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Not currently releasing new Trek cards.

Decipher has been producing Star Trek Card games since 1994, but does not currently have the Trek CCG liscense. Their product can be broken down into two formats. Information on these products can be found by following the links below.



Card Lists

Wanna see and or print out a checklist from older sets??

Original list
AU card list
Q-C Card list
First Contact
Sealed Decks List
Blazes of Glory
DS9 CCG List
Misc. CCG Card lists
Rules of Acquisition

Trouble with Tribbles
Reflection Foils
EPP Deck
Mirror, Mirror
Voyager CCG
The Borg CCG
Holodeck Adventures
Foil premiums
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2nd Edition
Necessary Evil
Reflections 2.0
Strange New Worlds
Thumbnail-click for larger image
A Decipher DAgent promo card exclusive, numbered D P 81.

Check out a work in progress list of SE CCG Promo/foils/contest cards

What You Leave Behind Release Date-Dec 20, 2007 CHECKLIST

Press Release:
Final set to be sold exclusively by Hill’s Wholesale Gaming

(Norfolk, VA—December 4, 2007) —Decipher Inc. announced today that The Star Trek Customizable Card Game Second Edition will come to a close with the release of the final expansion set, “What You Leave Behind,” scheduled the last week in December. The final set will be sold exclusively through Hill’s Wholesale Gaming (

The Star Trek CCG was originally introduced into the marketplace under license from Viacom/Paramount Pictures in November 1994. The final expansion set is designed to complete the game and celebrate many years of strategic gaming in the Star Trek universe. Everyone involved in the development and production of the game wishes to thank the player community for their enthusiastic support for the game for the past thirteen years. Decipher is proud to celebrate the history of Star Trek CCG 2E with a full expansion set that features quality, much as it has from the game’s launch.

“What You Leave Behind” is a boosters-only expansion with 122 cards (40 rare, 41 uncommon, 41 common cards) that includes an 18-card “Archive” foil subset (1:8 average pack distribution). The regular foil inserts are distributed 1:7 packs on average. This final installment in the Star Trek CCG product line is a must-have for players and collectors alike; it includes new additions to game play, as well as nods to fan favorites from the history of Star Trek CCG: Second Edition.

Page Two – Decipher Inc.

Persistent is a new keyword that allows a player to bring successful dilemmas back against an opponent on future turns. The expansion also focuses on missions worth 40 or more points; players completing these missions will receive new and interesting rewards.

The final expansion set in the storied Star Trek CCG will herald the re-appearance of Mot, The Barber. This character, along with his humorous and often misunderstood barbering skill, was introduced in the Premier set more than thirteen years ago, and will now carry through to the final expansion set. In addition, the set will revisit successful older cards and strategies such as Patrol Neutral Zone and MACO, and offer reworks of popular personnel such as the Borg Queen and Data. A solid selection of personnel and ships across all of the Star Trek affiliations will also be included. While there may still be uncharted game play territory for the game’s loyal players, this 14th expansion for the Second Edition of Star Trek CCG does the job of bringing to a close what we feel has been one of the most successful games in the genre of trading card games.

What You Leave Behind, scheduled to ship in late December, will be sold exclusively through Hill’s Wholesale Gaming. Players can visit their website at to purchase the product.

In a Mirror Darkly Release Date-June 15, 2007 CHECKLIST

This 122 card set breaks down as follows:

40 card Rare set
41 card Uncommon set
41 card Common set (The Hoshi Sato, Empress 13C106 common card is considered a short print common, appearing 1/3 as often as a standard rare card. From Wild Thing Games: "Each of Deciphers sheets is 11x11, so USUALLY on a sheet you would have 2 of each for a 60 card sets, 3 of each for a 40 card set with the extra being a random common card so that there would be 4 of that particular copy. But now they use it to reprint a non foil version of the previous sets 0AP's so there is only one of those for every 3 of the others." Similar to the old ultra-rare cards.
2 Archive Portrait Cards
18 Archive Foil cards


 Three new promo cards you could order direct from Decipher (at least as of 5/07) OP39 OP40 OP33
  These Are the Voyages Release Date-March 6, 2007 CHECKLIST

Just released, this set has 39 rares, 41 commons and 41 uncommons.  These Are The Voyages will be a booster-only release, and will include Captain Kirk, Spock, McCoy, the U.S.S. Enterprise, Khan, original series Klingons and Romulans, and more!

