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The Phases Series

This series consisted of three sets, Phase One, Two and Three that were released over a period of about a year. These sets blended all the series on TV, TOS, TNG, TAS, Voyager and DS9.

1995    Phase One

was a set of 100 common cards

Thumbnail-click for larger image


set of 9 foil E cards E1-E9
set of 3 die-cut cards D1-D3
Skymotion-small (TMP Enterprise)
Skymotion-large mail-in
set of 9 registry plaques R1-R9 NOTE: These cards should be numbered with a copyright date of 1995.
cinema card
survey card
Skymotion redemption card

Dealer sell sheet
Dealer poster


1995 uncut sheet (sent to dealers-cards are numbered with a 1995 copyright date)
1996 uncut sheet (mail-in, cards unnumbered with a 1996 release date)
NSU Enterprise
2-card sheet


1996    Phase Two

is a 100 card set

  Skymotion-small Odo Morphing
Skymotion-large Mail-in
set of 9 lenticular cards L1-L9
set of 9 Doppelganger cards F1-F9

cinema card
survey card
MSN card
Skymtotion Redemption card


2-card sheet
dealer card- blank backed. It is about 5 1/2 x 51/4.

Phase II card 200 seems to confuse everyone, it's mentioned on the checklist, but is not numbered.
Survey card

1996    Phase Three

is a 99 card set

Skymotion-small DS9 wormhole
Skymotion-large mail-in
Set of Three motion cards M1-M3
Set of 9 blueprint cards 1-9

set of 9 spectra cards S1-S9
cinema card
survey card
Fan Club card
Skymtotion Redemption card


MBNA promo card- limited to 30,000 (thanks, Chris)


Image of a promo card exists on a sell sheet (but not created)
Uncut sheet of cards from SkyBox found in Pioneer Electronic laser disc the Captain's Collection.

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