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The Card Collective Star Trek Card Reference Manual.

2015 Update is done and now available as a download!!!!!!


 A Star Trek cards Reference USB update is ready for 2015 and will include coverage through Voyager H and V!

It is offered to collectors as an encyclopedia/reference guide to assist collectors in better understanding and enjoying their collections. It also provides collectors with a way to catalog their own collection and keep track of wants/needs, either through a spreadsheet or online checklists.

  • Covers trading cards from 1967 through the present. Updated about once a year.
  • Covers mainstream card sets all the way to the obscure sets and single cards..
  • Includes chapters on stickers, pogs, playing cards, gold, metal, porcelain cards and many other types of cards.
  • Most sets includes images of first, last and the back of the common cards.
  • Also included are images of almost all inserts, promos, and many boxes, wrappers and sell sheets.
  • It also features images of nearly all known oddball, phone cards, stickers, premium cards and more.
  • Complete checklists are available for every set.

What sort of treasures lie within?

  • An image of an A&BC box
  • Ever seen a Topps 76 case?
  • The answer to the question, is there a MS I binder?
  • Images of  the Spock Action Figure card never released.
  • Commentary from past Entertainment Directors of SkyBox and the current President of Rittenhouse Archives.
  • Collector stories and commentaries. Would you like to see your story?
  • How many DS9 MFF Berman auto cards are there?
  • A discussion of the Leaf reprint cards.
  • .......And more!!!

All users of the USB are given free access to the Card Collective ONLINE. This Web Site offers on online upgradeable checklist of all known Star Trek cards. A companion to the "Card Collective" USB, this page expands upon the checklists found in the book. Here you can maintain your ST checklists, which will be stored online here for you to update as your needs change and can be printed out for your records. As changes are made to the master Trek card list, this will be reflected on your personal lists so you will stay current.

Access to this website is free!

Would you like to order this product? Got questions on what is included?

Download a sample chapter

E-mail me at and I'll assist you with an order for this product!


For those who have never gotten the book before $14 as a download purchase.

Update (for those who have purchased it before:  $7 as a download.

 If you would like older copies of the CCO promos, include an extra $4. (ST Aliens, P4, Women of ST P4,  CTNG P4.

I can do a USB option for those who can not download larger files. But, it will add to cost.

Checks, MO, Paypal Accepted! 

Resistance is Futile .... Assimilate ..... EVERYTHING!!!



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