Insert cards will include foil cards (found 1:7 packs on average), 18 Archive foil subset cards (found 1:8 packs on average), and 2 Archive Portraits cards (found 1:63 packs on average).

Card #50 appears not to have been printed/inserted into packs. According to the Decipher website: Parek, Privileged Legate [12 R 50] was inadvertently left off of the rare press sheet and Bashir Founder was placed on the rare press sheet additional times. Parek, Privileged Legate will be printed in a future STCCG Second Edition expansion.


Genesis is a 27 foil card set based on TOS WOK. These cards were first released in 2006, but immediately sold out. Secondary market values got pretty high, so Decipher announced they would do a reprint. These set released in march 2007 and has a 2007 copyright date and the 2006 card of Saavik is numbered 11P21, whereas the 2007 is numbered 011P21.

Captain's Log Release Date Oct 27, 2006 CHECKLIST

30 packs per box / 11 cards per pack (1 rare, 3 uncommons, and 7 commons)

All new 120 card expansion, The Voyager sub-affiliation makes its debut in this 120 new card expansion. Watch for some new fun new game play too! Collect the 18 card Archive foil subset and two new Archive Portrait foils, replacing the rare in approximately 1 in 7 packs.

Voyager becomes a fully realize dsub-affiliation in the newest expansion for Second Edition!

Captain’s Log brings to life your favorite Voyager characters like Captain Janeway,

Chakotay, Tuvok, and even the new U.S.S. Voyager. To compliment this, all the other affiliations get new cards to bolster their strategies. The two foil subsets continue to grow with 18 new "Archive" and two new "Archive Portrait" cards.

Gameplay Features
- No Headquarters as the as the roaming starship U.S.S. Voyager wanders through space without a home;
- Introduction of the Voyagersub-affiliation, focusing on the Voyager crew;
- Captains and their ships get a big bonusnot seen since Necessary Evil;
- Return of the underused but now amped Pursuit cards;
- And of course a Nazi Alien and other nasties found in the universe of Star Trek.

Sales/Collector’s Features:
- New Enterprise personnel including Captain Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, and Thomas Paris make their appearance;
- Jadzia Dax and Worf "tie-the-knot" as their wedding personnel are introduced
- 120-card set including 40 rare, 40 uncommon, and 40 common cards;
- Foil inserts1:7 packs average;
- 18-card " Archive" foil subset 1:8 packs average
- 2-card " Archive Portraits" foil subset 1:63 packs average (click thumbnail for larger image)

Dangerous Missions

Released in August of 2006, this set consists of three different sealed boxes. Each box comes with 4 various SE booster packs and a sealed pack of foil cards, each with a different theme. One is called the Siege, another Generations and the third, the Forge and between them make a set of 19 foil cards. The breakdown is as follows:
Box #1: STAR TREK Generations™- James T. Kirk x2 Jean-Luc Picard x2 William T. Riker x2 U.S.S. Enterprise-D Shields Up! x2 Bio-neural Computer Core Avert Solar Implosion
Box #2: The Forge™-Jonathan Archer x2 T'Pol x2 Charles Tucker, III x2 Enterprise Maquis Vendetta x2 Bio-neural Computer Core Deliver Ancient Artifact.
Box #3: The Siege™-Kira Nerys x2 Bareil Antos x2 Jadzia Dax x2 Vedek Assembly Transport Revelry x2 Bio-neural Computer Core Deliver Evidence.
Some collectors reported that The Forge did not include the expected Maquis Vendetta x2 cards.

Enterprise Collection

Decipher has released an 18 card foil set of the Enterprise crew in First Edition format. This is available directly from Decipher. 

