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ST Oddball Actor Cards
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Cryptozic's Big Bang Theory Season 5 Card set has a Nimoy autograph card tghat features an image of the Mego Spock AF.  (Thanks, Dave!!!)
And thanks to Enza, I  have this list of Trek actors in non-trek sets to add:
The Big Bang Theory Season 3 and 4 (Cryptozoic Entertainment-2012) Set of 68
A17 – Wil Wheaton autograph card
A19 – LeVar Burton autograph card

The Big Bang Theory Season 5 (Cryptozoic Entertainment-2013) Set of 68
OTB-09 - Quotable foil card (Leonard Nimoy)
A8 – Leonard Nimoy autograph card (1:24)
A10 – Brent Spiner autograph card (1:24)
  More Trek actor cards!
2014 Cryptozoic Archer autograph card Rene Auberjonois as Mannfred A8
Warehouse 13: Season 2 (Rittenhouse Archives-2011) Set of 26
Armin Shimerman as Charlie Martin (Autograph card)
The autographs in this set were 2 per pack.

Warehouse 13: Season 3 (Rittenhouse Archives-2012) Set of 26
Jane Lattimer in Stand (Relic costume card) – limited to 300
Amanda Lattimer in Queen for a Day (Relic costume card) – limited to 300
Jeri Ryan as Amanda Lattimer (Autograph card)
Kate Mulgrew as Jane Lattimer (Autograph card)
Rene Auberjonois as Hugo Miller (Autograph card)
The autographs in this set were 1 per pack in this premium pack series. The Ryan and Mulgrew autos are extremely limited (200 or less), the Auberjonois auto is very limited (200-300). The relic cards were 2 per pack. Only 200 boxes were produced.

Warehouse 13: Season 4 (Rittenhouse Archives-2013) Set of 20
Brent Spiner as Brother Adrian (Relic card) – limited to 150
Rene Auberjonois as Hugo Miller (Relic card) – limited to 350
Brent Spiner as Brother Adrian (Autograph card)
Jeri Ryan as Amanda Lattimer (Autograph card)
Brent Spiner as Brother Adrian (Autograph Relic card) – limited to 160
Jeri Ryan as Amanda Lattimer (Autograph Relic card) – limited to 170

Stargate Atlantis Season 1 (Rittenhouse Archives-2005) Set of 63
Colm Meaney (as Cowen) autograph card

Stargate Atlantis Season 2 (Rittenhouse Archives-2006) Set of 72
Connor Trinneer (as Michael Kenmore) autograph card

Stargate Atlantis Seasons 3 and 4 (Rittenhouse Archives-2008) Set of 81
Robert Picardo as (Richard Woolsey) autograph card

Stargate Heroes (Rittenhouse Archives-2009) Set of 81
Robert Picardo as (Richard Woolsey) autograph card

Stargate SG-1 Season 6 (Rittenhouse Archives-2004) Set of 72
A31 – John Billingsley (as Simon Coombs) autograph card

Stargate SG-1 Season 7 (Rittenhouse Archives-2004) Set of 72
A43 – Robert Picardo (as Agent Woolsey) autograph card
A46 – Jolene Blalock (as Ishta) autograph card

Stargate SG-1 Season 10 (Rittenhouse Archives-2008) Set of 72
A95 – Armin Shimerman (as Anteaus) autograph card
A96 – Rene Auberjonois (as Alar) autograph card
On January 4 of 2008, Donruss released a set of cards called 2007 Donruss Americana. It featured Hollywood and Sport Legends cards, proofs, costume and autograph cards. For the most part, the cards vary widely in rarity, but use the same base card, just with added foil stamping, costumes or sticker signatures. Click on thumbnail for images and checklist (of those with specific mention of Trek on back.
The Dead Zone set has an insert card of Nicole DeBoer, S2, with a reference to her Star Trek role on the back.
1997 Inkworks Lost in Space Trading card set included this card (#59) with a Trek actor reference on the back (Thanks Genny!)
These are two oversized cards-4 3/4" by 6 3/4" put out in Houston with lots of sponsor logos on back. Possibly a convention. Card stock is thin. (Thanks, Dee!)
From StarDream One, this actor card is of Mark Lenard. It was created in 1994, perhaps as part of a German Fan Club.
The 3/92 issue of KINO Magazine (French?) has some perforated cards (4 to a page), with birographical data on back. (4x51/2)
For those who collect cards with Trek references, the Roswell auto card of Frakes references his Trek roles in the back.
High School Heros card with Trek actors. This set feautred Actor's High School Year Book Pictures and statiscs. It was produced by Freedom Press.
Hollywood Walk of Fame (1991) set is a large set of actor cards who have a star on the HWOF. It includes a picture of the actor and biographical details on back.
  • #8 Leonard Nimoy
  • #83 Michael Ansara played   
  • #99 Ricardo Montalban
  • #157 Jane Wyatt 
  • #177 William Shatner
  • #192 Mariette Hartley 
  • #216 Gene Roddenberry
  • #153 Levar Burton
Booksmith Takei card This is a card from an author set It's one card of an ongoing set. They do 3-4 cards a month for their various book signings. Each card had rougly 200-300 cards printed, but some authors demanded more and they had reprinted a couple.  But, there was no reprinting on the Takei card and it is limited to 200. According to a letter from the store, 20 were removed to be autographed by Geroge by the store personal, leaving 180 that could then be used by customers to get autographed, leaving even fewer unsigned. (Thanks, Sam!)
Old Yellow Eye's CD's came with a random one of 5 cards with  images of Brent Spiner.
This is card #72 "Sci Fi Xpo poster"  from Lost Worlds by William Stout. George Takei is mentioned as a guest. (Thanks, Genny!) Card is standard trading card sized and 

The back says "For several years running, William Stout was an honored guest of Seattle's Sci Fi Xpo, the only convention put on not by fans, but by a city. This 1980 poster incorporates the alien destruction of a few of Seattle's better known landmarks."

Promo card promoting the Chicagoland Entertainment Exp in 2005. Mentions her role in ST.

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