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ST Oddball Parody cards 

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Topps Wacky Packages Old School Series 5 Star Wreck sticker parady. Thin sticker paper, blank back. Variations in back color: tan, white, die cut and black ludlow.
    Parody Board Game put out in 2012 called Redshirts. Even had promo cards! Their website
The 2010 Geek a Week card #14 in the Series II card set from this website is a Wil Wheaton parady card. All the back of Series I and II have a small monkey in a redi shirt logo. (Thanks, Enza!) If he gets enough funds raised, his next set will include Jeri Ryan ;)
Set three of the Geek a Week cards, released in 2011, features card 31 Bill Prady with a Trek Uniform on. The Season II set has Jeri Ryan on the chekclist, but seems to reflect a different person alotgether.
A promo card paradying Mr. Spock. (Thanks, Galena!)
Common cards form the GPK Series 6 set, 40A, 40B, 1A (back has a Trek wanted poster)
More GPK6 Trek related cards 10a, 40a, 40b. (Thanks, Ben!)
Garbage Pail Kids Gross stickers Series 6 promo card from Topps released at the San DIego Conic Con Summer 2006.
Wacky Packs Series II sticker #2 Durasmell's back has an Enterprise parody to it (Thanks, Ben and Greg)
Quacky Cards, located at , is producing a new series of celebrity parody entertainment cards. Each package contains five of your favorite music, rap, movie, cartoon, TV and sports celebrities, spoofed on a collectable sticker card. There are 65 cards to collect in the series created by Jiles Production. (Thanks, to Jiles Production for alerting me to the Trek card in the set and sending me this sample!)
Visit William Shatner's Website and order the Splatt Attack DVD and receive some exclsuive trading cards (one features Shatner in a Kirk costume. As soon as I get my set, I'll scan them! (Thanks. Genny!)
This card is part of a series of cards released in a pack of Mighty Beanz. A toy from overseas, I think. I pack of beans comes with a couple of cards. Not sure whether beanz and cards match. The beanz cover a wide variety of themes..Elvis, dragons, firemen and Mr Spock is #105. (Thanks to Technoslave!!!!)
There s a set of Cracked Magazine cover cards. The back make a puzzle of King Kong being attacked by planes on top of the Empire State Building. Two of the back feature the TOS Enterprise. (The backs repeat on a few different card fronts).
1992 Skinnies parody basketball card #31 is titled Spock's Ears.
The 1992 Action Hockey Freaks card #69 is a Cptn Kirk parady. (Thanks, Genny)
Steer Trek! A 1967 Leaf Parody. From the creator of the card..Todd Riley, "Back in 1995, Les Davis ran a "Create your card" contest in the Wrapper to win an uncut sheet of Pepsi cards. I came up with the Steer Trek idea and sent it in to Les. I was one of the winners. Since I am now producing my own cards, I decided to go ahead and print that up as well. There are 650 cards. Each is hand numbered and signed by me on the reverse. I've tried to make them as close to the Leaf cards as possible and packed as many "cow puns" in them as I could think of." To order this card, visit Todd's Site!

Also, be sure and check out Galaxy Goons promo cards! There's a Trek Parody there, too!

  In 2002, Nostalgia Cards released a set of Galaxy Goons cards that has two ST related cards. Common card #18 The Wrath of Prawn and #28 Steer Trek. There is also a set of "Cracker Jack" like mini prototype cards that also contains the Steer Trek image. (see above thumbnail image-thanks Ginny!)

For those of you who saw and loved Galaxy Quest, this sealed pack of cards adds to the Trek parody of this movie! ("Today is the Tomorrow of Our Yesterdays", for example)


TV Smelly Awards Star Truck from Fleer in 1980. The front is a peel away sticker.
Saturday Night Live's card #106 (of 150) is a photo of John Belushi as Kirk, Dan Aykroyd as McCoy and Chevy Chase as Spock (Star Pics, 1992). 
1993, Limerock Alfred E. Neumann is seen at the controls while a mangled Kirk appears in the transporter on Promo F2 for Limerock's Mad III. The card reproduces the cover from Mad Magazine's September 1992 Star Trek issue and is not in the actual set of 66 cards
Continental Baking Company Wacky TV Shows parody ST card.
1994, Cards: The aging Spock, McCoy and Kirk on card #27 of Cardz' set of 60 Tiny Toon Adventures.
Buttheads Spoofy Tunes #P1 promos and common card with Trek parodies. Released in 1993
21st Century Archives Inc.'s National Lampoon (1993) #57 "Detente Trek" Kissinger with Spock ears amd  #93 with Spock as Troi.
Here is an oddball card for ya! Bloom County Chromium card set has several cards with reference to ST. Each of the cards  has a parallel sticker. There is also a case insert card and the H3 insert card is also Trek related.
Illuminati New World Order "Trekkies" - 4 diff. versions of card. There is a factory set version which has a darker border. There is a black and white version (limited box set version), and the ones in the booster packs. The booster packs have a text wrap version as well. 
Topps Spitting images Set, 1990. A parody of Krk and Spock.
This Loaded Weapon set has two Trek related cards...several Shatner cards, but two specifically related to Trek.  The first speaks of Shatner's role as Captain Kirk. The second features a Scotty like character saying one of his more famous lines! (cards 20 and 105)
Cracked Magazine Issue #90 a Sci FI Special Magazine has 12 wrestling cards, three are Trek related (Thanks, Dennis/Daniel!)
1968 ST vending machine cards Gordon Currie caricatures. A set of 8 B and W caraciture drawings from TOS. Though from 1968, most sets are NM, white and clean, unusual for such an old set.


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