which are white-bordered. It also includes the same 3 premium cards (a black-bordered Admiral McCoy and Data Laughing and a white-bordered Spock) and 11 new white-bordered mission cards. Edition #1 (blue box) contains a set of three new black-bordered premium Federation cards and Edition #2 (red box) contains a set of three new black-bordered premium Klingon cards.

Q Continuum

Released October, 1996. Set of 121 cards introduces Q.

Alternate Universe

Released November, 1995. 122 card set introduces time travel, parallel universes and alternate timelines.  It also was the first card to feature an 'ultrarare', the Future Enterprise card. Original plans called for a WB print run, but it didn't happen.

Thumbnail-click for larger image

Data Laughing

Released in 1995.

The first premium card of the Star Trek:TNG cards was "Data Laughing".  It was initially a mail-in offer from the TNG CCG handbook and now is a part of the Star Trek CCG Introductory Two-Player Game. 

Warp Pack 

Released August, 1995.

Was Available free from Decipher as a mail-in offer. the 12 white border common cards of the Warp Pack were given out by Decipher as a thank-you to its players and collectors. 

Collector's Tin

Released November, 1995.

A  limited edition tins contain all 363 cards from the Star Trek: The Next Generation Customizable Card Game Premiere Edition. These cards have a silver border and is limited to 30,000 tins, with a U.S. distribution of only 20,000 tins

is exclusive 


Premiere Edition

BB set released November, 1994
WB set released December, 1994

363 card set contain characters and story elements from all seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation television series.
60 card starter decks and 15 card expansion packs.  They came in a Black Bordered version, an alpha (1994) white bordered version and a beta white bordered version.
A gift boxed set was produced with the BB. There were only 250 copies of this set end is therefore very rare. Box contains: Size 9x7x13 cm (H x W x D) 363 Black bordered Limited Premium Edition Card
1 Rule book (Identical to the ones included in the starter decks)
1 Card (double a card size) with the following text :“This complete set of 363 limited edition cards from Star Trek: The Next Generation© Customizable Card Game™ is one of 250 sets manufactured as gifts for supporters and fans. Please accept this gift with our sincere appreciation for your encouragement, friendship and assistance.”

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