To Boldy Go-Released 8/06 CHECKLIST

 Expansion Facts
122 Cards
40 Commons
40 Uncommons
40 Rares
18-Card Archive Foil Subset
2-Archive Portrait Foils

This new 122-card set will be available in 11-card booster packs containing 1 rare, 3 uncommon, and 7 common cards. An Archive or Archive Portrait foil replaces a rare card in approximately one in seven booster packs. First full Enterprise crew set.

Promo cards include 0P30 Quark and the 0D18 Tucker card. The Quark card was offered as a box incentive promo card.
Check out the Archive Portrait cards.


Misc Decipher CCG foil cards-prizes and special cards

  Misc. SE CCG cards
0 D 1 Harsh Conditions- DGMA Pre Series   
0 D 2  Timescape- Tournament Prize Support
0 D 3  ROA #144- Tournament Prize Support 
0 D 4 •Tasha Yar, TO- Tour Prize Support
0 D 5  •Kahless, The Greatest Warrior.. All-TPS
0 D 6  •Michael Eddington, Loyal Leader-TPS
0 D 7 •Palor Toff, Trader-Tournament Prize 
0 D 8 •Collapse Anti-time Anomaly-STCCG LPC
0 D 9  •Explore Black Cluster-STCCG LPC
0 D 10 •Feldomite Rush-STCCG LPC
0 D 11 •Investigate Maquis Activity- STCCG LPC
0 D 12  •Investigate Massacre-STCCG LPC
0 D 13 •Kressari Rendevous-STCCG LPC
0 D 14  •Data, Apsirer-DGMA Cont. Champs 2005
0 D 15 •James T. Kirk, Living Legend-DGMA-TOC
OD 16 Brunt, FCA Investigator
0 D 17 •Charles Tucker III, "Trip"-TBG release
0 D 18 •U.S.S. Ent-D, Per. Flagship-DGMA WC
0 D 19  Agonizing Encounter
0 D 19  Agonizing Encounter DGMA PS - Essen
1 D 20 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
O  D 21 Tragic Turn
0 D 22  Getting Under Your Skin WC
0 D 23  Arridor, “Great Sage” WC
0 D 24  Nel Apgar, Tempe. Researcher WC
0 D 25  Serova, Warp Field Theorist WC
0 D 26  Togaran WC
0 P 24 In the Pah-wraith's Wake WC
0 P 27 •Borg Queen, BoO-DGMA Origins Premier
0 P 28  •Benjamin Sisko, Man of Resolve-Dec Con
0 P 29  •Arik Soong, FOM-Sales Inc. (Fall 2005)
0 P 30   •Quark, Son of Keldar-TBG Pre-Order 
0 P 31  •Seven of Nine, Rep. of the Hive  
0 P 32 In the Pah-wraith's Wake-Rewards Store  
O P 32 The Edge of Forever
0 P 33  Party Atmosphere-Rewards Store Card
O P 33  Unexpected Difficulties-Decipher Store
0 P 34  Skeleton Crew
0 P 35  Abduction WC
0 P 36  Desperate Sacrifice WC
0 P 37  Mission Accomplished WC
0 P 38  Morik WC
0 P 39 Worf The Strongest Heart-Decipher Store
0 P 40 Jazdia Dax the 2nd Heart-Decipher Store
0 P 72  Dukat, Military Advisor
O P 73 Jean-Luc Picard FOIL dAgent promo
O P 83 Chula: The Dice FOIL dAgent promo
0 P 74  Gowron, Leader of the High Council WC
0 P 75  Amnesty Talks WC
0 P 76  Fissure Research WC 
0 P 77  Investigate Alien Probe WC
0 P 78  Protect the Escapees WC
0 P 79  Caretakers Array
0 P 80  Destiny Reset WC
0 P 81  No Kill I
0 P 82  Earth, Lush and Beautiful Home WC
12 R 50 Foil Parek, Privileged Legate
1 M 1 Jumbo Card Picard, Explorer
0 P 4 Jean Luc Picard Starship Captain
  Color Test Print Card 
  Black Face Card 



Adversaries Anthology

Release Date: Sept 23

ADVERSARIES, an anthology for the STAR TREK Customizable Card Game, Second Edition is packed with villainous bounty! In the exclusive storage box, designed to hold over 600 cards, players and collectors will find 18 foiled cards from Second Edition, which include some of the most diabolic enemies in the history of all things STAR TREK-- and their ships. This limited edition product also further expands the Archive Portrait collection with new cards featuring Shinzon and the Borg Queen. Other components include a random Call to Arms starter deck and six booster packs (two each from Second Edition, Energize, and Call to Arms).

