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Starfleet Maneuvers card list

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Rarity Listing

        VR "Catspaw"                            Discovery

        VR "Catspaw"                            Mission

        VR "Friday's Child"                     Discovery

        VR "Friday's Child"                     Plot

        VR "I, Mudd"                            Discovery

        VR "I, Mudd"                            Mission

        VR "Metamorphosis"                      Discovery

        VR "Mirror, Mirror"                     Plot

        VR "The Apple"                          Discovery

        VR "The Changeling"                     Plot

        VR "The Deadly Years"                   Plot

        VR "The Doomsday Machine"               Discovery

        VR "The Doomsday Machine"               Mission

        VR "The Trouble With Tribbles"          Plot

        VR "Who Mourns For Adonais?"            Mission

        VR Advanced Aging                       Wild

        VR Captain Pike                         Crew

        VR Clean Slate                          Wild

        VR Commodore Stocker                    Crew

        VR Klingon Battle Cruiser               Permanent Wild

        VR Lieutenant Chip Carter               Crew

        VR Lieutenant Ron Perazza               Crew

        VR Lieutenant Steve Domzalski           Crew

        VR Lieutenant Tonia Barrows             Crew

        VR Nurse Cheryl Thomas                  Crew

        VR Orion Smugglers                      Permanent Wild

        VR Reeducation                          Wild

        VR Romulan Neutral Zone                 Permanent Wild

        VR T'Pring                              Challenge

        VR Top Security Cell                    Permanent Wild

         R "Amok Time"                          Plot

         R "Metamorphosis"                      Plot

         R "The Changeling"                     Discovery

         R "The Deadly Years"                   Discovery

         R "Wolf In The Fold"                   Mission

         R Admiral Komack                       Crew

         R Adrenaline                           Effect

         R Agonizer                             Effect

         R Antigrav Units                       Wild

         R Apollo                               Challenge

         R Argelian Empathic Contact            Wild

         R Aurora                               Permanent Wild

         R Bows and Arrows                      Wild

         R Captain Ramart                       Crew

         R Cavalry Arrives                      Wild

         R Central Control                      Permanent Wild

         R Competency Hearing                   Wild

         R Cultural Taboo                       Wild

         R Friendly Welcome                     Wild

         R Highly Illogical Behavior            Effect

         R I.S.S. ENTERPRISE                    Permanent Wild

         R Kal-If-Fee                           Wild

         R Lieutenant Kaplan                    Crew

         R Lieutenant Marlena Moreau            Crew

         R Lieutenant Washburn                  Crew

         R Magnesite-Nitron Tablet              Wild

         R Manual Override                      Wild

         R Mirror Chekov                        Challenge

         R Mirror Spock                         Challenge

         R Mirror Sulu                          Challenge

         R Neural Paralyzer                     Wild

         R Plak-Tow                             Wild

         R Planet Killer                        Permanent Wild

         R Pon farr                             Wild

         R Suicide Mission                      Wild

         R Tantalus Field                       Permanent Wild

         R Transporter Swap                     Wild

         R Universal Translator                 Effect

         R Vaal                                 Challenge

         R Verifier                             Effect

         U "Amok Time"                          Discovery

         U "Amok Time"                          Mission

         U "Catspaw"                            Plot

         U "Friday's Child"                     Mission

         U "I, Mudd"                            Plot

         U "Metamorphosis"                      Mission

         U "Mirror, Mirror"                     Discovery

         U "The Apple"                          Mission

         U "The Changeling"                     Mission

         U "The Doomsday Machine"               Plot

         U "The Trouble With Tribbles"          Mission

         U "Who Mourns For Adonais?"            Plot

         U "Wolf In The Fold"                   Plot

         U Android Overload                     Wild

         U Apollo's Shrine                      Permanent Wild

         U Botany Bay                           Permanent Wild

         U Captain's Chair                      Permanent Wild

         U Code 2                               Wild

         U Commodore Matt Decker                Challenge

         U DEEP SPACE STATION K-7               Permanent Wild

         U Deadly Flora                         Challenge

         U Engineering Room                     Permanent Wild

         U Ensign Hendorf                       Crew

         U Ensign Montgomery                    Crew

         U Lieutenant Carolyn Palamas           Crew

         U Lieutenant Hanson                    Crew

         U Lieutenant Jose' Tyler               Crew

         U Lieutenant Karen Tracy               Crew

         U Lieutenant Rowe                      Crew

         U Magnetic Storm                       Permanent Wild

         U Masiform D                           Wild

         U Science Station                      Permanent Wild

         U Sick Bay                             Permanent Wild

         U Star Charts                          Permanent Wild

         U Sympathetic Magic                    Wild

         U T'Pau                                Challenge

         U Tholian Web                          Permanent Wild

         U Transmuter                           Wild

         U Tribbles                             Challenge

         U Tribbles                             Challenge

         C "Mirror, Mirror"                     Mission

         C "The Apple"                          Plot

         C "The Deadly Years"                   Mission

         C "The Trouble With Tribbles"          Discovery

         C "Who Mourns For Adonais?"            Discovery

         C "Wolf In The Fold"                   Discovery

         C Agony Booth                          Permanent Wild

         C Ahn-Woon                             Effect

         C Akuta                                Challenge

         C Alice Series Android                 Challenge

         C Arne Darvin                          Challenge

         C Asteroid Yonada                      Permanent Wild

         C Captain Koloth                       Challenge

         C Colonel Fellini                      Challenge

         C Companion                            Challenge

         C Eleen                                Challenge

         C Ensign Freeman                       Crew

         C Feeders of Vaal                      Challenge

         C Giant Black Cat                      Challenge

         C Jarvis                               Challenge

         C Kligat                               Effect

         C Korax                                Challenge

         C Korob                                Challenge

         C Lieutenant Jackson                   Crew

         C Lieutenant Palmer                    Crew

         C Lieutenant Singh                     Crew

         C Lirpa                                Effect

         C Maab                                 Challenge

         C Mirror Marlena                       Challenge

         C Native Club                          Effect

         C Nilz Baris                           Challenge

         C Norman                               Challenge

         C Number One                           Crew

         C Plate of Gems                        Effect

         C Plomeek Soup                         Effect

         C Quadrotriticale                      Effect

         C Redjac                               Challenge

         C Redjak's Knife                       Effect

         C Shuttlecraft Columbus                Permanent Wild

         C Sonic Pulse                          Effect

         C Stella                               Challenge

         C Sylvia                               Challenge

         C Taunt                                Effect

         C Tribbles                             Challenge

         C U.S.S. CONSTELLATION                 Permanent Wild

         C U.S.S. LEXINGTON                     Permanent Wild

         C Warning Beacon                       Permanent Wild

         C Yeoman Colt                          Crew

         C Zombie Crew                          Challenge

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