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ST Oddball Cards That Just Don't Fit Well Anywhere Else!
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a sketchcard drawn at the 2011 National Convention. Produced by Leaf.
Italian Star Trek Card Second card (similar to the Sean Kenney card) from an Italian Convention.
This deck, seen at Hallmark, from Flick Black Media Inc, is from A Trivia CHallenege Playing Cards Game. Two of the decks have Trek images. (Thanks, John!)
  National Sports Collector's Show 2011 promo card, VIP-09.  (Thanks, Enza)
Game card from a Canadian game called Picture perfect.  
Part of a card set put out by the USPS.  (Thanks, Genny!)
Convention cards from the Toronto Polaris Convention in 2010. (Thanks Urmine7of9!!!)
Promo postcard from SDCC 2009/
Ad card for a Trek Mobile Phone game in the Netherlands (Thanks, Martin!)
These costume cards were a case topper that came with the Diamond Select Toys  of Star Trek Deep Space Nine Diamond Select action figures. The card features a piece  Worf's uniform from  Deep Space Nine and was purchased through CHristie's Auctions. There are three costume variations, black, grey and red. (Grey seems most hard to get). (Thanks Mark and Galene!)
This auto'd costume card from Leonard Nimoy was released at an FX convention in Orlando, Florida April 17-19, 2009. I have heard numbers between 100-350 signed. 
Card with ST artwork promoting Don Piraro, who appeared at the Philly Show
2007 XXI Sticcon Sean Kenney autograph card (thanks, Andrew)
In January 2008, Star Trek the Tour. It began in California with plans to tour the country. Please visit the website, Star Trek The Tour, to read up on this experience.  The cards are passed out free at the show to users to allow them to track photos taken of you at the hsow and for ordering them online. They are a set of 7 ship cards and are available for purchase. (Thanks Gal and Dave R(from ST the Tour)!
Diamond Comic's created a costume card form a ST:TMP engineering costume purchased at Chrsitie's auction. Limited to 1500. Given as an incentive when dealers purchased a case of their Trek toy line.  (Thanks, Galene)
Well, I bought this cause I wanted to see what the *card* part stood for in the Starfleet Universe Card Game. Not sure if it counts? It's kinda dull but we don't always get to pick :)
Card is 4x6 and advertises the Klingon Language Institute. Back has information about the Institute and courses to learn Klingon. (Thanks, Mark!)
I can't read the name of the company in the corner, but I think it's Penguin. The is a standard trading card, but thinner stock then usual. Limited to #20.

Matel released a Star Trek trivia game with these Star Trek cards. I only scanned TOS for some reason, but the cards cover TOS, TNG, DS9 and VOY. (Thanks, Chris)

This is one of four cards found in Hallmark ornaments in 2005. The other two are Locutus of Borg, insignias and Enterprise-A.

Three more added!!

4 different *memory cards* found in the 2004 series of Hallmark Star Trek ornaments. (Thanks, Nancy!)
Set of three trading cards found in 2003 Hallmark Ornaments.
The 2002 series of Hallmark Ornaments has a collectible card included! (Thanks, Andrew!)

This is a set of postcard sized, blank backed art cards. The cards are based on a set of prints. The Star Trek Charcoal Art Prints were first offered for sale in the June-July Star Trek Communicator in 1998 at a cost of $18.00 each. There are four prints as follows: 1) Kirk & Spock, 2) Picard & Riker, 3) Data, Worf, & Troi 4) Sisko& Quark. The information on the print is as follows lower left "TM and 1996 Par.. Pic Used under Authorization" the signature is as follows "Gary Saderup 1989". (Thanks, Thomas!)

**The 20 by 24 inch prints these are based on can be orderd by visiting this site (no card sizes available)

There's a reason this card is somewhat related to Trek cards :) No, it's nothing you can see. It's something mentioned on the back. Wanna guess? :) (Thanks, Genny!)
These two bookmarks (not really cards, but cool, nonetheless) feature the crews holding their favorite books.


Oversized postcards from Lincoln Enterprises in the 70's.

