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STCardGeek's Holy Grail of Star Trek Cards-in no particular order (and I'm not quite done organizing to know if I need to add things...want them, want them bbbaaaaaaad :)

Thumbnail-click for larger image
Nintendo GameBoy ad card-Kirk and Spock variation (card on right)
An error card from the Topps 79 UK card set, #72. As you can see, there is one with and without the copyright.  (Thanks, Jeremy!)
UK Voyager video card set of 12. I need these 2 to replace damaged cards.
First Contact Phone Card Set in Folder from the UK. 
  Unreleased pewter cards from Franklin Mint:
Klingon Bird of Prey-uncolored (error-the back has Ent-D info)
TOS Enterprise (a colored version was released, but not an uncolored version)
The only thinkg known about these is the backs have Promotional Use Only Written on back.  They are standard trading card sized.
Set of 6 (we assume) Walls ST III stickers from New Zeeland. Found as an ice cream promotional. Doesn't seem as often seen as the ST II version.  (I have Sulu)
Star Trek parady pogs (Thanks, Genny!)  FishTrek.
Blank (grey backed) uncut sheet of 4 TNG cards with no copyright information. Possibly from the '90's. 
  Primrose set of 12 sticker/cards with a zig zag pattern instrad of straight.
Part of a card set put out by the USPS.  Removed off want list 10/13. THANKS SWEETIE!
Gift card from I Tunes with a WOK image. Removed off want list 5/15. Yay Rory!
This card is from a set of movie cards produced by Italian Company PMC in 1991.
A new Japanese Star Trek Credit card! (Thanks, Ben!) As best as I can tell, it's related to the Star Trek fan club in Japan and offered discounts with purchases. Is related to General Electric.
The Fox Dominion set of cards has a 7th, not often seen card of Geordi and a crewman. I'd love to get my hands on that card. (here are the other 6). From the King's Dominion park. A promotion from KD and a Fox TV Channel.
Uncut sheet of various TV series, with two Trek cards. Columbia House.
From a series of Japanese videos, these cards cover TNG movies and episodes, some are similar to the phone cards also released in Japan. I was told about these a few years ago and can't for the life of me figure out why I didn't get them on the website!. I know they are on my want list! Ad sheet
Video set from the UK?
  Rittenhouse Archives Trek in Motion promo card/test card with RA logo in the upper corner. I saw this auctionne on Ebay AFTER it closed..sigh...this was back in like 2000...RA confirmed that they had printed some test cards and opted not to use this logo and that some cards went out as sample requests to collectors. Not sure who won the card, the lucky dog ;)
The company is called Global Call and I can't tell if it's US or UK. It's a plastic card, similar to phone cards. Removed off want list 1/31/13. THANKS SWEETIE!

Australian Paul's ST stickers: click on thumbnail to right to view what I still need.

Bally's pinball card.
A card from a series of movie cards, possibly from Spain. (Thanks Daniel/Dennis)


A foreign promo card set...anyone with any extra info is begged to let me know what you know about these cards!  ;) The ST 6 card was published and distributed by Film Freak Productions, Zoetermeer, Netherlands. Card is 4x5.88 inches with a regular postcard back and has a date of 1991.
Star Wars you say?? Cluttering up a trek site? I have it on good authority that this SW sticker and wrapper have a Trek counterpart and I include it here to give you something to go on. It was released in Turkey in 1997 and is part of a 120 sticker set. Each sticker and wrapper comes from a different movie.
Set of 8 DS9 cards found in video tapes marked with a special sticker.  From 1993.
There is a set of SW:ESB cards that has a ST subset. They appear to be bootleg reprints of stickers from the Topps 79 set. Some of the cards are repetitions of the same image, but different size text and card numbers.
I need:
117 Chapel, small text
140v Uhura snall text
3 Enterprise large text
3v Enterprise snall text
91v Enterprise, large text
  There may be another alien card

Not too sold on this set anymore. As I've *aged*, I realize I really don't want to collect bootleg stuff.
Galoob AF Prototypes (yeah yeah, not likely!).
  Morris album with Gorn poster


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