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Action Figure Cards and Pogs

    AF cards are another area of interest to many card collectors. Like the video card set, they con be very expensive and if you don't happen to collect the product they are packaged in, very frustrating to put together a complete set.  To make some sense of the AF cards/pogs, here is a breakdown for you. A checklist of AFs and cards is also available.

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Starting with their second batch of Next Generation figures in 1993, Playmates started adding what they call collector's premiums to the Star Trek figures, all of which were printed by Skybox. There were 23 Collectors cards included with 23 figures in 1993, which can be recognized on the card by the name of the figure being at the bottom of the card over a blue strip. All these cards have a copyright date of 1993 on them.  
Early in 1994, the first 9 Deep Space Nine figures were released with collectors cards as well, but these have the purplish backgrounds. 
In March or so of 1994, the second series of figures for TNG were re-released, but with Pogs instead of collectors cards. . Even though Yar, Pulaski, and Nausicaan are listed on the checklists on the backs of the space-caps (as are McCoy, Scotty, etc) they NEVER came with spacecaps in any country. I haven't heard if any were produced by Skybox. McCoy and Geordi Lt. JG never came with spacecaps either, and I'm pretty sure Scotty or  though AFN lists values for that figure. Of the 1994 Next Gen figures that came out with pogs, there were 6 that actually came with no premiums at all. They were repaint figures using old molds with the parts mixed and matched, and painted different. Of the 1994 TNG figs, these had no premiums at all: Picard in Duty Uniform, Data in full dress uniform, Data from Redemption ("Red Data"), Lt. Thomas Riker, Ensign Wesley Crusher, and Gowron in Ritual Klingon Attire. A Dathon with pog was released and this seems to be a very hard to find pog which MAY have been released in Australia, but nonetheless started quite a stir as many people didn't even believe it existed.
In mid 1994, more TNG figures were released with Pogs only. Lwaxana Troi and Ambassador Sarek were released in this format only in Canada, so the pogs for those figures are incredibly rare.   I have an unconfirmed report that there may only be 1000 of these figures available. In the US, those two figures were released along with another series of figures, in January 1995 with re-vamped collector's cards that look more brown than blue.  Ensign Ro and Dr. Soong, which had been released with Pogs in 1994 were re-released with the brown colored collectors cards in 1995.
Also in 1995, twelve more Deep Space Nine figures were released with Pogs only. All the Generations figures from 1994 came with what they call a "mini-poster". They were all exactly the same.  
At the end of summer in 1995, Playmates released their classic movie series, which was 10 figures that had extra wide collectors cards, except for Spock's which has no card.. After that, DS9 and TNG were folded together into the basic line. The TNG figures tended to come with the brown collectors cards and the DS9s with pogs. 
  Two figures in 1995, the Interstellar Action Borg and Geordi came with no collectors premiums at all. 
At the end of 1995, the first 9 Voyager figures were also released with Voyager collectors cards. 
In 1996, there has been no predictable pattern. Here goes: -Second series Voyager figures has Voyager collectors cards -Tapestry Picard and Yar from Yesterdays Enterprise have no premiums. -With DS9 Pog are - Sisko from Crossover, Grand Angus Zek, Odo from Necessary Evil -With brown TNG collectors cards- Governor Worf -With 30th Anniversary Trek cards (yellow borders) are Nurse Chapel, Janice Rand, Worf in DS9 uniform, Admiral Riker, Kirk in Casual Attire, Jem Hadar The figures for the rest of the year should come with the 30th Anniversary cards, but remained WV. 
  There have been no AF cards or pogs in any of the last few waves of AF's According to Playmates, there will be no more Skybox premiums in the future.

Also, the mail order Sisko figure came with a special DS9 certificate if you want to consider that a premium 
The 9 inch AF's were released with pogs, produced by Playmates. A few, like McCoy and Scotty, released without any premium.
There was also a set of TMNT with cards..these are not Skybox cards, however. Four cards in this set. 

Unreleased AF cards

Found out about a third pog prototye SkyBox created at the same time as the other two prototye cards .These pogs can be found on uncut sheets of the first series of AF cards SkyBox created in 1993.
Set of two protoype pogs made b SkyBox. I don't think SkyBox made the pogs Playmates ended up using, so this must be a test run that failed ;)
Here is a new Admiral Riker card from All Good Things.This figure must have been delayed at some point and reissued with the widevision card as we know it.So, this card was not released.
A scan of a mock-up of the Spock card that was pulled due to Nimoy's dissatisfaction. Apparently an unknown amount of the mock-up cards were produced for the approval process. The card is not finished. It has not been color-corrected and the back is blank. Pretty cool, I think!   Here's even more fun!!! I received what appeared to be a set of 10 movie cards, they were at one time an uncut sheet that someone cut into the separate cards, the 10th being the Spock card. Unlike the protoptype card, it is color corrected and has a back with text and looks like all the other cards in the series....hmmmmmmm.

 Galoob AF cards

Not sure if these qualify as cards or not, you decide! The Galoob AF toys have a small 'card' printed on the back of the boxes. I am going to try to put a list together. These would have to be cut out of the box.


Galoob has a series of cutout cards on the back of some of the older action figures...two prototpyes were never released, but at least one or two made it out alive. (Thanks, Eric!)

Furuta Toy cards

Fromy my roving reporter, Larry: These are the collector cards that come with the new Japanese models from Furuta. The fronts have a fairly simple drawing of the ship; the backs have the same drawing in black-and-white, plus a description of the ship (all in Japanese, except for the name.) Just as in card collecting, you don't know which of the models you will have until you open the box and the opaque pouch inside. From what I hear, the models are already out of production. There are ten main ships: Enterprise 1701-A, Reliant, Stargazer, Klingon Bird-of-Prey, Klingon Attack Cruiser, Deep Space Nine, Defiant, Galor-class Warship, Equinox, and Species 8472 Bio-Ship. I'm attaching scans of all these. There is also one rare (1 per 40 packs) model of the Romulan Warbird


Thanks to Dan for the quote and Chris, Trent and Jeff for also helping me understand the crazy world of AF cards and pogs.... 

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