• Two all-new Archive Portrait cards to add to the new foil subset featuring two characters we love to hate the most: Shinzon and the Borg Queen.
• New foil versions of 18 of Second Edition’s favorite cards, featuring some of STAR TREK’s most infamous villains such as The Viceroy, The Albino and Thomas Riker.
• Foil versions of the Adversaries’ ships: the I.K.S. Maht’ta, the Queen’s Borg Cube and the U.S.S. Defiant.
• New opportunity to pull some favorite Second Edition, Energize, and Call to Arms cards.
• Full-color collector’s box designed to hold over 600 cards



Thumbnail-click for larger image

Strange New Words  Release Date May 13, 2005 Checklist

Expansion Facts
122 Cards
40 Commons
40 Uncommons
40 Rares
18-Card Archive Foil Subset
2 Archive Portrait Cards 1:70
Available in 11-Card Expansion Packs

Click to see archive cards


Be prepared to test your knowledge of the Rules of Acquisition in Strange New Worlds! Ferengi like Quark, Rom and Bok help their species become a full-fledged affiliation and provide players with new game play options and strategies. A sub-strategy utilizing androids makes its debut alongside hologram personnel such as Minuet and Sigmund Freud. This new 120-card set will be available in 11-card booster packs containing 1 rare, 3 uncommon, and 7 common cards. An Archive or Archive Portrait foil replaces a rare card in approximately one in seven booster packs. MSRP for the the packs is $3.69 each

Decipher’s STAR TREK CCG Second Edition To Visit Strange New Worlds-- First Full Expansion Of 2005 To Offer Game play And Collectibility (Norfolk, VA — February 18, 2005) — On April 15, 2005 Decipher will release the first full expansion in over a year for the STAR TREK™ CCG Second Edition. Strange New Worlds will take players to new heights of game play and offer STAR TREK™ fans new cards to collect. “We’re spreading our wings a bit with Strange New Worlds,” said Erika Stensvaag, STAR TREK™ CCG Second Edition Brand Manager for Decipher. “Over the past several months, we’ve been asking players what they would like to see in 2005 and taking input from collectors as well. The overwhelming request has been for popular (and some obscure) characters from the STAR TREK™ CCG First Edition. We think the players will enjoy who makes an appearance!” Strange New Worlds will introduce the Ferengi, including Quark, Rom, Bok and even a Ferengi version of Lwaxana Troi. New game mechanics allow the Ferengi to stockpile their profits to increase their power and influence. Other features of Strange New Worlds include popular androids such as B-4 from STAR TREK™ Nemesis, the Soong-type Android and Ruk. Holographic personnel such as Minuet, Sigmund Freud and Vic Fontaine also appear and fan-favorite characters such as Spock, Montgomery Scott and Kivas Fajo can now become part of your crew. New Missions, Dilemmas, Events, and more round out what players will find in each 11-card booster pack. “STAR TREK™ CCG Second Edition is also popular with STAR TREK™ collectors,” explained Stensvaag. “Our game offers a more complete view of the STAR TREK™ universe than any other product. If they walked on camera, then we’ve probably found out what their name was and put them on a card. Collectors still wanted us to create more unique cards for their hobby. With Strange New Worlds, we’ll introduce some new programs that will be featured through 2005 and beyond.” A new promotional foil subset is available in Strange New Worlds. The 18-card “Archive” foil subset features rare cards from the set in a beautiful diffraction foil treatment. The first two cards of a continuing “Archive Portrait” set features two popular STAR TREK™ characters in an alternate character template. The card is playable, but the image of the character takes up more of the card, creating a unique collectible. The Archive foil subset appears roughly one in every eight packs whereas the Archive Portrait foil cards appear in an average of one in 70 packs. Decipher is also offering a special promotional card to players and collectors who pre-order a booster display of Strange New Worlds by March 11, 2005. The Admiral McCoy, Remarkable man promo will accompany each booster display ordered. Retails and tournament directors may also order special release weekend tournament kits to support organized play in their stores. Details on these programs are available on Strange New Worlds has officially begun soliciting to hobby retailers and is available through any authorized Decipher distributor or online at

