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Foreign sets (to those in the US anyway)  




Foreign Card Checklist (incomplete)

See also the pog, playing card and phone card sections.
Australia and New Zealand

SFX Trump Cards
Adventure Metal Cards
UK Adventure Cards

A&BC cards (UK, 1969) 55 cards set

  • Desilu copyright
  • Paramount copyright

Topps Trenbar (UK)1979 STTMP set of 88
Lyon's Maid 25 cards on ice lollies (our Popsicles)

1979 General Mills cereal set
Weetabix Cereal's set of 18 cards from 1979 ST:TMP
Primrose Set
DownPace UK wallet type cards
Hula Hoop" potato snack card
UK oversized Video Card Set
UK 3-d video cards
Generations oversized video cards
Post Office Post Card
CIC DS9 cards
CIC Trek Data Cards
Eurpoe FanClub cards
UK LObby Cards

Australia Topps 76 72 cards set
New Zealand Topps72 cards set
Australian TV Week Cards
Season Two of Voyager tape cards
Australian Disco passes


Topps 76 card set Canadian O Pe Che 88/22
Hostess Mini-card set
Kellogg's Cereal Set
French Canaidan TV-Promotional Card
Canadian Whozzat cards
7 Joursis
Who's Who
Personal Preferences
French and English Gift Cards

German Galileo ticket card
German Limit ship cards
German Mickey Maus Card
German Convention Card
German Limit Cards
Germany Disney Cards
German 4 Captian's Cards
German Bi-Fi sausage snacks ST:TNG cards
German widevision video card set
German CIC video card sets
Oddball German Convention Cards
German World Tour cards and postcards
German FedCon cards
German Janeway and 7 of 9 CIC video cards
Voyager OFC postcard set
German oversized cards of 7 of 9
German TV Highlights cards
German oversized Dr card
German oversized Borg Queen
German Oversized Neelix
German Cinema card
CIC 7 of 9 card set
German comic ad card
German 40th Anniv. Video Card Set
Kino Cards

Greek ESB cards with  ST:TMP cards. Monty Gum Set
Sci Fi Channel Media Kit


DVD gift card Tele-Loisirs card



Tele-Loisirs is a Fremch Magazine that featured a series of cards based on televsion shows. This card is for Star Trek.


At a dvd/music store in the Netherlands, you can get a special Voyager 'wild card', that will give you a discount when you buy the Voyager dvd series, If you buy 6 seasons, the 7th is for free. (Thanks, Martin!)


Thumbnail-click for larger image
The Sci-Fi channel put out a Japanese/US media kit that included a CDROM, a series of cards and a blue binder to hold the cards. The cards are about 3x4 1/2 with text on back.


Thumbnail-click for larger image
Scanlens -72 card Captains Log set. They were identical to the US 76 Topps set except for the authorization details on the cards. The brand names are NOT on the cards, but the backs are absent "Printed in USA." The stock is a touch thinner, but it is amazingly whiter, so the blue and yellow on the backs is blazingly bright. "Be sure to watch for the new star trek full length motion picture" is replaced with the episode that the card front came from. No number in the top left hand corner. # of 72 is in the lower right corner of the yellow box. There is no sticker set for this series.
TV Week Classic TV-1995-1996, a TV Guide type insert, has a single ST card, in limited and unlimited versions. In it's second card series, TV Week decided to make what could be called inserts or chase cards. What they did was make a limited number (5,000) of each card in the set with a gold foil stamp of a TV on them. (Thanks Cecil and Enza!!)
Season Two of Voyager tapes in Australia have a set of 10 postcards/oversized cards(Thanks, Steve!)
There was a club in Australia who gave out several ST related disco passses in honor of ST night. (Thanks, Phillip!) One is TNG, one is TAS and the third disco pass is a more oversized card with the TOS Enterprise-A on the front. There is a color variation for this particular pass. (Thanks, Phillip!)
Here's a sweet item! A Topps 76 Scanlens box! (THanks John for the info and scan!!!)

New Zealand 

Allens & Regina. 72 card set similar to the Australia version of the Topps 76 set. Printed in USA is missing. See above for more information. Thanks Bob and Sam! 


