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Rules Of Acquisition

Orb of Wisdom R Artifact
Phased Cloaking Device R Artifact
Starry Night R Artifact
Center of Attention U Dilemma
Chula: Crossroads C C Dilemma
Chula: The Door R R Dilemma
Dangerous Liaisons C C Dilemma
Ferengi Bug U U Dilemma
In The Pale Moonlight U U Dilemma
Orion Syndicate Bomb R R Dilemma
Scientific Method C C Dilemma
Strange Bedfellows U U Dilemma
Breen CRM114 R R Equipment
Ferengi Disruptor C C Equipment
Ferengi Disruptor Rifle U U Equipment
Ferengi PADD C C Equipment
Gold-Pressed Latinum C C Equipment
Kukalaka R R Equipment
Scepter of the Grand Nagus R R Equipment
Small Cloaking Device U U Equipment
The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition U U Equipment
1st Rule of Acquisition C C Evevt
6th Rule of Acquisition C C Evevt
33rd Rule of Acquisition U U Evevt
34th Rule of Acquisition U U Evevt
47th Rule of Acquisition U U Evevt
59th Rule of Acquisition U U Evevt
75th Rule of Acquisition U U Evevt
211th Rule of Acquisition C C Evevt
Ferengi Outpost C C Facilty-Ferengi
Tower of Commerce R R Facilty-Ferengi
Continuing Committee R R Facitly-Romulon
Bodyguards U U Incident
Bribery C C Incident
Dabo U U Incident
Emergency Evacuation C C Incident
HQ: Ferengi Credit Exchange U U Incident
It's Only A Game U U Incident
Protection Racket R R Incident
Quark's Isolinear Rods R R Incident
Reactor Overload U U Incident
Writ of Accountability R R Incident
Incoming Message – Ferengi C C Interrupt
Vacuum-Desiccated Remains C C Interrupt
Collect Sample C C Mission
Deliver Message U U Mission
Gunrunning U U Mission
Market Research C C Mission
Purchase Moon U U Mission
Runabout Search U U Mission
Tulaberry Wine Negotiations U U Mission
Establish Trade Route C C Objective
Ferengi Conference C C Objective
Forced-Labor Camp U U Objective
Leeta R R Bajoran
Mardah U U Bajoran
Benil U U Cardassian
Lemec R R Cardassian
Deyos R R Dominion
Edan’Atal C C Dominion
Hanok U U Dominion
Ikat’Ika R R Dominion
Inglatu C C Dominion
Krajensky Founder R R Dominion
Ambassador Krajensky U U Federation
Elizabeth Lense R R Federation
George Primmin R R Federation
Nog R R Federation
Berik U U Ferengi
Birta U U Ferengi
Bractor R R Ferengi
Brunt R R Ferengi
Dr. Borts C C Ferengi
Frool C C Ferengi
Gaila R R Ferengi
Goss U U Ferengi
Gral R R Ferengi
Grand Nagus Gint R R Ferengi
Grand Nagus Zek R R Ferengi
Ishka R R Ferengi
Kazago U U Ferengi
Krax U U Ferengi
Krunk C C Ferengi
Leck R R Ferengi
Letek C C Ferengi
Lurin R R Ferengi
Maihar’du R R Ferengi
Morta U U Ferengi
Nava C C Ferengi
Nibor U U Ferengi
Nilva C C Ferengi
Omag R R Ferengi
Par Lenor U U Ferengi
Pel U U Ferengi
Prak C C Ferengi
Qol C C Ferengi
Quark R R Ferengi
Rom R R Ferengi
Solok C C Ferengi
Sovak U U Ferengi
Taar C C Ferengi
Tog U U Ferengi
Tol U U Ferengi
Margh R R Klingon
Aluura R R Non-Aligned
Arandis R R Non-Aligned
Calandra C C Non-Aligned
Hagath R R Non-Aligned
Kasidy Yates R R Non-Aligned
Krozh C C Non-Aligned
Morn R R Non-Aligned
Patahk R R Romulon
Senator Cretak R R Romulon
Naprem R R Ships-Cardassian
Patrol Ship C C Ships-Cardassian
Karemman Vessel C C Ships-Dominion
USS Sao Paulo R R Ships-Federation
B’rel C C Ships-Ferengi
D’Kora Marauder C C Ships-Ferengi
D’Kora Transport C C Ships-Ferengi
Ferengi Shuttle C C Ships-Ferengi
Krayton R R Ships-Ferengi
Kreechta R R Ships-Ferengi
Quark’s Treasure R R Ships-Ferengi
Jovis R R Ships-Non-Aligned
Apnex R R Ships-Romulon
Cargo Bay C C Sites
Quark’s Bar R R Sites
Ferengi Energy Weapon C C Tactics
Plasma Energy Burst U U Tactics

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