Three 2005 Expansions For the Star Trek CCG After 2 Sold Out Releases in 2004
December 20, 2004

Decipher has announced an ambitious schedule for its Star Trek Second Edition CCG, the new version of Decipher's first licensed CCG. Eleven years after Decipher launched its first Star Trek CCG, 360 new Star Trek CCG cards will open up new avenues of game play and reflect the ever-changing Star Trek universe. The first Star Trek Expansion of 2005 is Strange New Worlds, which adds 120 new cards to the game and streets in April. In Strange New Worlds the Ferengi become a full affiliation and fans can look for more holograms, Androids and an 18-card foil subset. Like all the Star Trek Second Edition 2005 Expansions, Strange New World comes in 11-card booster packs that will retail for $3.69.

The second Star Trek CCG Expansion, To Boldly Go, arrives in August and introduces personnel and ships from the current Star Trek TV series, Enterprise. Like Strange New Worlds, To Boldly Go includes 120 new cards and will be released in boosters only.

The final Star Trek CCG release of 2005, Captain's Log, also adds 120 cards to the game while providing Voyager and her crew a Second Edition debut with a unique new reporting ability.

Reflections Two

Checklist for the new and reprint foils

Expansion Facts:
Released December 8, 2004
121 Cards
61 New Premium Foils
60 Foil Reprints of Rare Cards from Previously Issued Sets. According to the website, the foils differ only in the copyright line – the copyright year is updated, and the "1" signifying the first printing is removed.)

Thumbnail-click for larger image
Promo card sent to dealers as part of gaming kits to do tournaments. OP25 (non-foil)

Reprint information:

  • Second Edition (base set): 9
  • Energize: 8
  • Call to Arms: 13
  • Necessary Evil: 30

Card Types

  • 15 Dilemmas
  • 1 Equipment
  • 12 Events
  • 6 Interrupts
  • 26 Personnel (8 affiliations plus Non-aligned)
    • Two of the personnel cards to be reprinted were to fix an error. Jakes Sisko and Locutus of Borg.

Available in
18-Card Expansion Packs
(2 Random Foils + 16 Cards from Previously Issued Sets)

Projected Release Date
December 8, 2004


REVIEW: Pros and Con:

Somehow I got rid of my boxes and wrappers to scan for the site. Will try to fix that problem ;)

