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Hamilton Collectibles

Remember that line I said I was gonna push!? Well, guess what? They have porcelain cards..honest! And actually, they are kinda cool, though I was skeptical at first. What bothered me the most is many of these cards are also plates and if you have the plate, do you have to have the card??? Hmmmmm....well, anyway......

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Hamilton Gifts released a small series of porcelain cards (it says so right on the packages C A R D S!!!) of TOS and TNG crew and ships. (not show-TOS Enterprise) Released in 1992.
NOTE: Hamilton Collectibles no longer has a Trek license and these cards are only available through the secondary market.
They produced standard sized trading card style porcelain cards (along with a display in 1996. These came in two different series, a ships series and a character series. They lost the liscense about the time the subscription series (2 a month) was winfing down and many collectors weren't aware that if they didn't get the cards NOW, they would be left with an incomplete collection.
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The Voyages collection- set of 12
The Characters collection- set of 12


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