Thumbnail-click for larger image
A set of 4 gift cards you can buy from Canadian stores. THese are similar to the gift cards found in Canadian sets of DVD's but text is French.
Two of a known series of 4 (will get scans of the other two) offered as part of a promotion in Canada to promote a series of Trek DVD's.
  As best as I can understand it, the Topps 76 set, when released in Canada was distributed by O Pee Chee. The only difference between this and the US set is the box. I am trying to locate when to know for sure! The wrapper is the same as the US version and mentions both US and Canada on the text. One collector notes that the 'cut' of the card is rougher on the Canadian distributed cards.

This is from the Canadian Game from the 1980's called "Personal Preference". It has hundreds of cards with different celebrities or things represented as obscure artist drawings. There are two featuring Star Trek characters: Captain Kirk (a drawing of the Enterprise) and Mr. Spock (a drawing of two pointy ears!). (Thanks, Larry)

Canadian Game card called Who's Who from 1992. Card 188 is a Shatner card, the back has several trivia questions.
Two Cut out cards from a French/Canadian Magazine called 7 Joursis 3 1/2"x5 1/2".

These two cards are from a Canadian game called Whozat, made around 1992, and out of print. The caricatures are by an artist named Marshall Kaplan. The game features over 300 cards of famous people, athletes, politicians, singers, movie stars etc... (Thanks, Larry!) (3x4)
Frito-Lay-1993. Set of 60 cards. 38 ST:TNG, 10 DS9, 10 fold-outs and 2 checklists. There was a folder/binder that reports limit to 300, given to grocery store managers. There was also some contest/prize cards as well.
Canadian cereal box set with ST cards, 1996. Selected boxes (like mini-wheats, Raisin Bran) of cereal have 4 cards on the back of the box that can be cut out for a total set of 60. The front has an image of certain characters. They span all the series and movies. This is a NICE set!! (Thanks, Dan and SW!)   One note: there are NO pictures of Spock on either the cards or the fronts....odd and surely intentional omission as some images had to be altered. As JMH says, isn't it everybody's dream to be on a Wheatie's box, so why wouldn't Leonard Nimoy want to be???  
This is a promo set promoting a new science fiction TV channel in Quebec (Channel Z). Packs were given out at the movies with the purchase of a ticket. Each pack has 6 cards and a TV schedule. There are 12 known cards in the set. One of these cards is ST:TNG. (Thanks, Jerie!)


Thumbnail-click for larger image
These *cards* are from the ST Adventure in the UK. THey come on the neck strap contraption, like for a camera. The cards are attach through a hole onto a clip, like perhaps to look like press passes? Not sure, they fit into standard non-card pockets. Imange shows the fronts of all but, DS9. That is the back. One card is metal. (Thanks, Paul!)
SFX magazine had a series of small cards, part of a game called Trump. Though the front of the magazine shows 7 of 9, that card isn't part of the sealed pack inside.
SFX Magazine put out a special edition magazine called SFX Appeal around the end of 2003. The magazine included a series of small cards, 2 perforated cards in a sheet. Six are Trek. (Thanks, Kathy for the tip and Paul for the mags!!)
These are a series of postcards (with room for stamps and address) from the ST Adventure in the UK. (Thanks, Paul!)
A postcard offered in the lobby of UK cinemas as a promotional of Enterprise "Broken Bow" (Thanks, Jim!)
This is a 4x5 3/4 postcard (with place on back for address) from Holland promoting the release of Enterprise on video. (Thanks, Ben!)


This is a post-card sized ad card for a convention in the UK.