A box of the product netted two foil cards per pack plus various commons, uncommons and rares from earlier Second Edition products. The non-foil cards were random, some packs netted 3 rares, some none. Like Reflections 1, there are foils for popular cards from earlier sets. The difference for this set is the addition of new foil cards not seen before, making collectors like myself who pursue foil cards only if they differ from the non-foil join in on the chase. New foil cards include Vina (!), Galen, Major Rakal, and a new Defiant card. Reprints include the Borg Queen, Jake Sisko and and At What Cost?
I had no trouble getting the two foil cards per box with a good variety of cards. There were some of the foils that had lines or scratches down the length of the card, but this didn't happen too often.
One collector reported getting about half the total rares in three boxes with alot of duplicating. Another collector reported one case netted two complete sets total with only a little duplication.
Decipher has always had a good eye for images and the new SE cards, esp. witrh the foil effect, are bright and colorful.They're getting pretty creative in how to continue to include the main crew in a new role (as in Curzan Odo) and offering creative events and interrupts and what not. The artowrk for the wrappers and boxes (honest, I'll get scans!!!) is great!
A pro or con depending on your perspective, is the addition of the rares from earlier products. It offers a great chance to complete earlier sets, but also lessens sales for dealers who stock singles in the earlier sets. I did notice that there were alot of the same rares being pulled over and over.
EDITORIAL: Not everyone that collects trading cards collects CCG cards. One thing that holds CCG products back is the volume of product produced. Rare and ultra-rare cards from earlier sets are anything BUT rare in collecting terms. For example, the ultra-rae for AU, the Futre Enterprise had a print run of 42,000. There are 19,339 of each rare card in the BB set and 127,006 of each rare in AU. There were 5,000 6 box cases and 7,500 6 box starters boxes for the BB set. These are massive numbers compared with the 16,000 box run for, say, the 1997 TOS Season One. Collectors were originally paying $50-$60 for cards that won't sell now or if they do, sell for $1-$5. To make collecting appealing to *collectors*, the print runs would have to be drastically cut. Print runs for current products are uknown. I'd be curious to know if they were lessened. Products like NE and AGT seems to have a smaller print run and have increased in value since release (at least as of this date).
But, there is somethnig....not sure what to call it...about the CCG product that is addicting for me. Having an autograph card of Patrick Stewart is a great collectible and makes me feel as though I have a piece of the actor portraying my favorite character.Holding a Picard or a Janeway CCG card feels like you own the character themselves. Personally, until I have Archer, I won't be satisfied. ;)

Fractured Time-From their website
Release Date: October 13, 2004

Fractured Time will range through the past, present, and future of the Star Trek universe, crossing the boundaries of parallel universes and timelines. New characters and mechanics will feature images from all five live-action Star Trek series. From the Second Edition debut of James T. Kirk to the first Star Trek: Enterprise character – Daniels – to the return of the "Future Enterprise" version of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D, Fractured Time is packed with all your favorite space/time-bending episodes.

Complete 40-card expansion set of Fractured Time cards.
1 Premiere Booster pack
1 Energize Booster Pack
1 Call to Arms Booster Pack
1 Premiere or CTA Starter Deck
Collector's Box- 6 different kinds

Release Date: October 13, 2004

Fractured Time also introduces a new "call out" keyword – Decay. This new effect will destroy the card it is on – but not right away. As you play, certain things trigger the demise of these cards. What type of cards have decay? Events. Some decay events have strong game text and some decay events do something interesting when they are destroyed. But all the decay events will eventually leave ... yes, their TIME is short.

Postcard used in place of the standard sell sheet.
Older press releases from Decipher
Thumbnail-click for larger image

Recent promo cards released:

A foil card of Worf was included in kits Decipher passed out to dealers and at shows.

Sela and Picard promo cards


10th Anniv. set of 18 foil cards with the 10th Anniv. logo in the corner. Part of a promotion to celebrate their 10 years. Cards include:

0 P 6 •Benjamin Sisko, Shipwright (F) (1E) Personnel Bajoran
0 P 7 •Borg Queen, Perfectionist (F) Personnel Borg
0 P 8 •Dukat, True Cardassian (F) Personnel Cardassian
0 P 9 •Kudak'Etan, Arrogant First (F) (1E) Personnel Dominion
0 P 10 •Data, Commanding Officer (F) Personnel Federation
0 P 11 •Jean-Luc Picard, Starship Captain (F) (1E) Personnel Federation
0 P 12 •Gowron, Sole Leader of the Empire (F) (1E) Personnel Klingon
0 P 13 •Arctus Baran, Treasure Seeker (F) Personnel Non-aligned
0 P 14 •Velal, Reluctant Aggressor (F) Personnel Romulan
0 P 15 •Baraka (F) (1E) Ship Bajoran
0 P 16 •Queen's Borg Cube (F) Ship Borg
0 P 17 •Naprem (F) Ship Cardassian
0 P 18 •U.S.S. Defiant, Commandeered Warship (F) Ship Dominion
0 P 19 •U.S.S. Enterprise-D, Explorer (F) Ship Federation
0 P 20 •U.S.S. Sutherland (F) Ship Federation
0 P 21 •I.K.S. Bortas (F) Ship Klingon
0 P 22 •Fortune, Raider for Hire (F) (1E) Ship Non-aligned
0 P 23 •Rovaran (F) (1E) Ship Romulan


