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OK!  Raise your hands! How many of you have heard these words: "You collect pieces of cardboard??" or "You paid how much for THAT???" How many of you spent months looking for that one special card to complete your set?? (Boy, it's hard to type with your hands in the air!) For such a small little thing, those cards can be highly addictive little buggers!!! (For those of you with your hands in the air, be sure and check out the section devoted to Clubs and Social Activities.) This page is dedicated to Star Trek cards, old cards, new cards and foreign cards.  I will even push the definition as wide as you will let me get away with to include cards that aren't made of cardboard (though that doesn't stop others from rolling their eyes!!!!) and some that aren't even shaped like cards. Too much?? Just say "when"!!!


Major Card Companies

Rittenhouse Archives


 Rittenhouse Archives currently is the only company with the license to create Star Trek trading cards.  Baindai is currently producing gaming cards.


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 Fleer Skybox was the only company producing ST cards from 1991-2000. Decipher created gaming cards for the ST card line from 1994-2007. Cyberaction offered an ongoing series of digital trading cards. Foreign cards from Canada, Germany, Australia and many other countries that  have put out ST cards. ST cards in non-ST sets. Some are Trek-related with Trek images. Some are of the actors in different roles. Action Figure cards and Pogs-A daunting task! If you collect cards, but don't collect toys, this is a maddening collectible area, but fun nonetheless. Pogs-To borrow (steal??) a quote from my friend Sam, "Pogs, a card by any other name"   Checklists- printable checklists of different categories. Still a work in progress. Stickers-ST stickers, either as part of a card set or a set to themselves. Phone Cards- Collect cards, make phone calls! Metallic Impressions produced a line of metallic cards. Hamilton Collectibles did porcelain cards...go figure! Scoreboard produced a series of 23 karat gold ST cards. Danbury Mint has released a US and a UK card set.


This is a place to check for new information on cards that has been passed onto me. If you have found a unique card or heard some interesting information, please e-mail me and I will happily post it!!   Older postings get moved into their appropriate section.

Thumbnail-click for larger image
2014 Wacky Packages Old School 5th Series. It has several variations: tan (Ludlow) back, white back, die cut (punch out). 14 of 33.   Click icon for larger size image.
2015 GGP3 Galactic Groceries Trex Philly Non Sport Show Card Promo Trix Star Trek spoof.
Several years ago, two convention cards from Italy, Sean Kenney and Bobby Clark were discovered, well within the last years, several more have been selling on ebay. Same type of card but the colors of the back varies. (not sure if each actors has the same colored back or not.
Columbia House membership card from 1997.
w.t.? Telecom  1997 phone cards. Oddly (or intentionally?), the 3rd letter on the name has a grey marking obscuring the letter on each of the cards. There is no copyright information.
2015 Ships of the lIne playing cards in a deck sized box by Aquarius and the box.
2015 TNG Aquarius Playing card. Comes in a small deck sized box.
Oversized (4 1/8 x 7 1/4) blank backed Star Wars Celebration Anaheim VII Del Rey Books Star Trek Card by Joe Carroney. Two different cards.
Australin promo card from CTC (Sundance Productions). Thin card stock.  Released in 2013. Measures 4 x 4.
2014 Aquarius Star Trek Playing Cards. Comes in small deck sized box.
2014 Attack Wing's Captain Kuvak corrected faction reprint card.
Wizkid's Trek Expeditions Tribble promo card released in 2011 at SPIEL'11. 3 x 4 1/4.

Itunes Trek Gift card from Target 2007. 
Phonecard, unknwon information on company W.T.(can't read) Telecom. LIkely foreign, no liscense information.
2015 Topps Flashback card NF-3 Star Trek card
An error card from the Topps 79 UK card set, #72. As you can see, there is one with and without the copyright.  (Thanks, Jeremy!)
 Sept 1999 Voyager CTH Press Release
Nov 1999 Voyager CTH Press Release
So MBNA did a series of Star Trek credit cards. I ahd heard a few years ago, that there was a BOA version. Not sure how many images. (Thanks, Dad!)
Another of the Les Fiches de Monsieur cards
Star Trek card Attack Wing  Star Trek Attack Wing cards found in the Starter packs and expansion sets. It's a game played with ships and cards. Cards are lower quality then standard trading cards and feature various characters and ships.
The Khan card is a promo card given out at GenCon.
The redshirts is part of the Domion War OP Month Kit
Thumbnail-click for larger image

What IS this Card??!!
Looking for info on cards we have run across, but can't identify!

Star Trek Card Hebrew  Small (1 1/2 by 2 /13) label,sticker/peel off, not really sure item with foreign (Jewish or Yiddish on back). (Thanks, Eric!)
Star Trek HWOF card holder  Anyone know how these cards were released? HWOF cards in special holders with embossed signatures.
Star Trek UK Video Card Set  Set of cards possibly from videos in the UK.
Star Trek card uncut sheet  Blank (grey backed) uncut sheet of 4 TNG cards with no copyright information. Possibly from the '90's. 
Unknwon Star Trek Video Card Series of oversized (4x6), blank backed cards that came in a sealed black envelope, copyright 2000. Likely a UK video set, follows their pattern.
Unknwo Star Trek Post Cards Cards are 4 1/2 by 6 and are blank on back except the the artist name and date of 1992.

Lot of pogs, but no information on if they are offical or fan-made. No identifying marks. (Thanks, Jeff)

Vinyl Star Trek Cards

This is a lot of 3 oddball *cards* I won off Ebay (Thanks, Mike). They are standard card sized on sort of a vinyl (?) stock. The DS9 cards have the same front and back, the other TNG card has a TOS back.

Star Trek Voyager Card 

Here is an odd one..this is normal card sized, on thick cardboard stock, blank on back, no identifying marks. **One roving reporter (Thanks, WLS) reports that this is IDENTICAL to the top of a Voyager Profiles box and wonders if someone cut them down to make *cards*

Unknown Star Trek Cards

Anyone recognize these cards? Some non-Trek cards appear to also be a part of this set.


What IS the $100 FC promo card Collect mentions? After the release of the card set, First Contact reported that there was a promo card for First Contact that sounded alot like the Phase III common single that promotes the movie, card #291. Collect never produced any information on the card beyond guiding it with a value of $100 and stating it had been told to them by two different dealers.

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