This is a lobby card promoting the release of Nemesis on 3rd Jan in the UK. The card is postcard size ( 4.1" x 5.8") (Thanks, Jim!)
These two cards are membership cards to the ST Fan Club in Europe. Trading card sized, but back holds membership name.
These are large sized data cards (I got mine form the UK, I don't know for sure that tey are from there). I don't know how many are in the set, the numbering scheme would imply alot.
In 1993, CIC offered videos of DS9 with a collector's card in them. The video had a sticker on the front to let you know there was a card inside.(approx 4.8 inches by 3.5) (Thanks, Paul!!)
A postcard produced by the UK Post Office (Thanks, Paul!)
A set of 6 UK video cards....they actually have an attached pair of 3-d glasses that you remove to view image on card. The full set has 6 cards.
Caricatures of ST:TOS. May have been packaged with candy cigarettes. There are several variations in the borders surrounding the text on back from straight lines to zig zags and some reprints as well. One dealer suggested the way to tell an original from a reprint was a reduction in text size.
Topps A and BC-1969. Color photos, .55 cards, all from the episode What are Little Girls Made of?. This set has some controversy. There has been a find of some cards with a Desilu, 1968 copyright. The 'normal' set has a Paramount, 1969 copyright. The wrapper, interestingly, enough, has a 1968 copyright date. Not much is known about the variation of the Desilu cards. The questions left unanswered are: was there a test print and then when they went to actually produce the set, the copyright was changed. Did they produce the set initially as a 1968 set and then later on change over to a 1969 set??
Star Trek card ABC binder  ABC album for cards. No copyright date and doesn't specifiy Star Trek ,but a fun item nonetheless.
General Mill's-1979 (also released in the US). Color photos and action shots. 18 cards. Found on the back of boxes of GM's cereal. Found on Booberry, Cocoa Puffs, Count Chocula, Frankenberry, Lucky Charms, and Trix cereal boxes. There were two 'types' of cards. Large boxes featured characters shots, smaller boxes showed scenes from the movie.
Lyon's Maids set of 25 cards and a poster that displays the cards.
The Downpace cards are star trek credit card style cards given away free with mugs that were available in the UK. They were produced by a company called "Downpace Ltd" in 1995. There are 18 cards in the set, both TOS and TNG, depicting various characters, ships and scenes.
This is a postcard issued to tie-in with a major advertising campaign by KP in (I think) 1998-1999 for their "Hula Hoop" potato snack; it was originally a large poster (used in bus shelters). (Thanks, Paul!)
Found in UK ST Generations Widescreen Special Collectors Edition video tape. The cards come sealed in an opaque envelope and are 4x6. (sllllooow...lots of pictures!)
A UK exclusive video set-all 9 movies in a boxed set. Includes 5 movie stills/postcards with blank backs. They measure 4 1/2 and 7 1/4.
Weetabix. Two different sets of cards.
  • 1979 set- 18 cards in set. art and color photos. Cards were made to stand up. Came with boxes of Wheetabix cereal. 
  • 1985 Generations set- 1o sticker cards. The stickers could be peeled off and displayed on 4 different *scenes*.


Thumbnail-click for larger image
ST:WOK Monty Gum set. 100 cards. It is a smaller size than most cards. Cards #60 and 86 has the Enterprise upside down! (Thanks, Sam, for pointing that out) (wrapper)
A sealed Monty Gum box, I thought it was cool! (from Ebay store of fourguysandachick, thanks!) 



Thumbnail-click for larger image
A ST card from Israel! 14cm X 9.5cm, blank backed. (Thanks, Omer)



Thumbnail-click for larger image
There is a set of SW:ESB cards that has a ST subset. They appear to be bootleg reprints of stickers from the Topps 79 set. Some of the cards are repetitions of the same image, but different size text and card numbers. The checklists may not be complete, but there appear to be at least 24.


Thumbnail-click for larger image
  Topps TMP-1979. (Trebor of Ireland) Same as US version but wrapper says "Movie Photo Bubble Gum Cards". Stock is thinner and whiter. No stickers with this set. 7 of the cards do differ in content from the US version. Different borders, brighter colors on the back, several different images on some of the cards, card #1 is a shot of Kirk, Spock and McCoy, rather then the title card. Also presented as a UK set,. (Thanks, JMH)