Retail Incentive July-August 2003 Personnel Cardassian
0 P 3 Dukat, Liberator and Protector (AI) (Pv-3)

Call to Arms Release September 2003 Personnel Cardassian
0 P 4 Jean-Luc Picard, Starship Captain (AI)

DGMA Territorial Open Championship 2004 Personnel Federation
0 P 5 Sela, Devious Schemer (AI) (Pv-4)

Necessary Evil Release Spring 2004 Personnel Romulan
1 M 1 Jean-Luc Picard, Explorer (O)

Older promos:

This exclusive alternate image card of Ro Laren was given out to participants at the Star Trek Energize pre-release tournaments of May 9.
Elim Garak promo-free to people who buy $10 worth of product.

Oversized promos:

  • Two of Nine Personnel
  • Admiral Riker Personnel
  • Picard-Explorer-mentioned on Decipher's site




Release Date: March, 17, 2004
Expansion Facts:
180 Cards
60 Commons
60 Uncommons
60 Rares

Available in 11-Card Expansion Packs

A subset of 18 rare cards will be produced in diffraction foil versions (as well as regular unfoiled versions) and randomly inserted in approximately one in every seven packs in place of the "normal" rare card. The 18 foils will all be of the same level of rarity. The cards are foiled and include a special 10th Anniv. logo in the right upper corner.

Thumbnail-click for larger image
Click on the image to the left to see the differences between the NE foils and non-foils.
Decipher has apparently stopped offering promo sell sheets and has moved to a post card that can be mailed to collectors.
There will is an alternate image Sela card given out to storefront dealers and at shows.


Call to Arms! Checklist

Release Date: September 10, 2003

From Decipher's Website:

Raise the shields! The Gamma and Delta Quadrants are coming in full force to Star Trek CCG, with two of the most aggressive and dangerous affiliations in the Star Trek universe – the Borg and the Dominion. Alpha Quadrant beware: you're about to be assimilated and infiltrated! But you can get all your advance intelligence on the upcoming invasion right here – card images, spoilers, contests, articles, and more.

Call to Arms will include two different playable 63-card starter decks, each featuring one of the two new affiliations. Each contains a mix of cards from Call to Arms (including 3 random rares), Energize, and the Second Edition base set. A total of 28 cards appear only in the starter decks, including starter-only versions of the Borg Queen and the Founder Leader. The 11-card booster packs are entirely Call to Arms cards.

Expansion Facts:
208 Cards
60 Commons
60 Uncommons
60 Rares
28 Starter-Deck Only Cards

Available in
63-card Starter Decks
11-Card Expansion Packs

Star Trek Energize Ltd edition

Release date: May 21, 2003

The Energize Limited Edition expansion is a 180 card set presented in Boosters only. This set focuses on the things that make each affiliation different - Klingons like to fight, Romulans like to sneak around, Cardassians capture and abuse....We see the dark side of Deep Space Nine and the helpfulness of the Next Generation Crew....There's more for the Bajoran and at last, Kahless and his followers will make an appearance. Energize introduces the Maquis affiliation. The Maquis are a barebones faction of terrorists/freedom fighters fighting Cardassians and the Federation for their home colonies that lie in the DMZ between Cardassian space and Federation space. They are sure to add a lot to the game! In game terms they sabotage and slow down an opponent's game development. Besides a unique way of winning they add fan favorites like Michael Eddington, Ro Laren and Chakotay. This is the Second release for the Second edition game.

2nd Edition CCG

Beginning of the new format of CCG cards. Here is an older press release explaining their plans.

Release Date: in December 18, 2002

Expansion Facts:
415 Cards
121 Commons
121 Uncommons
121 Rares
Plus 52 Cards Found Only in Starter Decks

Available in Four Different Fixed Starter Decks and 11-Card Expansion Packs

Most heavily featured are The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, but there are some Voyager and original series images. There are also images from most of the Star Trek films, and around three dozen images from the new movie Nemesis. 

Thumbnail-click for larger image


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