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These are the states with Trek tickets so sets ahve been released in a few years and I assume the promotional is over. If you find your state is having a Trek lottery and are willing to supply rabid collectors, email me at

States that have had lottery tickets already

map1.gif (9209 bytes)


Lottery ticket images

California Lottery  1996
Indiana Lottery 1997
Oregon Lottery  1998
Wisconsin Lottery tickets 1998
Connecticut Lottery 1998
New Jersey 1998
Colorado 1998
Kansas 1998     
Arizona 1998         
Virginia 1998   
New Hampshire 1998       
New Mexico 2011
North Carolina 2013
Rhode Island 2013
Kansas 2013
South Dakota 2013
Texas 2013
Idaho 2013
Saskatchewan 2013
West Virginia 2013

Both New Hampshire and Arizona were difficult to obtain. One roll of tickets will not have all tickets on it, so you can't get them on a strip all together.

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