The small "Of My Friend" card is on paper,not cardstock and not gummed. It is a smaller version of a poster that Lincoln Enterprises sold from about 1982 onward.   (Thanks, Audrey)
Lincoln Enterprises also offered 20 sets of wallet sized cards. The sets produced from 1974 to 1987 were offered for sale by Roddenbery's store, Lincoln Enteprises. The cards were repackaged with a header card by another company in the 90's. The 20th set, 2129, was not part of this repackage and is often missed by collectors.

Personality Press and Celebrity Comics released several magazines with trading cards either bound into the magazine in sheets or as loose cards. They also released 4 card sets..two original crew and two new crew. Two of these sets (one old and one new crew) were also released as signed by the artits and included (in each) n all-new promo card. There is also a single Walter Koenig card with a prism border, released in Amazing heroes Magazine.


TOS   TNG    1993, Classic Company. There were two different trivia card games with Trek cards: I don't know if they really fit here in this section, but it'll do for now!!
The 7th Season Trivia cards from the Classic Trivia games had an extra batch of cards.

Star fest cards are a series of cards released in in Colorado as part of their convention. The first 1994 set is a color set of various Trek cards. These cards could be collected at various activities and tables throughout the convention. Then in 1995, they put out a set of 15  B and W cards, slightly smaller in size then the average bear, these were released as part of a game. A second set of color cards was also released with both Trek and non-Trek images. The 1999 card set consisted of thin card sock, slight smllaer cards, 15 in all, not all Trek imgaes. The 2000 Starfest convention consisted of some very small stickers.

Battle Advisor card from Galactic Empires. This card was part of a special CD that was developed for the Galactic Empires game. The actor who plays Dr. Bashir was the voice on the CD and two cards were inserted into the CD's or cassettes The Battle Advisor was found in 1 in 8 CDs (or cassettes)
Nascar featured a First Contact car in a race driven by Michael Waltrip. This First Contact car was made into a card packed with a matchbook card in 1996 produced by Racing Action Platinum Collectibles. The card shows a side view of the car. The car has the First Contact logo and a small Enterprise-E on the back panel.
In 1997, two commemorative passes were released. The first was Waldenbooks' 1997 Trek pass with artwork from the Pocketbook's release, New Frontiers. If you bought two books from the series, you received the pass for free. Limited to 40,000, they were a Waldenbooks' exclusive. The second, a Trek pass with artwork from the book. Day of Honor was not a Waldenbooks exclusive, but seems to be rarely seen nonetheless. Also advertising a Pocket Books' release, the only known sightings were in Barnes and Noble affiliates.
Fox 35/Dominion card set of 7 is a Promotional for Paramount's park.  This is an odd little set. The set is most commonly seen as sets of 6, the 7th card seems rarer. Apparently, they were either passed out at different days whenthe park opened or at different places...and the7th got ignored most often. Also, though the earlier sets were all of the same stock and gloss. Later sets has the 5th card without a gloss, on thinner stocks and appears to be a copy of the original 5th card. Most sets have this 'copied' card.

Ah, the joys of the Internet, Roving Reporter, Tom J, has solved the mystery of the cards with the double images. "In 1993 Cardinal Industries released a board game called Star Trek: TNG: Game of the Galaxies and these unidentified cards are actually the player pieces used in the game. There are actually ten characters in this "set", Guinan, Capt. Picard, Counselor Troi, Dr. Crusher, Ens. Wesley crusher, Lt. Cmdr. La Forge, Cmdr. Riker, Lt. Cmdr. Data, Ens. Ro, and Lt. Worf."

A pile of promotional cards form the San Diego 2006 convention.
Promo card promoting TV1's airing of ST. (Thanks, Mark)
Set of 12 (only 9 pictured) of Trek Movie calender cards. Made of thin cardboard and nno copyright date. So, not an official product, most likely.  
Gerad Roundtree released a few different sets based on the styles he used for Master Series. The fronts are photographic type glossy paper. The backs have a colored paper attached to the card stock with details about the scene and the artitis. There is a small trading card sized set and an oversized card set. There is also a set of three Statue of Liberty cards.

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