Thumbnail-click for larger image
Card distributed at Galileo 7, an advertisement for a store called Ultimo Avamposto, but the card is in Italian and advertized an Italian store. Check out other oddball convention cards from Germany
2 1/3 x 3 3/4 on thin card stock. Cane in a magazine called Disney Limit in Germany. Both are on a perforated sheet of two. (Thanks Uwe!)
A German blank backed card from a German event/convention. (Thanks, Mile!!)
From a German Magazine called Mickey Maus. (Thanks, Uwe!!)
Set of two Trek cards found in a Germany Disney Magazine. Cards are on thin card stock and come perforated into the magazine. (Thanks, Uwe!)
Set of 4 Captain's Cards from Germany. Standard trading card sized cards with the names of the Captain on the back. (Thanks, Uwe!)
In 1998, a postcard of the TNG bridge crew was released in Germany. It has the same logo as a standard trading card sized Captain's card set
There are two cards form a German Magazine called Limit. The smaller card is 2 x3 on thin card stock with infrmaotion on the actor on back. The larger card is 3x4, on a more paper style stock with informaiton on the series on the back. German text, both were perforated with other Movie and Television type cards.
A set of German Bi-Fi sausage snacks ST:TNG cards. Set of 6 with a 3-d effect. (Thanks, Claudia!)
There is a set of German cards found in a movie video set. The cards are licensed by Paramount and a long and thin with artistic renderings of Trek planets and it's inhabitants. ( card is oversized, rest of text and card is cropped.)
The ST German World Tour cards and postcards were released in Germany as a boxed set. There were both an information card set and a postcard set.
These oversized cards came from the German 7 of 9 Vide Box set (released by Paramount Home Entertainment Germany, formerly CIC Video). (Thanks, Stephan!)
  CIC (now Paramount Home Entertainment) released several series of cards in thier video tapes. These cards are slightly larger then a standard card, but not as big as a widevision. Text is in German.

The firs set is a series of 32  TE01(Technik) trading cards being inserted in TOS, TNG, DS9 and Voyager tapes, one per tape and were randomly inserted.

A second series of  8 space phenomena  card WP02 (weltraumphänomene),  in a light gold border followed. .
And a series of schematic type cards was released in another run of their tapes.
A series of 13 various Trek ship cards were also issued. A single 4 ships card was found in a boxed set of "Greatest battles"

CIC has also released several videos with oversized, blank backed cards with reprinted auto cards.

1999 Video copies of Voyager's "Dark Frontier" ("Das ungewisse Dunkel") will be distributed by CIC Germany with an autographed Jeri Ryan *reproduced signature) (VGR: 7 of 9) collector's card. (Thanks Mark for the news and Reiner for the scan!!!)
CIC in German has released two new cards in their videos. One is the Dr from Flesh and Blood and one is the Borg Queen (Unimatrix Zero) (Thanks, Rolf!)
This card is another of the German video cards, oversized, blank-backed with a copied signatire. It comes from the episode, Workforce?
From a German video, Unimatrix Zero, this is a oversized, blank-backed with a copied signatire.
This is a 2000 German video card repleased in CIC's tape of the Equinox. It has a copied black signature on the front.
A new CIC German video card added to their videos. Fake signatures on cast. Card is oversized with a blank backed.(Thanks, Uwe)
A set of 4 Voyager oversized cards/postcards (blank backed) from the German Official Fan Club...A second set of 4 was released a few months later, same style.
Germany releases their third installment of Trek Official Fan Club cards. The set of 4 has one Voyagr and three DS9 cards.
Another in a series of 4 cards with blank backs, released by the German Official Fan Club. (Thanks, Rolf!)
The next in a series of cards form the Official Fan Club in Germany. This is a set of 4 cards, with blank backs.
Another in the series of German OFC cards. (Thanks, Uwe!)
Next installment of the OFC cards.
Next in a series of German OFC oversized cards.

4 cards from the German OFC series of cards that's been ongoing for a few years

Next in a series of Official Fan Club Cards from Germany (Thanks, Uwe!)

Germany has a convention each year where a ticket card is created, this is one of the cards. Past cards: FedCon6 FedCon7 Fedcon8 FedCon10 FedCon 11 FedCon 11 auto FedCon12
A card from a German magazine. I"ll post more details as soon as I find the card :)
These cards are found in the German TV Highlights Magazine. They come 4 to a sheet and are perforated. Cards include all 4 series of Trek, Xena, Stargate....Size is 4x6. Back has smaller image and German text.
This is a set of three oversized, blank backed cards from German videos-a 7 of 9 Special Edition released by CIC in 2001.
A set of two oversized comic ad cards for Voyager from Germany.
Another series of the German OFC oversized cards (thanks, Uwe!)
A series of oversized cards found in Kino Magazine with actor biographical info on the back. (Thanks, Uwe!)
A series of cards from a German 40th Anniv. DVD set. (Thanks, Uwe!)


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